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Dartmouth College Class Newsletters Design and Content Ideas.

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1 Dartmouth College Class Newsletters Design and Content Ideas

2 FEBRUARY 2010 A nice collection of “now and then” photos – taken from the Aegis and their 70 th reunion. THIRTY-NINE OUT! The Dartmouth Class of 1939 Newsletter


4 March 2008 A clever “flip-over” double issue. The Dartmouth Class of 1939 Newsletter


6 OCTOBER 2009 Listing contact info for your officers is a good idea, the next page reminds us to keep sending out green cards, to collect news. The Dartmouth Class of 1942 Newsletter


8 OCTOBER 2009 Nice use of archival material, particular the letter from the Dean’s Office regarding what to do about damp diplomas resulting from a surprise rain shower during Commencement. Rauner Library is a great source of artifacts from days gone by. The Dartmouth Class of 1956 Newsletter


10 DECEMBER 2009 Nice tribute following the death of a classmate – printing both a copy of the actual obituary along with his page from the Reunion yearbook. The Dartmouth Class of 1956 Newsletter


12 FEBRUARY 2010 With “Great Issues” back in the news again on campus, a nice reflection on that program. Again, Rauner Library could provide quite a bit of information about special events that happened during your time on campus. Also, a good example of printing the “Honor Roll” of classmates donating to the College Fund. The Dartmouth Class of 1957 Newsletter



15 JULY 2009 A nice touch to reprint the remarks made by a classmate at the memorial service of another classmate. The Dartmouth Class of 1958 Newsletter


17 JULY 2009 Great use of reunion photos. The Dartmouth Class of 1959 Newsletter


19 APRIL 2010 An example of the use of a photo taken right from the College website. Any photos you find on the Dartmouth website can be used at no charge (unless they specifically indicate that the photo is being used with permission of the owner.) Otherwise, copy and paste what you like, but please do give credit to the photographer if his or her name is listed. If you have questions about the use of photos and other material from the College website, contact Jennifer Casey’s office. (PS – There I am, front row, 5 th from the left!) The Dartmouth Class of 1964 Newsletter


21 DECEMBER 2009 Some newsletters publish minutes of Class Meetings, others stay as far away from “business” as possible – this is up to you as editor, with input from your Executive Committee. The Dartmouth Class of 1969 Newsletter


23 JANUARY 2010 A fun survey incorporated into the newsletter prior to reunion, certain to spark interesting conversation! The Dartmouth Class of 1970 Newsletter


25 FALL 2009 Why not use space in the newsletter to try to track down missing classmates? You can even offer a prize to classmates who can reconnect you with lost sheep. The Dartmouth Class of 1972 Newsletter


27 MARCH 2010 A history quiz to entertain your readers… The Dartmouth Class of 1976 Newsletter


29 OCTOBER 2009 …or a Dartmouth-themed Crossword Puzzle! The Dartmouth Class of 1976 Newsletter


31 JUNE 2010 If you have room on the back of the fold, give your readers a sneak preview of what’s inside…it might make someone jump in and read now instead of later. The Dartmouth Class of 1978 Newsletter


33 AUGUST 2009 Just an example of a beautifully-produced newsletter….don’t be envious, be inspired! A particularly nice recap of the panel discussion held at Reunion, with a photo and bio of each panelist. The Dartmouth Class of 1979 Newsletter





38 SUMMER 2009 But you don’t have to be in color and on glossy paper to have a great-looking newsletter. This one is on regular stock in black and white, but has a clean layout and very pleasing look. Also a nice idea to publish the link to the bonfire video. The Dartmouth Class of 1981 Newsletter



41 MAY 2010 This class has reprinted the thank-you letter received from their endowed scholar. This is a nice way for classmates to realize the direct impact of the gifts they have made to the class scholarship fund. Please obtain permission from Donor Engagement & Stewardship (603-646-4083) before publishing a student’s letter. The Dartmouth Class of 1987 Newsletter


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