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UHSAA ON-LINE Training & Registration must be completed and received by the UHSAA by September 20, 2010.

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2 UHSAA ON-LINE Training & Registration must be completed and received by the UHSAA by September 20, 2010

3 Competition Directors’ Packets The following forms are available under the Competition Directors’ Packet link on the Drill Page at Competition Directors are responsible for printing their own documents. Competition Director’s Planning Sheet with competition checklist Judging Sheets (Military, Dance, and Kick) Penalty Sheet Floor Penalty Sheet Routine Master Sheet Penalty Master Sheet Prop/Shoe Declaration Sheet Region Competition Declaration Form (Region Competitions ONLY) Region Judge Request Form (Region Competitions ONLY) UHSAA Drill Rules & Regulations listed in the UHSAA Yearbook When making copies make sure to use LIGHT colored paper. The darker colors are hard for the judges and tabulators to read and don’t transfer well.

4 Tabulators A list of certified tabulators will be emailed to all certified UHSAA Competition Directors when it is finalized.

5 Judges Region Competitions The UHSAA Arbiter will email a list of eight judges for each region along with what they are expecting to be paid (contracted judging fee and mileage) Make sure to give the host school enough time to prepare the checks. It’s always nice to give checks to the judges, tabulator, etc. the day of the competition if possible. The head judge will be assigned by the UHSAA Arbiter. Make arrangements ahead of time for someone to call Drill Down. If this person is a judge they usually receive an extra $10.00 added on their check.

6 Judges (continued) Invitational Competitions Each invitational competition director is responsible for hiring ALL their judges and a certified tabulator. UHSAA asks for the following: DO NOT ask state routine judges work the same classifications they will be judging at the state competition (5A, 4A, 3A, or 2A/1A). State judges are usually selected by the first part of October. A list of state judges will be emailed to CD’s when it it finalized. State technical judges are ENCOURAGED to judge the same classification as they will be judging at state. Try to hire one “newer” judge for each panel of judges used. Email/fax the information on the “Competition Directors’ Planning Sheet” with the names of the judges to Becky Anderson and Kellie Chamberlain. All sanctioned UHSAA team competitions must use a certified competition director, five (5) certified routine judges, three (3) certified technical judges, and a certified tabulator in all classifications (this does not include solo competitions). When teams compete facing both sides at invitationals, there should be three (3) certified technical judges for each side.

7 Tabulators Make sure the tabulator is in a secluded location close to the competition. Make arrangements for either you or the tabulator to bring/supply what they need (printer, paper, copy machine, etc.) Ample table space is a must for every tabulator. Assign a dedicated runner for the tabulator. Make sure he/she knows that it is their primary job to assist the tabulator (they can’t expect to watch the competition unless given permission by the tabulator).

8 Budget Make sure to get a budget approved by the region BEFORE any monies are spent!!! Account for judges’ gifts, hospitality room food, competition director fee, sound system, etc.

9 Know the Facility Make arrangements to visit the host school/location of the competition. Meet the administrators, custodians, athletic directors, etc. Decide where things would be best located. See for yourself where the best place to line-up props (if necessary), put team dressing rooms, tabulation room, hospitality room, etc. Make sure there are no obstacles in the way of teams preparing to perform.

10 UHSAA Rules Tie Breaker Rule Go over the UHSAA yearbook instructions. There should never be ANY reason for judges to discuss a tie. The tabulators will break ties given the judges scores. Sportsmanship Rule Go over the UHSAA yearbook instructions. Know ahead of time who will serve on the Sportsmanship Committee and make sure they know in advance you would like them to be available to meet, if necessary, during the competition. Know where the committee will be seated throughout the event. Technical Judge Video Review Because there is no more novelty category, video review of a penalty will NOT be allowed at any time.

11 Competition Admission UHSAA passes must be accepted at all UHSAA sanctioned events. Ask for identification. It is a good idea to write down the name on each pass so it is used only once a day.

12 Submissions & Deadlines Send, email, or fax all to UHSAA attn: Becky Anderson and/or Kellie Chamberlain (contact information on next slide) Region Judge Request Form (to Kellie) by midnight on Friday, October 1, 2010 Competition Director Planning Sheet (to Becky and Kellie) shortly after completion of the competition Region Competition Declaration Form (to Becky) by midnight on Saturday, January 29, 2011 Region Tabulation Sheets (to Becky) by midnight on Saturday, January 29, 2011 Region DVD (to Becky) by midnight on Wednesday, February 2, 2011

13 Contact Information UHSAA 199 E 7200 S - Midvale, UT 84047 Phone: (801) 566-0681 Fax: (801) 566-0633 Becky Anderson Email: Kellie Chamberlain Email: Cell Phone: (801) 949-5355 Never hesitate to contact Becky or Kellie if questions arise!

14 Registration To complete the Competition Director Training and Registration: Submit the quiz following this presentation (pass = 80%) Print and complete a Competition Director Registration form from the UHSAA website. Send in the completed registration form along with the $15.00 registration fee to UHSAA. Registration materials must be received no later than September 20, 2010 If you have been asked to direct a REGION competition please indicate which one(s) on your registration form.

15 Click on the link below to proceed to the required quiz for Competition Director’s LINK TO UHSAA QUIZ FOR COMPETITION DIRECTOR’S Thank you for viewing the 2010 UHSAA On-Line Competition Director’s Training Clinic for Drill SUBMIT REQUIRED QUIZ

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