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ERP Roadshow.

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1 ERP Roadshow

2 The ERP will give us a platform to support our growth plans.
Why an ERP? Customers Better serve our customer Tools Support our growth Employees Focus on value-added work Processes Harmonize business processes The ERP will give us a platform to support our growth plans.

3 What is an ERP? Procure Move Produce Move (outbound) Sell Finance / HR Purchase orders Truck maintenance (phase II) Accounts payables Quality control Route management Raw material reception General ledger Plant maintenance Invoicing Inventory management Sales order Accounts receivables Multi-companies Logistics Project management Employee table Geo-localisation Most of Sanimax’s transactional processes will be included in the ERP.

4 Project team Core Team Stephanie Dutkowski Quality Mark Doerr Sales
 Green Bay Mark Doerr Sales Guelph Claire Hopcroft Long IS Yvon Lachance Transport Québec Bruno Walsh Production Mario Couture Procurement Montréal Philippe Reid Finance

5 Production/Maintenance
Project team Extended team Production/Maintenance Quality Procurement Mark Etter De Forest Dave Schmidt Green Bay Pam Beardsley Steve Laurent Jason Strickler Hamilton Anne-Marie Soulabaille * Montréal André Chenail Verchères Gilles Mathieu Benoit Julien * Québec Rich Hawkins Rose Pashley Guelph Brad Wittig Sylvain Rondeau Ron Roggenbauer Wayne Hays SSP Julianne Timms François Léveillé Finance Sales Transport Michel Cinq-Mars Mike Carlson Brian Lodding Alexandre Verdon Jim Weyandt Steve Lenz Nathalie Corriveau Tom Winton Steve Lapointe Carol Reeves Julie Cyr Ken Vander Vleuten Dan ostrenga Vicky Rumney Brandon Foley Todd Strickler Yoland Gagné Terry Elison

6 Milestones CRP 1 CRP 2 CRP 3 Go! (Canada) CRP 1 CRP 2 CRP 3 Go!
January February March April May June CRP 1 CRP 2 CRP 3 Go! (Canada) CRP 1 First system test – February 9 CRP 2 Functionalities and reports completed. – April 14 CRP 3 Final version, training– May 11 Go! Go live (Canada) – May 24 The timeline is aggressive but realistic US go live will be in a second phase (October).

7 Your involvement is critical. Ask questions.
How to prepare Until May 11th Support the team Don’t start any new initiatives Share the burden with your colleagues May 11th to May 24th Participate in training sessions Experiment with the new system Ask questions, seek help From May 24th Flag problems Use support resources (helpline, colleagues, project team) Keep working on process improvement Your involvement is critical. Ask questions.

8 Stay in touch Through our intranet Through formal communications
Through the project team Questions: Simon Chapleau – 3415

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