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Project Kickoff PeopleSoft Financials Implementation April 2, 2014.

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1 Project Kickoff PeopleSoft Financials Implementation April 2, 2014

2 Finance Team o Montclair State University Team o Donald CipulloCFO o Edward ChapelCIO o Samir BakaneExecutive Director - OneMontclair o Catherine RushDirector of Financial Systems o Frank DowningProject Manager o Cognizant Team o Vasundhar KolliAccount Manager o Doug GosnellEngagement Director o Abhijeet Patil Project Manager o Rohit SrivastavaSolution Architect

3 Background & Objectives Business Benefits Enable Better Controls Improve Visibility Improve Operational Efficiencies Improve Productivity Improve Reporting Project Background This project supports the ‘OneMontclair’ ERP Program at MSU specifically focused on Transformation in the Financials area. Business process improvement cannot be readily supported by the current platforms. Workarounds and labor-intensive efforts are often required to perform basic university business functions. Obtaining management information is difficult and time consuming. Current FRS system is no longer supported by the primary vendor and is limited to only regulatory updates Solution Components PeopleSoft 9.2 Implementation | Support Change Mgt. and User Training Change Mgt. and User Training SME | End Users Conference Room Pilots SME | End Users

4 Financials Transformation Roadmap Phase 0: Define New Chart of Accounts Structure Phase 2: Implement following 6 PeopleSoft modules eSupplier connection eSettlement Strategic Sourcing Asset Management Travel & Expenses (including Mobile Integration) Phase 1: Implement following 11 PeopleSoft modules General Ledger Commitment Control Accounts Payables eProcurement Purchasing Receivables Billing Cash Management Project Costing Grants Contracts Institutionalize the New Chart of Accounts and Finance System Transformed PeopleSoft Financials Application Extending the Boundary Define New Chart of Account Structure Implementation Project Scope Set the Foundation

5 Approach “Product Implementation” ERP products are based on ‘Industry Best Practices’ reflecting a vendor’s interpretation of the best/most effective way to perform a business transaction. Product Implementation is the process of mapping overall process vision to product capabilities Product can usually be configured for alternative process flows thus avoiding customizations that add to long term costs Business Process Definition and User Adoption will be the key to overall success of the Implementation

6 Project Phases System Integration & Performance Testing Training User Acceptance Testing (UAT) Start Up Assessment and Design Build 4/2014 11/2014 01/2015 7/2015 5/2014 Schedule and Plan Conference Room Pilot Finalize Design Configure Business Processes Develop Interfaces, Data Conversions and Reports Go Live! 3/2015 4/2015 Independent System Validation Power & End User Training on MSU configured system Business Validation of System

7 Conference Room Pilot is a walk-through of business solution designs by core project team members with key project stakeholders and SMEs. CRPs provide a forum to articulate the solution to enable business scenarios. Accelerated build Reduced Rework Solution buy-in; early often See to believe What is CRP? Why CRP? Benefits of the CRP Conference Room Pilot (CRP) Reduce risk Reduced scope creep Reduced ramp up latency

8 Purpose CRP 0A first view of the PeopleSoft Application and basic flows to the MSU SMEs. CRP 1 Basic Business process cycles will be run with MSU master data and the configuration impact showcased to MSU SMEs. CRP 2 Business process cycles will be run with MSU master data and any significant RICEW components built to address business gaps will also be shown to the MSU SMEs. June ‘14 Sept ‘14Jan ‘15 Conference Room Pilot (CRP) - Iterative

9 Project Phase 1 - Timeline

10 Critical Success Factors People Effective Change Management Plan Training delivered @ Point of Need Empowered Users able to define business process with minimal customizations Enthusiastic & Supportive User Community Technology Core System extensible for future capabilities Data – high transparency, “single source of truth”, improved auditability Improved accessibility, automation & web integration (workflow, mobile, e-processes) Process Effective project plan accommodates University resource availability Risks and Issues identified and mitigated Program/Project Team continued focus on “OneMontclair” Measurable improvements to Business Processes Clear and usable documentation Quality Assurance built into the methodology Communication Early and Often

11 Next Steps Key Upcoming ActivitiesMonth Finalize Governance and Schedule MeetingsApril ‘14 Begin building Project PlanApril ’14 Prepare for CRP 0April ’14 Deliver University wide Kick-offApril ‘14 Sample values for Chart of AccountsMay ’14 Begin building Change Management PlanMay ’14 Begin Interface and Conversion StrategiesMay ‘14 CRP 0 beginsJune ’14

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