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E-Stamping, Registration, Document Management System A Complete solution from SHCIL SHCIL – September 2007 Stock Holding Corporation of India Limited (SHCIL)

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1 E-Stamping, Registration, Document Management System A Complete solution from SHCIL SHCIL – September 2007 Stock Holding Corporation of India Limited (SHCIL)

2 2 Overview  Organization  e-Stamping  Registration  Document Management System

3 3 Mission Statement “To be a world class technology driven and client focused market leader in financial and technical services”

4 4 About SHCIL  Set up at the initiative of Govt. of India  Major Shareholders are IDBI Bank Ltd, ICICI Bank Ltd, IFCI Ltd, SUUTI, LIC, GIC and Others  192 Offices across the Country  Appointed by RBI as receiving office for GOI Bonds  Only non-banking entity permitted by RBI to offer SGL services  DP to GOI for various ministries, a/c in the name of 'President of India” EXCELLENT TRACK RECORD WITH REACH ACROSS COUNTRY

5 5 Business  Premier Custodian  Market share of 30% of the value of assets under custody  Assets in Custody (31/3/09) – Rs.4,22,209 Crores  About 21% of Market Capitalization of BSE  Largest DP  More than 6,00,000 Clients  Compliance with Regulatory norms MOST DEPENDABLE CUSTODIAN AND DEPOSITORY PARTICIPANT

6 6 Operational Capabilities  Transaction Processing More than 1.4 Crore transactions last year Processes Approximately 50,000 transactions everyday SHCIL handles 40% of the value of transactions settled by NSDL in Stock Exchanges 1/3rd of the delivery based transactions of BSE and NSE  Futures & Options Segment  One of the largest Professional Clearing Members at NSE COMMITTED TO EXCELLENCE

7 7 Information Technology  IT driven since inception  Smithsonian Award for ”Visionary use of IT”  Computer Society of India Award for “Best IT Usage”  State-of-the-art Physical and IT infrastructure  CMM Level III Certification  SHCIL Net - Countrywide VOIP network BUILDING STRENGTHS THROUGH IT NETWORK


9 What is e-Stamping  e-Stamping is a  Secured way of paying non judicial stamp duty to the State Government  e-Stamp which replaces the stamp paper is highly secure and tamper proof  The Government of India appointed SHCIL as the sole Central Record keeping Agency for e-Stamping. SECURE AND RELIABLE ELECTRONIC SYSTEM 9

10 Why e-Stamping  To prevent paper and process related fraudulent practices  To provide secure and reliable collection mechanism  To stop the leakage of government revenues  To store information in electronic form  To build a central data repository to facilitate easy verification and generation of MIS reports REMOVES SHORTCOMINGS OF STAMPING SYSTEMS 10

11 Features of e-Stamping  Security features on e-Stamp  Checks and balances  Redundancy, firewall protection, Intrusion prevention  Audit trail, MIS reports and online Verification of e-Stamp  Locking of registrable e-Stamp by Sub-Registrar  Minimum hardware 11

12 Constituents  Central Record-keeping Agency (CRA)  Authorized Collection Centers (ACC)  Sub-Registrar  Revenue Department 12

13 Role of CRA  Appointment of ACCs in consultation with State Governments  Imprest balance Management  Training of Users  Issuance of User ids and passwords  Technical support & troubleshooting  MIS reports to the State Government  Remittance of stamp duty payment to the State Government 13

14 Role of an ACC  Pay Imprest to the CRA  Collection of money and generation of e-stamps  Verification of e-stamp (if required by client)  Additional stamp duty generation (if required by client) 14

15 Role of a Sub-registrar  Verification of e-stamp for registrable articles  Locking of e-stamp for registrable articles 15

16 Role of Revenue Department  MIS reports download  Reconciliation of stamp duty collection  Cancellation and refund of e-stamps 16

17 System Work Flow SIMPLE & USER FRIENDLY SYSTEM ACC SHCIL Branches Banks/ Financial Institutions e-Stamping System Revenue Department Bank Sub-Registrar Officer Counter Party Verification MIS Reports E-stamp can be verified on SHCIL / CRARemit Stamp duty to Government Postal Dept. Client fills application form and pays stamp duty to ACC Client receives e-Stamp Data entered Data processed Imprest Balance debited Verification & Locking of the e-stamp by Sub-registrar Cancellation of e-Stamp 17

18 e-Stamp 2D Bar-Code Microprint Optical Watermark Unique Identification Number Transaction Details Stamp Duty Amount Blank space to start typing the document

19 Collection of Payment e-Stamp print Verification of Data and Funds by Supervisor Data-entry in the ESI system Generate e-Stamp Data verification with client Client fills-up requisition form Work Flow – ACC E-STAMP GENERATED AFTER RECEIPT OF MONEY Preview of e- Stamp shown to client Preview of e-Stamp shown to client USER SUPERVISOR 19

20 Fund Flow to Government SINGLE POINT REMITTANCE OF COLLECTIONS Generation and Issuance of e-Stamp by ACC Branches Consolidation/Reconciliation of receipts from ACCs by SHCIL (CRA) Remittance to Government’s designated account by SHCIL (CRA) ACC Remits Imprest to SHCIL’s (CRA) designated account 20

21 21 Locking Procedure Client visits Sub-Registrar office for Registration Submits Document and e-Stamp User(clerk level) Verifies the e-Stamp Sub-registrar enters the Registration Number in the e-Stamping system The e-Stamp is Locked and the Unique Identification Number is entered in the Registration system which completes the Registration process

22 22 Cancellation of e-Stamp Client requests for cancellation by submitting Application and e-Stamp to the Competent Authority Refund of Stamp Duty amount to client is not captured in the e-Stamping system Authorized Official logs in to the e-Stamping system and verifies the e-Stamp Reason for Cancellation is entered into the system e-Stamp is cancelled

23 23 Characteristics Current Process/System Proposed System Benefits 1. Security Security thread, multi color printing, serial number control and security paper but verification almost impossible- Tampering risk with franking machine 2D Bar coded, Micro printed, digitally optical water marked, system generated e-Stamp with unique identification number, locking facility 2. Revenue Leakage possible Fool proof and direct to account payment 3. Certificate Preprinted Paper or franking based System generated with submission and issue details 4. Document Verification Almost Impossible Online and instant through internet 5. Processing time Time consuming Immediate 6. Availability Limited-Based on stock and machine- loading Unlimited- No hassle of machine loading 7. Denomination Excess Stamp duty payment due to denomination constraint Accurate stamp duty payment Comparative advantages

24 24 Characteristics Current Process/System Proposed System Benefits 8. Database Creation Limited or non-existent e-Stamp generation only upon capturing of submission, property and issue details in the centralised database – Customized MIS Reports 9. Cost aspect 4 to 5 % under physical system- Franking – Minimum one percent 0.65 % 10.Admn. cost for Govt. Printing, Stocking, Security, Safekeeping, Distributing, Accounting & Reconciliation – Issuance of licenses and loading of franking machines Hassle free- System administration and operations management by CRA- No Locking of resources of the Government Comparative advantages

25 25 Status Operational in the states of  Gujarat  Karnataka  NCT of Delhi  Maharashtra  Assam Agreements signed with  Bihar  Tamil Nadu

26 26 Registration Interface System

27 27 Registration Interface System  Data Interface  No data Duplication  Faster processing

28 28 End to End Document Management Solution

29 29 SHCIL – vendor of choice for end to end Document Management Solution  Well organized product series for document management  Microsoft gold certified partner for all products and services.  ISO certified company for end to end document management  State of art technology data center at Mhape, Navi Mumbai

30 30  State of art Robotic based document handing and Management at Mhape, Navi Mumbai  Only vendor in Secured Bin Storage  Physical storage at 8 location across India. Overview

31 31 Banking & Finance Shipping Power Central Government Educational Other : Bharat Diamond Bourse, Mumbai. PUNJAB SCHOOL EDUCATION BOARD Café Coffee Day Shop, Bangalore Our clients

32 32 Products & Solutions  Electronic Document Management  Document Management  Enterprise & Management System Active Contents Rich Media Contents Legacy Data Workflow Management Management Record Management  Physical Document Management  Galvanized Iron box and Humility & Temperature controlled storage using robotics handling (Mumbai Only)  Carton based (Computer Box) storage  Sealed Envelop Storage

33 33  Support and services with 200+ SHCIL branch  Only institution in end to end document management services  Seamless integration between e-stamping and DMS Solutions

34 34  Digitalization Service  Scanning  Tagging  Data Conversion  Micro Filming  Secure Document Destruction  Shredding  Pulping  Burning Products & Solutions(continue)

35 35 SHCIL-Electronic Document Management System  Enterprise Server  Active documents, Rich Media, Images Handling  Web Based User Interface  Workflow Management  Extended Audit Trails  OCR Engine  Import Engine – other business system  Integrate Interface with other business system  User comments  Area Blocking  Zonal OCRing

36 36 SHCIL-Electronic Document Management System 7 Levels of user restrictions Data Backend - user’s choice Integration with Active Directory Desktop Based Scan Engine Web based Interface Web Service Based Server Layer Database Layer OCR Engine Work Flow Audit Trails Import Engine Integrator interface MSDE/ MS-SQL ORACLE MY SQL

37 37 Digitalization services  Comprehensive system for high speed scanning, document separation, and indexing.  Image assisted data entry  Various Image cleaning and enhancement techniques supported including de-skewing, removal of speckles, removal of unwanted borders and removal of horizontal and vertical lines  Automatic file and document separation using standard form separator, blank page separator, barcode separator, fix page and manual separation

38 38 Micro Filming  Direct Filming  Convert from Pre-scanned Images

39 39 Secure Document Destruction  Shredding  Pulping  Burning

40 40

41 41 SHCIL-Physical Record Management  Storage  Galvanized Iron Box Storage with humidity and temperature control – automated robot handling (at Mumbai)  Carton (corrugated box ) storage  Sealed Envelope storage  Activities  Pick and delivery at door step  Fumigating documents  Bar-coding/tagging files/carton  Online Status and logs  Web based User Request/Retrieval Management  Locations  Mumbai  Kolkatta  Chennai  Delhi  Jaipur  Lucknow  Kochi  Proposed  Hyderabad  Bangalore

42 42 Records Management

43 43 Infrastructure A2 Size Color Book Scanner Led lights A2 Size B/W Book Scanner 42” Wide Drawing Scanner

44 44

45 45 Registration Office Registration e-Stamp Recpt Internet Meta Data Entry

46 46 THANK YOU!

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