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3 ATM It is a novel cash dispenser
They are user friendly and have mass acceptability I reaches out to large customer base at low cost Now banks have started to outsource and share ATMs to reduce cost ATM also dispenses railway tickets, movie tickets etc. It is now used also as a marketing tool to target the masses ATMs with finger print scanning technology may become operative in future making it more convenient and cost effective

4 SMART CARDS It’s a chip based card which will store a monetary value
It is more secure than a ATM, Debit & Credit Cards It recognises signature & voices Doesn't necessitate the use of PIN When transaction is made using the card, the value is debited and the balance automatically comes down

5 FACETS OF E-BANKING Customer- to- Bank E-Banking
Bank- to- Bank E-Banking Electronic Central Banking Intranet Procurement

6 E-Banking Transactions
Account Enquiry Fund Transfer Payment of Electricity, Water, Telephone Bills Online payment for transactions actually performed through Internet Request for issuance of cheque book, draft etc. Statement of Accounts Access to latest schemes Access to rates of interest & other service charges

7 TRUNCATED CHEQUE “A cheque which is truncated during the course of a clearing cycle, either by the clearing House or by the bank, whether paying or receiving payment immediately on generation of an electronic image for transaction, substituting the further physical movement of the cheque in writing.”

8 Essential Features It is electronic image of a physical paper cheque
It is only the clearing house or the banks involved Any holder or drawer cannot truncate a cheque It substitutes the physical cheque from the time of truncation Used only for the purpose of clearing Physical cheque after truncation is retained in the custody of the Clearing House/ Bank The addition of digital signature of Truncating Bank or Clearing House is optional

9 Electronic Cheque It is electronic image of a paper cheque
It is generated, written and signed in a secured manner using digital signature which has been legally recognised. Digital signature is compulsory There should be minimum safety standards like asymmetric crypto system

10 MChq Product In countries like Japan & other Asian Countries
Working: all vital personal information is stored in a magnetic strip & then loaded on to the sim card in a secured format Existing sim card has to be replaced with 128 bit encryphon key which offers a higher degree of safety than the existing sim card. While shopping one only gives phone no. to merchant, who would then send on a special mobile phone an sms to the server of the mobile service provider. The customer will get inturn an sms asking him to confirm payment The customer will have to enter his persoanlised PIN number as an added security measure and send back an sms confirming the amount to be paid . The merchant and the customer will then get an sms confirming the completion of transaction. The exchange normally happens within a minute

11 MChq - Advantages No need to log on to the Net
No need to log on to enter any personal information No need to log on to have a point-of-sale terminal as in case of credit cards Facilitates small purchases as low as Rs.50 which are not normally suitable with Credit cards A mobile will serve dual purpose for communication and MChq ICICI Bank has offered in collaboration with Airtel on a pilot basis only in Delhi, Mumbai, and the National Capital Region- transaction limit Rs.5000 or 10 No.s whichever exhausted first

12 Models of E-Banking Complete Centralised Solution Cluster Approach
High tech Bank within Bank

13 Advantages of E-Banking
Round the Clock Banking-Time Convenient Banking-Place Low Service Cost in Banking Profitable Banking – increases customer satisfaction Low Establishment Cost in Banking Improved Quality banking Speed Banking Service Banking

14 Constraints in E-Banking
Start-up cost Sophisticated Instruments Cost Cost of Maintenance of all equipments Training & Maintenance Lack of Skilled Personnel Security Legal Issues Restricted Clientele & Technical Problems Restricted business – not all transactions Destruction of Pricing Mechanisms- advantage to New players

Under RTGS when a payment message is moved through the clearing house online, the paying bank’s account with the RBI is simultaneously debited and credited in the receiving bank’s account. Advantages: Certainty of Payment Faster Collection of funds No settlement risk Improved liquidity management Less Fraud & less processing cost Better inventory Management & Supply Chain Management


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