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1FGDLA/SALT Presentation, August 18, 2011. Telepresence in the U.S. Federal Government Russ Colbert, US Federal Government Market Director & Board Member.

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1 1FGDLA/SALT Presentation, August 18, 2011

2 Telepresence in the U.S. Federal Government Russ Colbert, US Federal Government Market Director & Board Member FGDLA

3 3FGDLA/SALT Presentation, August 18, 2011 Agenda What is Telepresence? Global Trends Applications- What’s Hot Unified Communications (UC) Demonstration- David Colbert, Briefing Manager (Telepresence link)  Interactive content (all rooms bridged together from Herndon, VA), flexibility/walking throughout the training location, ITP RPX, OTX, Room-based Truman-Eagle Eye Director Case Studies, FAU and Navy Learning Network Summary, Discussion, Q & A

4 4FGDLA/SALT Presentation, August 18, 2011 What is Telepresence? Personal Telepresence  Desktop solutions (Skype, CMA, m100)  Mobile devices (smart phones & tablets) Room Telepresence Immersive Telepresence (ITP) Specialty solutions- practitioner cart, education packages, kiosk and more… Specialty capabilities- automated cameras, annotation, SRS, closed caption, content sharing, LPR, chat, redundancy… +90% of global communications travel over IP circuits for increased quality, speed and efficiency Bridges used for automated multipoint connections Communications can be synchronous or asynchronous, streamed, archived, edited and integrated into Learning Management Systems

5 5FGDLA/SALT Presentation, August 18, 2011 EDUCATION & TRAINING CONTENT PROVIDERS HOME STUDENT MOBILITY Fully Immersive Classroom Remote Students Room Participants Expert/Facilitator SIP Phone and HD Video End Point SIP Voice and Video Application Phone SIP Phone and Personal Telepresence Dorm Living Spaces Mobile Video Conferencing Unit Mobile Phone or Tablet Video Conferencing Client on Laptop Wearable Video Communication Wireless Network Wi-Fi/3G/4G/Satcom Music School Teacher HR Department Museum University Science Lab Text Author Telepresence Connectivity Examples

6 6FGDLA/SALT Presentation, August 18, 2011 Technology Enablers UC Platforms/BB IP Networks Ease of connecting in real time, recording or archiving Presence Telepepresence Mobility Automated, Integrated and Cloud Solutions Federal Government Trends Social / Cultural Shifts Lifestyle Choices Instant Communications Desire for the best content anytime, anywhere Remote teams Secure Agencies/Departments Traditional vs. Virtual Offices Workforce Development Organizational Challenges Global Economy Shrinking Budgets Increased competition Technology certification Need for increased performance, efficiencies, team collaboration, remote workers, ROI

7 7FGDLA/SALT Presentation, August 18, 2011 Federal Government Applications- What’s Hot  Training, Education and Development- E Learning  Administrative meetings/briefings  Interviewing and recruiting  Telejustice, C4I  Crisis management  Procurement and contracting  Resource sharing  Campus extensions  Connecting to enterprise partners  Professional development  Access to content experts and guest lecturers  Digital content – stored libraries, lectures, proceedings, meetings, development progress  Equity building

8 8FGDLA/SALT Presentation, August 18, 2011 Applications Example – Guest Speaker Dr. Stephen R. Covey

9 9FGDLA/SALT Presentation, August 18, 2011 Best Practice: Defense Acquisition University Improved quality of learning and increased student engagement Challenges  Expand Senior Service College Fellowship (SSCF) Program to other DAU locations  Legacy ISDN Network  Difficulty Connecting Locations, Continuity of Connectivity Solution  RealPresence™ Experience (RPX™) immersive telepresence solution  RMX 2000 real-time media conference platform  Converged Management Application™ (CMA™) solution  Video Network Operations Center (VNOC) service and full suite of services Results  Quarterly in person meetings replaced with Telepresence, resulting in estimated savings of $41,000 over 500 hours of travel time and 21,000kg of carbon emissions  Savings of $255,000 in first year of operation  More engaged students in SSCF program  Ability for students to interact with nationally known speakers  More effective face-to-face communication with DOD and armed services senior leadership  Time and cost savings associated with reduced travel “With Telepresence, you become one with your environment. In about two to three minutes, you forget you’re separated from other participants.” ─ James McCullough, Dean – South Region, Defense Acquisition University“

10 10FGDLA/SALT Presentation, August 18, 2011 Success Story: U.S. Navy VTT Project Challenges  To effectively and efficiently provide updated training programs to service members deployed on ships and shore facilities while keeping morale up with little access to family Solution  Polycom Custom Equipment Suites  Polycom MCU  Desktop platforms  Touch Control  Tracking Cameras Results  A nationwide, 44-classroom implementation that enables a multitude of distance education and training programs, ship- to-shore communications, emergency communications and and face-to-face and family reunions  ROI  Much more! “The network is in constant demand with a multitude of applications that allow Navy trainers, administrators, officers and enlisted personnel to video communicate on shore or at sea.” ─ Jean Jones, AGT Program Manager Video Teletraining Solutions for the U.S. Navy e-Learning System

11 11FGDLA/SALT Presentation, August 18, 2011 Summary, Discussion, Q & A

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