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Calvary Christian School Technology Roadmap. Technology at Calvary School (Vision) Using information technology, CCS endeavors to enhance the educational.

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1 Calvary Christian School Technology Roadmap

2 Technology at Calvary School (Vision) Using information technology, CCS endeavors to enhance the educational experience by facilitating communication between faculty, students, and parents, integrating information resources in the classroom, and automating everyday tasks.

3 Plan of Action Equip and train teachers for using technology. Fully integrate a student information system with accounting and home communication. Integrate technology into traditional curriculum subjects. Teach elementary students computer skills in a computer lab. Adopt a three-year technology rotation plan – upgrade 1/3 of our systems every year. Establish a vendor relationship ideally suited for K-8 educational needs

4 Model System Landscape Student Information System (SIS) Teachers and classrooms Computer Lab Wireless Mobile Lab (s) Library School Office Click on underline hyperlinks to go to that page.

5 Curriculum Integration lUtilization of the Internet for virtual field trips, accessing databases, research, communication with experts. lUsing technology to facilitate assignments, summarize information, practice skills and communicate. lPublishing to the Internet or class their results or projects. We believe technology should enhance the experience in the classroom. With this idea in place, we want teachers developing lesson plans that utilize technology.

6 Current Computer Skills for Students Focus skills include keyboarding, word processing, Internet proficiency and presentation software. In relation to the focus skills students learn to utilize other equipment besides the computer. Students use digital cameras, scanners, saving and retrieving data files from a network system. Potential future applications include database use, and spreadsheets. Addresses current ESLR’s.

7 Current CCS Technology Committee Meets periodically to discuss policy issues related to implementation of the Technology Roadmap. Includes classroom teachers, school administrator, technology coordinator, computer lab teacher, school ministry team members.

8 Accomplishments All grade level Teachers have been equipped with laptops. Other teachers or staff have had a computer made available to them to use. Computer Lab machines replaced with help from our Parent-Teacher Fellowship. Yearbook area established with computers and peripherals and software for use in Jr. High journalism and yearbook classes. (donated by PTF) Begun purchasing multimedia projectors for each classroom on a check-out-get-one plan. (donated by PTF) A Church/School Technology team has been established to help address the area of the network and its infrastructure.

9 Current Technology Gaps Student Information System (school database) Classrooms lack many needed peripherals. We do not own Wireless Mobile Labs (yet). Need a lab or area for more students to access computers for research and/or school work purposes. Teachers need more comprehensive training not only on their computers but also curriculum integration. Money to continue to stay on schedule for all parts of this plan. Need a Network Administrator for the network and infrastructure, dedicated to the school. Creating this position allows the Tech Coordinator to focus on teacher training, etc. and alleviates this person from having to assume both areas of responsibility.

10 Current Goals Create the Student Information System, purchase software to create this structure. Grant writer dedicated to working with the Technology Committee to advise and write for new grants. In-services and faculty meetings designed to further educate and equip teachers with skills and ideas. Video conferencing in classrooms for project collaboration Continually update technology road map. Parent Technology Nights for community.

11 Model Landscape Teachers & Classrooms Equipment:  Every classroom teacher is equipped with a laptop with a DVD- CDRW. Elective and part time teachers are equipped on an as needed basis determined by the Administration. (New laptop distribution is determined by the Administration.) Classrooms have peripherals available to integrate video display, printing, and digital imaging and are connected to the Internet through the network. Training: Teachers are given instruction on use and care of laptops. They are trained and need to maintain a working knowledge of email, word processing, presentation, grading software. Software: Classroom utilizes software to enhance the curriculum. There should also be electronic reference material in each classroom or access to reference material on the Internet. BACK

12 Model Landscape Computer Lab The Lab is our focal point for student computer skills education. Students and Teacher go to the lab for the class period. The Lab is equipped with desktop PCs having uniform configurations.  Internet connected utilizing content filters at T1 speed  Networked to the full school  Scanners  Networked printers Projector with “Smart Board” technology  Digital imaging equipment including audio video equipment Web Server for student and teacher web pages BACK

13 Model Landscape Wireless Mobile Lab The WML is our primary tool for technology curriculum integration. We feel extended periods of use are most conductive for curriculum integration. The "mobile" part of a WML is primarily a storage benefit. Teachers use the WML to integrate and enhance their curriculum. Special classroom projects. Collaboration between other schools with the use of digital cameras and email and web pages. Cultivates learning outside the classroom utilizing local and distance resources. Allows the teacher various pieces of equipment that may not be in their room, for teaching purposes. BACK

14 Model Landscape Library and School Office Library  Follett automated library system for cataloging and research. More workstations for research and writing, connected to the Internet and network of the campus. Electronic encyclopedias and reference material DVDs for educational use in the classroom School Office Student Information System including accounting.  Internet connected Business PCs including email, word processing, presentation and data base software.  Laptops for Principals. BACK

15 Student Information System (SIS) lCalvary Christian School, striving for excellence, is in the process of updating and adding to our technological infrastructure of student information and communication. This will enable us to cultivate collaborative relationships between parents, students, administration and faculty. Saving redundant steps of paperwork and time, we will be able to give in-depth feedback that allows busy parents to stay involved with their student’s progress and growth. With efficient communications it provides solutions, manageability and accountability. We feel this not only gives Calvary Christian School a competitive and professional edge but meets our desire to partner with our families to provide the best educational experience for the success of their student. BACK

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