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GRADUATE PLACEMENT SERVICE 2014 The right way to start and build your career.

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1 GRADUATE PLACEMENT SERVICE 2014 The right way to start and build your career

2 Leadership Transition Executive Search Executive Recruitment Graduate Placement Programme

3 The Origin of Job Interviews

4 Overview Key Trends Key Trends Career Planning Career Planning Winning CV’s Winning CV’s Interviews Interviews The Job Process The Job Process What we do What we do What you need to do What you need to do How To Get The Job You Want, or the one you Need to get to the one you want. How To Get The Job You Want, or the one you Need to get to the one you want.

5 KEY ISSUES Matching personal and company values Knowledge - Anybody knows everything so what you do with what you know is key. Portfolio careers – good companies invest in developing to hold good people – you won’t always be doing what you thought you might, or when or where Quality and speed of decision-making will be your point of difference.

6 Skills for Business Leaders Constant personal development ethos – formally and informally. Where you are at in the next 5 years will be dependent on three things – the goals you set, the books you read and the people you associate with Interpersonal communication skills - “The Internet more than ever will distinguish those with exquisite people skills” - Mark MacCormack. IMG Humility, communication skills and understanding other people Flexibility in thinking – traditional rigid distribution channels, work practices and company structures are disappearing. How can we do business, not how do we.

7 THINGS TO THINK ABOUT WHEN CAREER PLANNING What do you like/not like/good at /not good at ? What might you need to trade off for long term gain versus short term? Great job in not so good company versus not so good job in great company. Building career foundations What is the optimum time in your first job or company ? When is a good time for your OE? Will your company send you overseas? YOUR CAREER IS A PROCESS BUILDING LAYERS OF HABITS

8 Preparing a CV to Sell your Sizzle Target Audience – HR or Line Manager Delivery Mode – print/online Position Competition – how many applicants? Plans –do you want a career yet or not?

9 LINKED IN - more than FB for business 750000 plus NZ members 10 million plus global Ella Bogers Ella Bogers Amanda Bithell Amanda Bithell Winnie Chung Winnie Chung Winnie Chung Winnie Chung Alexei Archipow Alexei Archipow Todd Selwyn Todd Selwyn Aisha Punga Aisha Punga Paul SweetPaul Sweet Dean Cook Dean Cook Paul SweetDean Cook

10 Players in the Game Job Boards ( Seek/Trade Me) Job Boards ( Seek/Trade Me) Recruiters Recruiters Psychologists Psychologists Human Resource Departments Human Resource Departments Line Managers Line Managers Senior Managers Senior Managers Their job - to get x number of applicants x number of applicants down to 1 appointment

11 Key Information on the CV Name Contact details Personal Background Education Interests Work Experience Key Achievements POINTS TO CONSIDER Use a photo PDF or Word doc ( suggest have both options) Online version

12 Things to remember on your CV Make your CV a selling document Because It sells you when you are not there. Make sure it is consistent with your online image (Facebook etc) Don’t get caught out. A good resume should: get you an interview

13 THE INTERVIEW An interview is: An exchange of information to enable both parties to make important decisions An inaccurate selection tool in terms of job performance but very accurate in selecting “person fit” and “attitude” Experienced Recruitment Consultants often determine whether to present someone to a client within 4 seconds of meeting them

14 BACKGROUND TO A SUCCESSFUL INTERVIEW RESEARCH - Company - Values - Interviewer - Products - Positioning - Reputation - Distribution Channels - Competitors - Suppliers Using Websites, Google and Linked In / Facebook PREPARATION - Questions - Answers - Check location - Check name pronunciation - Recheck CV - Check personal presentation – overdressing better than underdressing

15 At the Interview ON MEETING Firm Handshake Eye contact Smile Project confidence DURING Listen Ask Questions Be honest Thank interviewer - confirm follow up action

16 Other assessment tools Psychometric testing Reference checking Case Studies/Group Activities


18 The Six Most Common Mistakes Graduates Make When Job Hunting 1. Lack of enthusiasm 2. Lack of research 3. Fail to Listen or to ask questions 4. Manners 5. Poor self belief 6. Unrealistic expectations Remember people make decisions on your future - not companies

19 SATURN - what we do Appoint from Graduate to CEO level roles Work with great companies committed to long term investment Think of your medium/long term options not just ‘right now’ Actively promote the programme to our current clients Act as a sounding board for making the right career decisions We are paid by companies to find and assess people – not by people to find jobs.

20 COMPETITIVE WAYS TO GET THE JOB YOU WANT 1. Develop an action plan 2. Pick the companies - not the jobs 3. Look for a mentor – what experience do they have you can learn from 4. Learn to network - Build lists, ask for referrals send follow up emails or better yet, cards - THANK PEOPLE 5. Dress For Success 6. Learn to Research/Listen/Ask Questions 7. If you want a break - take it before you start 8. Make sure your personal, print and online images are consistent

21 THE GRADUATE PLACEMENT SERVICE The right way to start and build your career

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