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Prepare for the Fair Career Services. Overview What is a Career Fair What to Bring to the Career Fair Researching Employers Navigating the Career Fair.

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1 Prepare for the Fair Career Services

2 Overview What is a Career Fair What to Bring to the Career Fair Researching Employers Navigating the Career Fair Approaching Employers Lasting Impressions & Steps

3 What is a Career Fair The event is not a job store. Career Fairs are networking opportunities to become more acquainted with companies you may be interested in working for someday. Two Main Opportunities Learn about Employing Companies Make a good impression

4 What to Bring Your Career Fair Portfolio Several Resumes: Optimal Resume References/ Letters of Recommendation Briefcase (Information, freebies, etc) Professional Dress: Dress to ImpressDress to Impress Professional business attire 2 piece matching business suit Conservative shoes, jewelry

5 Resume Layout Name Professional Contact Information Objective Education Coursework & Research Related Experience/Employment Volunteer Experience Activities & Honors/Professional Memberships Skills

6 Researching Employers Visit the Career Services Website for a list of attending employers Make a list of employers of interest Review each company website – understand what the company does Review types of positions currently open, check the “New Graduates” and “Interns” sections for application procedures Print a separate resume for each employer you are targeting (use a specialized objective) Prepare a question you could ask the representative to show your knowledge and interest in their company

7 Navigating the Fair Plan of Action Come earlier in the morning Make your way through the Fair to note which employers you would like to speak to. Opportunity to see which companies are busier, and plan accordingly. Gaining information on Employers Pick up Marketing Materials Listen to conversations with other students

8 Approaching Employers Try not to stand in line State your name clearly, with a firm handshake and a smile, looking the recruiter in the eye. Always ask for their business card/contact information

9 Approaching Employers Your Professional Pitch I am a student at Florida Tech/Florida Institute of Technology, majoring in ____________, My background and strengths include __________ (one or two specific accomplishments you are proud of, etc.) My future career goals are ________________. (Your future goal should match what the company is looking for.)

10 Examples Currently, I am a sophomore in Computer Science with experience in C++, HTML and Java. I have taken courses on these subjects and designed several effective scripts. I have worked as a help desk support person in the Florida Tech computer lab and I plan to obtain Project Management Training in Six Sigma. Currently I am now looking for a position in CIS where I can continue to develop and use my computer skills. I am a junior majoring in Finance and Investments and have done well in my Finance courses, such as Options, Future Markets, and Investment Analysis. I am also a member of the Finance & Economics Society, and I enjoy doing day trades in my spare time. I’ve actually been a successful investor on my own behalf by following industry trends and company reports. I am now looking for an internship in a brokerage firm.

11 Questions to Ask Examples of current open positions? What type of training is available? What types of assignments are given? What do you look for in candidates? What key skills/experiences are highly desirable? Do you have any tips for success in this field? What should you avoid?

12 International Students Be specific – don’t just ask if they hire international students Be able to talk about CPT and OPT Let employers know you don’t require sponsorship for an internship and can do OPT for one year without sponsorship Remember that some employers cannot hire international students due to security issues

13 Last Steps Once you are about to leave, approach the employers that you spoke to and are interested in. Thank them for their time, and that you will be in touch with them again. Take notes on the back of the business card after you speak with them to jog your memory later Follow-up: Many students do not follow up with employers after the Fair. Set yourself apart with a Thank you.

14 Thank You Indicate that you met the representative at the Career Fair at Florida Tech Include specific information from your conversation Refresh their memory with content from your professional pitch Use a formal layout

15 Office of Career Services, Cooperative Education & Student Employment Part-time and full-time job postings – College Central Network Internships & Co-op Federal Work-study Florida Work Experience Program Workshops Resume & cover letter critiques: Optimal Resume Career Fair & Employer Day Mock interviews

16 Contact Us Dona Gaynor, Director Elizabeth Farney, Assistant Director

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