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1© Copyright 2011 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved. Welcome Microsoft Specialist Community to the Webcast educational series Todays session will provide.

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1 1© Copyright 2011 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved. Welcome Microsoft Specialist Community to the Webcast educational series Todays session will provide an overview of Kroll Ontrack Data Recovery Solutions for Microsoft Applications. Start time will be at 11:05 EST Guest speaker: Jodi Bredemeier Troy Ronning

2 2© Copyright 2011 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved. Welcome Microsoft Specialist Community to the Webcast educational series Be sure to Press #5 to Unmute/Mute 4,6,1,3 All Q&A will be at the end of the session All content will be posted to our new community site at

3 Kroll Ontrack Data Recovery Data Loss: When the best of plans fail

4 Objectives 1. Data loss statisitcs 2. EMC Data loss Case Studies 3. Hyper-V Recovery Scenarios 4. Service & Process 5. Best Practices 6. Ontrack Power Controls for Exchange 7. Ontrack Power Controls for SharePoint 8. Key benefits

5 Kroll Ontrack Data Recovery Data Loss Statistics

6 Traditional Data Loss

7 Space Shuttle Columbia Drive Recovery  Burned, Melted, Unrecognizable Data Recovery Result? 2 days to capture 99% of the data  Business Impact?… Recovering the research meant scientists could publish the results of their liquid xenon experiment in a scientific journal.

8 Costs Associated With Data Loss  Impact - Why should you care? »$18.2 billion cost per year  Companies with an outage lasting for more than 10 days »Will never fully recover financially »50% out of business within 5 years »70% close their doors within twelve months 8

9 Common Causes of Data Loss

10 Source: Kroll Ontrack

11 Data Recovery Case Studies

12  SAN Array »8 x 750GB  Data Loss »Telephone pole went down outside - lost power »When restored – could not access LUN »When LUN restored, could not access HOST  Customer Attempt »Ran CHKDSK on HOST Case Study – Hyper-V

13  Evaluation - HOST »Found metadata for VD –CHKDSK overwrote pointers –100+ fragments  Recovery - VM »Manually Rebuilt Pointers »Extracted Virtual Disk »Mounted VD to access data »SQL database mounted Case Study – Hyper-V

14 Case Study – EMC VNX Recovery  Background »ISP in Brazil »VNX 5300 with 105 drives, 47 LUNs »Running ESX 4.1 with 500+ VMs, 20TB of data »Many VMs missing, some LUNs report bad blocks, SANCopy is failing  Recovery Process »Connected to Ontrack remotely for 24 hour service »Rebuilt VMFS metadata for full recovery of VMs

15 MS SQL recovery MS SQL database files are made up of thousands of small data chunks called ‘pages’. The database files are stored on storage devices where they normally end up fragmenting into hundreds of pieces all over the place. However, Kroll Ontrack has developed tools to search storage devices for SQL database pages that are no longer referenced by any file system. By analyzing the internal structures of the database pages, Kroll Ontrack engineers can determine the database it belongs to and the location within it. Hard drive failures and other data loss causes often load to the file system becoming corrupt or too damaged to piece together the database fragments. Pages can then be arranged in the correct order and checked for errors or missing pages. Damaged tables can be repaired and reports listing all the recoverable data can be generated before data is extracted. The KO database recovery tools for MS SQL can be used to recover data from a wide range of scenarios including: »Deleted or missing database files »Deleted tables and rows »Corrupt file systems, LUNs or Virtual Machines »Corrupt database and log files

16 Case Study – FalconStor/EMC/VMware  Background »Clariion with ESX 3.5 using FalconStor IPStor »IPStor unable to see the LUNs »VMware support was unable to fix, referred customer to Ontrack  Recovery Process »Connected to Ontrack with emerency service. »VM data fully recovered and extracted after 12 hours

17 Case Study - EMC MetaLUN VMware Recovery  Data Loss Event »Data Processing service had two drives fail in a complex RAID array; 70TB MetaLUN »30 VMs accessing this storage; 16 clients with deliverables due; $4 Million USD at risk if deliverable date is missed.  Internal Recovery Efforts »Called EMC Support: Given the option force the MetaLUN online and truncate volume, but there will be missing data.  Kroll Ontrack’s Recovery Efforts Aug 9 - ? PM HDD Predictive Failure; Storage Support notified Aug 10 -5AM Predicted HDD fails; Global Hotspare starts rebuilding Aug 10 – 9AM Second HDD failure; RAID rebuild stops Aug 10 – 10AM Failed Drive sent to KO Aug 11 – 11PM 1 HDD successfully recovered; 20hrs in C/R, 16hrs in Lab Aug 11 – 11:30 PM OEM verifies RAID, IT verifies data; RAID rebuild resumed to HS Aug 12 - 1AM Volume opened up to data processing to meet client’s deadlines Aug 12 - 6AM Client data processed before SLA expiration

18 Case Study – Deleted Virtual Disks  Initial Facts »28 EMC Clariion LUNs »440 VMDKs »1000+ snapshots  Additional Information »Exchange, SQL, Oracle, File Servers all gone »Backups also deleted

19 Case Study – Deleted Virtual Disk  Challenges »Customer did not have any documentation »Unknown content of virtual disks »Changing priorities  Recovery Process »Connected multiple machines to KO RDR »Multiple engineers from around the world processed volumes 24 x 7 »3 weeks to recover all of the critical VMs and snapshots

20 Case Study - Closure Defendant sentenced to 41 Months in Prison and $812,567 in restitution

21 Data Recovery Services & Process

22 Ontrack Data Recovery – Service Options  In-lab service  Remote data recovery (RDR)  On-site service

23 Ontrack Data Recovery Process Free Consultation 1.Assess Data Loss 2.Provide Recovery Options 3.Provide Service Levels + Pricing Evaluation 1.Options: Connect Remotely (RDR) In-Lab On-site 2.Analyze Media + File System Structures 3.Determine File Recoverability + Integrity 4.Provide Comprehensive VeriFile Report Data Recovery 1. Extract Data Using Proprietary Tools RDR – To Customer Media LAB – To Ontrack Media 2.Validate Extracted Data 3.Snapshot Merge as Needed Additional Services + Support File Extraction File Repair Post Recovery Support

24 Virtualization Tip Sheet 24

25 Kroll Ontrack Data Solutions »Data Destruction Ontrack Erasure Software Ontrack Degausser Erasure Services »Data Recovery Recovery of outdated or damaged tapes or hard drives Disaster Recovery »Data migration from any backup format Extract, transform and process data. Collect, audit, index, catalog »Data Availability Restore data from virtually any media Ontrack PowerControls Secure, searchable hosted Environments

26 Kroll Ontrack – Worldwide Reach

27 Ontrack ® PowerControls™ 6.1 Exchange Search and Restoration Simplified

28 28 Product Overview  Recover lost, deleted or archived mailbox items directly from an unmounted Exchange Information Store (EDB) file or PST file  Restore individual mailboxes, folders, messages, attachments and other items directly to your production Exchange server without the need of “brick-level” backups  Research across multiple mailboxes or folders using precise search criteria to locate items matching your specified criteria  Relax… with Ontrack ® PowerControls™, the bottom line is that you save significant time and money!

29 29 Easy to Use and Implement A Powerful Solution  Simple, intuitive, flexible software product – no training required!  Does not require changes to your existing Exchange procedures and architecture  Installs on popular Windows ® servers and workstations  File open and drag-and-drop functionality  Useful reporting options »Generate reports on an EDB, PST or Content Analysis Store »Generate reports per attachment type, domain, mailbox, database, and date (the Mailbox and Date reports are available for Priv EDB data sources only)

30 30 Typical Business Uses  Exchange/IT administrators servicing internal stakeholders  IT staff performing migration or recovery tasks  Fortune 500 companies for IT administration, compliance, and investigation  Law firms to assist clients with email restoration and searching  Local and federal government agencies for investigative purposes  Consulting firms providing email recovery and search services for clients  Email hosting service providers for regulatory and compliance requests  Any company with the need to perform specific searches across its live database without interruption

31 31 Use IT Resources Strategically Save Time and Money  Restore granular mail items with ease, eliminating the need to perform “brick-level” backups  Recover items directly from an unmounted EDB, eliminating the need to build or maintain an Exchange recovery server  Restore mailbox items from any previous full backup directly to your production Exchange server or into a new or existing PST file

32 32 Search with Ease Perform Reliable Research, Investigation and Compliance  Meet research, investigation, and compliance needs internally  Quickly locate messages that meet specific search criteria »Search using a variety of criteria –Key words, subjects, dates, to/from, etc. »Search within attachments (using the optional Advanced Search Agent)

33 33 Migrate with Ease  Copy existing mailboxes to the new 2010 server without requiring the old server and new server to be online simultaneously  Mailbox Creation Wizard fully automates the ability to copy legacy email to a new server  Supports Exchange Server 2010 features, including the Personal Archive Mailbox and Recoverable Items »With the support of the new Personal Archive Mailbox, manage archived and active mailbox items in one centralized area »Engage an effective retention management policy with the support of the new Recoverable Items feature

34 34 Key Benefits – Powerful Searching  Ontrack PowerControls software is available with ExtractWizard: »ExtractWizard facilitates the restoration of the Information Store from a backup tape or archive file to a local share, without the need of an Exchange Recovery Server »See the following slide for currently supported backups »The Direct Method does not use the backup server software so has limited support for tape libraries and robots, requiring manual control. Tape drives typically operate best if used with Manufacturer or Vendor drivers. »The Advanced Method works as a client for your backup solution server to support your tape drive devices and existing catalogs. Find the items you need, preview those items, then simply drag- and-drop (copy/paste) items into your target location

35 Ontrack ® PowerControls™ 6.1 A Better Way to Search and Restore SharePoint Items

36 36 Product Overview  Find, recover and restore SharePoint items, lists, libraries, folders and entire sites back to… »Your production SharePoint server »A different SharePoint server »A file system  Works with Microsoft ® Office SharePoint ® Server 2007 and 2010 backed up using Microsoft SQL Server ® 2005 or SQL Server 2008  Runs on popular Windows ® servers and workstations

37 37 Business Demands for SharePoint Restoration »Recover deleted documents –Due to accidental or intentional deletion »Locate documents meeting specified criteria –Examples: Docs authored by a particular employee Docs referencing or including specified key words Docs modified in the last 30 days »Migrate docs to new SharePoint sites »Consolidate SharePoint sites »Analyze SharePoint data »Disaster recovery

38 38 Compliance and Research Demands for SharePoint Restoration  Internal and external regulatory compliance demands »Verify employee compliance with internal content management and use policies »Ensure proper data retention and accessibility to maintain compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPPA and other regulations  Investigation and Research demands »Quickly search and respond to requests for data »Copy or export documents meeting specified criteria »Maintain data integrity –No changes to metadata

39 39 Key Benefits - Overview  Minimize time and cost needed to restore individual SharePoint documents, items, lists, folders, libraries and full sites  Eliminate same site restore constraints  Minimize time required to locate documents meeting specific criteria  Maintain data integrity of the SharePoint source  Easy to use and install with no changes to existing backup procedures  Internal and external regulatory compliance demands

40 40 Key Benefits – SharePoint Restoration  Minimize time/cost needed to restore individual SharePoint documents, items, lists, folders, libraries and full sites »Many users will cut restore times by more than 50% –Your exact time savings depends on how long it would normally take to restore the data you need »Restore only what you need, then export items to desired location »No full site restoration or recovery server required »Find, restore and export full sites –Helpful for site consolidation or migration »Quickly restore MDFs from tape to an alternate location using ExtractWizard

41 41 Key Benefits – Eliminate Same Site Restore Constraints  Restore directly to production SharePoint server, other SharePoint server or to a file system  Many SharePoint backup and recovery programs only allow you to restore the data to the same or a duplicate server »Ontrack ® PowerControls™ does not have this constraint –No need for an expensive recovery server –Reduce the number of steps required to separately import sites back into SharePoint

42 42 Key Benefits – Powerful Searching  Minimize time required to locate documents meeting specific criteria  Use the Advanced Search Agent to search across multiple content databases – rather than bringing an old backup online for analysis  Search by a variety of criteria »Load all of the item types that exist in your source files, then search on specific types »Search by item type, key words, subjects, dates, specific users, and file/attachment data  Choose to restore all versions of an item or only specific versions

43 43 Key Benefits – Data Integrity  Keeping item metadata intact can be critical when operating on Sharepoint data  Maintain data integrity of the SharePoint source. Ontrack ® PowerControls™ »Does not change the contents or metadata of SharePoint source data »Restores items without changing the metadata »Performs read-only operations on the source files »When exporting items, a file containing the metadata associated with the item will be created

44 44 Key Benefits – Ease of Use  Easy to use and install with no changes to existing backup procedures »Ontrack PowerControls is out of the box ready »Ontrack PowerControls uses Microsoft provided APIs when communicating with your production systems, therefore complying with Microsoft policies. »No changes to existing backup procedures »Runs on popular Windows ® servers and workstations »Simple user interface »Drag-and-drop functionality

45 45 Key Benefits – Ease of Use  Ontrack ® PowerControls™ includes two important agents to enhance the product functionality at no extra cost »Ontrack PowerControls ExtractWizard Agent for Native SharePoint backups »Ontrack PowerControls for Advanced Search Agent for SharePoint  ExtractWizard will extract information from your existing native Microsoft ® SQL Server ® 2005 or SQL Server 2008 backups and also from STSADMIN created farm-level backups  Advanced Search Agent allows you to search the contents of documents and attachments


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