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What is this thing? Identification of Lab Equipment.

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1 What is this thing? Identification of Lab Equipment

2 Test tube brush by Dawson Carr To clean test tubes Drop your picture here

3 Test Tube Rack By: Davis Chapman It holds the test tubes upright and prevents test tubes from falling, cracking, or rolling away. This piece of equipment can be metal or wooden. Drop your picture here

4 Electronic Balance or scale-by Cole Elsevier Used to measure the mass of substances. When using this item used you should use caution because of the change of electrical shock.

5 Scientific Beaker Tongs-by Ashwin Gidwani The scientific beaker tongs are used to hold the beakers during a lab. Beakers can be too hot or too cold and can have toxic chemicals which is dangerous. The beaker tongs are used to hold the beakers instead of holding it with your hands.

6 Test tube by Bennett Harrison What is it used for? It can be used to create a controlled environment for what goes on inside the test tube. Drop your picture here

7 Beaker – Caroline Hayes A beaker is used for measuring, mixing, and stirring liquids. Drop your picture here

8 Safety goggles-Lexi Jerding Safety goggles are used to prevent anything from getting in your eyes. Drop your picture here

9 Erlenmeyer Flask by Kara Kalke Today, I decided to study a pair of forceps known to the scientific community at large as a “flask”. Flasks are not named after a particular item or person. Flasks are used for measuring and mixing items. When using a flask, one should always wear safety goggles, and make sure they are as precise as possible.

10 Funnel- Betsy McDaniel It is used to move liquid from a larger item to a smaller item with ease.

11 Test-Tube Holders By Matthew Plunk In a science laboratory setting, test-tube holders can be used to lift fragile test-tubes to and from different locations in said laboratory.

12 Hot Plate – Jamie Roberts Hot plates derive their name from what they are because a hot plate is something with a plate on top that gets very hot. A hot plate is used for heating and/or stirring chemicals When using a hot plate, you have to be cautious of accidentally touching the hot part because it will burn you.

13 The Alcohol Burner The alcohol burner is great for heating things for a science lab.

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