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What is this thing? Identification of Lab Equipment.

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1 What is this thing? Identification of Lab Equipment

2 Pipette Dropping measurements of medicine, or other liquid Drop your picture here

3 Beaker To stir, mix, or heat liquids. Drop your picture here

4 Alcohol Burner It is used as a burner but without using gas (gas that is in the form of air).

5 Goggles It is used for the protection of your eyes when you are working on a lab or other things. goggles Drop your picture here

6 Test tube brush It is used for cleaning the inside of a test tube Test tube brush Drop your picture here

7 Erlenmeyer flask 250 mL holds, pours and observes substances. Pours better than beaker and can be stoppered

8 Electronic Balance To determine the weight of objects Drop your picture here

9 Test Tube Tongs Holds test tubes safely Drop your picture here

10 Test Tube It is either used to hold substances, or it pour substances out.

11 Test Tube Holder A test tube holder is used for holding test tubes either when there is substance in it or if there is no substance in it.


13 Name of Item What is it used for? Telling what the temperature of something is. Drop your picture here

14 Funnel It is used to funnel liquid into a container without spilling

15 Graduated Cylinder It is used to measure the volume of a liquid

16 Hot Plate - it can be used as a stand alone appliance, but is often used as a substitute for one of the burners from an oven range or the cook top of a stove. -





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