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Lab Equipment 2013-2014.

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1 Lab Equipment

2 Science equipment Name: Petri Dish Job: shallow dish used for cultures

3 Science equipment Goggles: Prevents damage to eyes.

4 Science equipment Test Tube Tray or Rack: Holds test tubes. Also:
Test tubes can be placed on rack upside down to dry

5 Science equipment Test tube, Made of glass Can be heated
Used to mix chemicals

6 Science equipment Erlenmeyer flasks
used to mix, store, or heat solutions or other liquids. Measures volume in ml

7 Science equipment Triple Beam Balance: Measures MASS in grams (g)

8 Science equipment Beaker: Measures volume in mL
Comes in different sizes

9 Science equipment Graduated Cylinder: Measures volume in ml
A graduated cylinder is used for more precise volume measurements.

10 Meniscus: the dip in the liquid
ALWAYS read from the lowest point of the meniscus

11 Science equipment Pipettes
used to make precise volumetric measurements and to transfer liquids.

12 Science equipment Eye Dropper:
used to transfer a small volume of liquid (less than one mL).

13 Science equipment Forceps
Are used to grasp/hold small items, they are often used in dissection. They are not called tweezers!

14 Science equipment Spring Scale
A spring scale is used to measure applied force. Weight Grams or newtons

15 Bunsen Burner Works on gas

16 Hot Plate Works on electricity

17 Safety Symbols

18 Poison Safety This symbol appears when poisonous substances are used

19 Plant Safety Do not eat any plants in lab.
Wash your hands after handling plants.

20 Eye Protection • Wear safety goggles when working with chemicals, flames, or heating devices • If a chemical gets in your eye, flush in water for 15 minutes and notify the teacher.

21 Fire safety This symbol appears when you will be working with an open flame.

22 Clothing Protection Safety
This symbol appears when substances could stain or burn clothing

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