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Identifying Lab Equipment

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1 Identifying Lab Equipment
Names of common lab equipment Their uses

2 Mostly used to “swirl” substances; NOT for measuring out liquids
Erlenmeyer Flask Mostly used to “swirl” substances; NOT for measuring out liquids

3 Funnel Needed to slowly and accurately add substance

4 Graduated Cylinder Precisely measure out liquids; usually in milliliters

5 Bunsen Burner Most common way of heating substances

6 Watch Glass Used for burning substances or place hot materials on to cool

7 Eye Dropper Needed to add small amounts

8 Beaker A “mixing” or “holding” container for substances; NOT for measuring amount

9 Florence Flask Mostly used for boiling liquids

10 Wire Gauze Used to protect beaker from direct flame of Bunsen burner

11 Ring Stand Needed to set up certain apparatuses; can clamp different things to it

12 Ring Clamp Used with ring stand; hold things

13 Test Tube Needed when working with small amounts

14 Test Tube Holder Clamp Holds a test tube so hands will not be in danger of burning

15 Tongs Needed to move hot glassware; NOT used to pick up test tubes

16 Test Tube Rack Holds test tubes

17 Triple Beam Balance Needed to measure out solids, usually in grams

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