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Physics Department Computing Overview 96’ Ching-Wan Yip X.

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3 Physics Department Computing Overview 96’ Ching-Wan Yip X

4 Outline news Campus computing environment –IS servers, network/access –Service Center, Support Center Training Resources/ Getting Help P2000 - Standard load software Physics facilities - hardware/software Physics student lab 124 slides/50 min. \\acad1\Physics\Pub\yip,

5 P2000 - Access 2000

6 96’ - notebook ThinkPad 365XD –100 MHz Pentium –PCI 800x60010.4” dual scan LCD –16M RAM/810M HD –14.4 Fax/Modem, IBM Ethernet –Sound, microphone, 4x CD-ROM, IrDA Desktop –75MHz 330; 133, 166MMX 350, 300GL, 300XL 1/3, ~275 faculty has the 97’

7 97’ - notebook ThinkPad 380D –Pentium-150MHz, L2 cache, 12.1” 64k COLOR 30:1 DSTN display, 2hr NiMH battery, 1.44 FD, 7.1lb –32M EDO SO DIMM/1.35M HD, CrystalAudio 16-bit sound/speaker/microphone, 8x CDROM –EtherJet duplex 20M Ethernet, 33.6 modem PC Cards, 27Mbps Zoomed Port (ZV) –128bit NeoLogic 1.125M iDRAM video, 4Mbps IrDA –SPECint92 est. 200, twice as fast as old ac G60’s 82 SPECfp 92 est. 140, a bit slower than G60’s 172

8 Technology news Freshman/sophomore free 2030 inkjet printer IS communications improvements (discuss w/ faculty) admin - student records, registration web interface out-reach library - Dinex? upgrade STAR, CELI graduate student TP365 purchase oversea studies ($500+$1,000 deposit since no tuition)

9 retired Departmental –old wiring, replacing shared 10M Ethernet –8088/286/386, DOS, WfWg; Mac. Min 16M 486. –replacing 2 SUN workstations, 2 HP LaserJet 2 –portable VGA 640x480 LCD projector AC - HP g60, g50, e35, News/mail/web server - EIS ThinkPad 360 - 486, 12M RAM, 340M HD IBM Wireless network, FDDI backbone Convex C1

10 IS server architecture Two IBM RS/6000 SP/2 - AIX –ac, mail, news, IBM/Lotus Domino 4.52, Powered by Notes IBM RS/6000 F50 - AIX –Web server IBM PC servers –NT network, other servers Admin HP 3000 959 K class Library HP 9000 852 Health HP 922

11 IBM SP/2 Reynolda 3/F

12 IBM SP/2 Overview 14+ nodes (28 processors, ~8 GB RAM) thin/high nodes - PowerPC 604, Power2, P2SC CPUs 472+ GB mirrored EMC, IBM SSA storage 460 max GB EMC tape backup everynight both UNIX/NT ac, Mail (POP/SMTP), news, DNS, Domino (Notes Mail /Template /web interface) Coming : IBM VideoCharger/Digital Library?

13 Academic Computer (f1n11) interactive login, telnet, pine, elm, tin, LaTeX, GhostView C, C++, Fortran compilers, SPSS, Maple, SAS, PVM soon? file space (webpage) 7.5 Mbyte, ?M mail F/S if ((student and (class < 2000) ) or (grad. Student)) then 3.75M file/web + 3.75 M for mail space else login + 500Kbyte NT web space if c2000 then use NotesMail (POP diabled?) else Eudora OK end if

14 WFU AIX servers Internal 2x2G HD dual home FDDI (ATM for n1) High Nodes : 8 processors 604 SMP 1G RAM Thin Nodes: Power2 512M RAM n3/n4m 256M n1/n2 CWS : 64M RAM IBM SP/2 AIX frame 1 f1n4 academic/WFU template f1n6 NFS, Samba, DNS 132G partial mirrored IBM SSA Disk array f1n5 Notes Mail MTA f1n1 DNS, news f1n2 Spectrum f1n7 Domino/NotesMail f1n3 POP3, SMTP, DNS f1n11 ac EMC arrays laptop controller 212G (424 mirrored) 128G (256 mirrored) 50G - ac, 76G Notes, 4G web, admin New Thin Nodes: Power2SC processors f2n4 test, Notes f2n6 Video/test f2n5 IBM VideoCharger? f2n1 ADSM Adastar... f2n2 TMR, DB2/Oracle? f2n3 TMR Tivoli... IBM SP/2 AIX frame 2 2 SP2 control workstations EMC tape backup 14x40GB compress DLT SUN controller F50 Web server dual 604e/256M RAM Netscape Enterprise Server 80Mbps dual loop SSA 40Mbps SCSI Fibre Channel in the future

15 Windows NT network architecture 16+ servers PC Server 320PC Server 704PC Server 520/720

16 Windows NT network Basement of Reynolda

17 Windows NT network Overview WFU1/CodeSrv1 : DHCP - assign IP addresses, WINS, PDC/BDC verify Domain login ( Admin1 etc.) Printer1&2 : 200 pages/semester for student Public2 : c2000+/stu. orgs web pages: 500K free WFU3, WFU4 : Remedy/SQL, PointCast Netmeeting, Tivoli : DB2/Oracle Acad1, CodeSrv1, Lserve, Library1 : dept/lab/CBT Academic, AC, Acfiles (acfiles Oct 1) : fake NTserves, Samba Psy, English, Language, MBA, Health1, Financial Aid, BGMS, Physical Facilities : FrontPage, Exchange Mail, ColdFusion, Domino.Broadcast LearningSpace, EMC video streaming …. several “known” NT workstations: others will have no access to resources (printer, files) NT 3.51/4.0 - 5.0 next year

18 network internet NC REN Raleigh Load balanced multiple DS-3s, 44.736Mbps each Sprint Bell South 30 Mbps (5-8%) BGMS 155Mbps OC-3 WFU 155Mbps OC-3 ATM (622 Mbps OC-12 soon) Shared 10Mbps Ethernet Switch 10Mbps Ethernet Switch 100Mbps Ethernet 100Mbps FDDI IGN T1/fractional T1 ~1.544 Mbps

19 network, access ATM, FDDI, Ethernet (100, switch 10, share 10), AMP wireless external to NCREN modem dial-in –IGN 56kbp, 50+ modem direct link to our Cisco2800 router real soon now –WFU ~40 modem pool 28.8kbps 4200 rollover 14.4kbps 5814 (until ?)

20 IS Service Center IGN - IBM Global Network - IBM Internet Connection (US provider:Advantis) $ 12.95/50 hr/month, $17.95 unlimited, $10 activation 1,000 local access numbers worldwide (international 28days) 530 in US, 733-5971 for Winston-Salem $6/hr 1-800 access (Lexington?) Summer only underneath Post Office/Poteat, x1949 buy more web page/Notes spaces ZIP drive rental/loan true-color, continuous tone, Ricoh printer, $1.49/page

21 IGN dialer

22 56 kbps X2 PPP news server, email account no content (e.g. AOL, MSN) full access to WFU resources direct link to WFU network soon/done IGN connected

23 Problem? Information Systems Support Center ISSC (Help Desk) 4272 (Support Consultants /System Status) on-line problem report - Remedy mail to except instructional software (e.g. Maple, Exceed etc.) student labs around campus

24 Remedy

25 Remedy - login

26 Remedy - Open

27 Remedy - Schema

28 Remedy - File Ticket Number 16666

29 IS - web page

30 IS - news

31 ACS - news

32 ACS - web stat Not including –,,

33 YL - howto/technotes

34 Library web page

35 Library’s ITC Training Multimedia Lab –Digital Camera, scanner, video capture

36 Library - ITC web page

37 training CBT Web resources - library, ISSC training classes ThinkPad Technology Guide ThinkPad Getting start CD-ROM students - RTA grad. stu. - faculty faculty - ACS

38 Future OS

39 X 98’ 5.0

40 Future Internet IE4 + Active Desktop Netscape 4 (Communicator) / 5.x (Mercury, Gemini, Compass, Javagator)

41 Future - others ThinkPad 385, 390? 1,000 freshman + 1,000 tech. refresh –200+ MHz MMX CPU, 64+ MB RAM –100Mbps Ethernet/56k Modem –internal CardBus, USB, camera –MPEG2, DVD, Dolby AC-3 wavetable –Li battery - smart charger –14.1” ActiveMatrix TFT display Notes 4.6/5.0 Eudora+PGP encryption+IMAP4, Netscape Mail S/MIME

42 97’ standard load Windows 95b (OSR2) - 380, 95a - 365 (C:\drivers) Office 97 Prof. - Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access PictureEditor, Camcorder, ActiveMovie, NetMeeting Email/Groupware/PIM - IBM/Lotus Notes 4.51 Netscape Gold 3, MiniSoft telnet,PointCast ShockWave,Acrobat,QuickTime,RealAudio, IBMVideoCharger McAfee ViruScan 3, Lotus ScreenCam, EudoraLight 1.5.4 IGN 4.1, Help desk - Remedy, TranXIt InfraRed library catalog, e-resources, CD-ROM network WS-FTP, WinZIP, encryption code/decode (unregistered) Lexmark, Iomega ZIP, AMP wireless driver (no AOL)

43 PointCast –WFU Channel –Push technology

44 Microsoft Netmeeting

45 Lotus Domino/Notes 4.5x Groupware Email –quota/archive? Calendar/Scheduling WFU template –5 cabinets automatically –syllabus –course material, discussion, vote & test –web publishing

46 Notes Mail/Calendar

47 Notes Mail

48 Notes Mail web

49 WFU template

50 WFU template - Main Menu

51 WFU template


53 WFU web-enabled template

54 Web template

55 Classroom SVGA+ BARCO projector (up to 1600x1200?) A/V facility (107 soon) –VCR, LaserDisc –Canon FlexCamera/overhead camera –audio, wireless mic, laser pointer –DVD soon Power and Ethernet to each seat (101 soon) BACKUP PLAN –copy to local server, CD, printout –10 min. early for (unpack, find cable etc.), handout –web, print, mail, directory, video, file servers

56 Optional –1.6/3.2G parallel TR3 tape backup –Kodak DC120 1280x960 3x zoom digital camera –remote mouse/keyboard –digitizing tablet, ZIP drive –PC Card videoconference camera soon –Java, C, C++, VisualBASIC compilers, disk, conversion utilities –multimedia authoring, 2D/3D graphics

57 Labs. - laser printers How many pages printed?164346 as of 9/10/97

58 Color printing HP 1200/PS color inkjet printer –20M RAM, 300 dpi

59 Laser Printers 5 Lexmark Optra R/Rn/Lxn/Lx+ laser printers –Postscript Level 2/PCL 5 –4-8M RAM –8 ppm (1200 dpi) 16 ppm (300 dpi) –Ethernet, accepting jobs from ac, NT/95, AIX, ftp, telnet

60 UNIX text UNIX –hex -0A (LF) PC –hex - OD (CR), OA (LF) Mac –hex - OD (CR) This is a UNIX Text files !!!! It looks like this in Windows NotePad %~PS-Adobe-3.0 EPSF-3.0 %Creator: Adobe PS 4.0.1 %Title: TreeKiller.PS %Creation Date: 1/1/00 …. …... %~PS-Adobe-3.0 EPSF-3.0 %Creator: Adobe PS 4.0.1 %Title: TreeKiller.PS %Creation Date: 1/1/00 …. …... %~PS-Adobe-3.0 EPSF-3.0 %Creator: Adobe PS 4.0.1 %Title: TreeKiller.PS %Creation Date: 1/1/00 …. …... %~PS-Adobe-3.0 EPSF-3.0 %Creator: Adobe PS 4.0.1 %Title: TreeKiller.PS %Creation Date: 1/1/00 …. …... This is a UNIX Text files !!!!

61 Print problems ac –default unix text lp -dolin305or junk.txt –PostScript lpr -P olin305or -l –cannot cancel for printing (ac jobs are spooled through NT, no cancel) DEC –default binary/PostScript –UNIX text lp -d olin305_text (printer_cr) or mpage PowerPC –default binary/PostScript –UNIX text lp -d luna (lp -dolin305unix on enterprise) No printing –95 - Right click on printer icon. If dimmed, uncheck Work- Offline –PowerPC - Click on printer icon, if Out-of-Service, tell yip to restart Q

62 Research Facility - Advanced Computation Lab. 305a


64 Advanced Computation Lab.

65 Advanced Computation 7 DEC Alpha 64-bit Workstations –5x3000 Model 600/700, 1x250 4/266, 1x500 –175/225/266/500 MHz Alpha 21064(A)/21164 –128/160/512M RAM –2/4GB internal/9 GB external storage on each –10GB Digital Linear Tape Backup, SmartUPS 700 –Digital UNIX 4.0b, Fortran, C++ etc. Other Workstations –RS/6000 43P 133MHz 604e, 128M RAM, 2G, AIX 4.2.1 –SUN SparcStation

66 Physics Computer Lab Room 305 Olin What’s wrong? Friday night at 11pm, where are the students?

67 Computer Lab. AIX 5 PowerSeries850 –PowerPC 604, audio, 4xCDROM, 2M DRAM S3 graphics, 64M RAM, 3G storage, P50/17V monitors –AIX 4.2.1, IBM Data Explorer 3.1.4, Matlab –NAG F90, gcc compiler. –Optional - IBM C, C++, Fortran, OpenGL, PEX

68 AIX login

69 AIX CDE Logout when done left a paper note if work in progress/run jobs in background see screen lockout to NO

70 AIX CDE style

71 IBM Data Explorer 3.1.4

72 Matlab + toolboxes

73 Computer Lab. - PC 8x133MHz AMD 5x86, 1x166MMX Pentium-17V/VCR 16/32/48M RAM, 1/2G HD, 1M RAM PCI Cirrus video 4c scanner/Auto document feeder (please turn off after use) Broadway 30fps MPEG-1 video capture, AWE64 sound Ricoh 6x read, 2x write CD-R/CD-RW drive 7 ThinkPad for TA (no insurance outside dept. or unlocked) Different from students’ TP which are insured monthly with $500/$1000 deductable

74 Computer Lab. - PC software Exceed 5.x.x (6 paid for) Axum 5.0 Maple V Release 4 Power Edition Scanner - OmniPage OCR, Corel PhotoPaint 7, Adobe Acrobat Exchange 3.0 - PDF CorelDraw 6, JASC PaintShop Pro Lahey Fortran 90 3.0, Essential Lahey Fortran 3.0 Ulead VideoEditor, SounBlaster SoundEditor EasyCD Pro 2.1, Adaptec DirectCD

75 instructional software Lab - PASCO Science Workshop Intro - ActivPhysics, InteractivePhysics, Modern Physics Desktop Electronics - circuit maker Astronomy - SkyGlobe 16-bit Windows/DOS etc. Optics - Zemax research groups –IDL, Mathematica, LabView, LaTeX, GhostView/GhostScript (unix/windows), Gplot, emacs/xemacs/vi, wien97, beam3

76 98-99’? Natalie principle - more RAM, more HD, faster CPU 8 more big monitors Exceed 3D w/OpenGL, DisplayPostScript? Use Windows GSView Matlab, Mathematica for Windows? Maple, Matlab for DEC, RS/6000, PowerPC? faster color printer, continuous tone? Asymmetrix Toolbox (CUPLE, StudioPhysics), Interactive Physics developer, Authorware Site Manager (link verifier, site mapper), FrontPage, NetObject Fusion WordPerfect. Equation Editor. Scientific WorkPlace Visual Fortran 5 Olin browsing problem, NT browse master RealAudio/Video streaming, NetShow multicast Cable TV, MPEG2 encoder, full screen 640x480 AVI capture Adobe Premiere, MGI VideoWave Editor JavaBean, VRML 3D world builder, VR goggle, LCD projector, AVS

77 Phy software menu

78 Software desktop

79 Computer Usage Policy WFU Computer Usage Policy - Valid id, break in etc. Food (on the floor only) don’t touch the screens Copyright Copying software/CD (except Lotus Notes, install anywhere you want) Won’t copy full CD/audio CD DO NOT install ANY software or change the settings (shareware, freeware, betaware, silverware, vaporware etc.)

80 Backup, Backup, Backup no guarantee on data in c:\userdata, /homes/phystud no backup will be make will be purged occasionally use username for folder to store data, c:\userdata\yipcw

81 C:\userdata

82 NT Domain login

83 sync time updates server names Virus/word/Notes passwd/install menu Login to WFU \\academic, \\printer1 etc. NT login script

84 Setup.exe (even uninstalled) DDEML.DLL error

85 License Agreement


87 95 - Display Properties 640x480/800x600 16-bit/256 colors

88 Display Control Panel

89 IS - computer assistance

90 Computer Based Training CBT

91 Library Resources

92 Netscape

93 Physics Home Page

94 Netscape Mail

95 Email Netscape Mail/Messenger (create profile to H:\somewhere\ first) Eudora Light (save to H:\email\) pine

96 Email - Netscape profile manager (NT start menu)

97 Email - Netscape create profile H:\somewhere

98 Email - Eudora 1.5.4

99 Email - Eudora 3.x

100 telnet

101 Email - pine

102 My Computer

103 My computer (need new)

104 Map Network Drive

105 H:\\acSomthing\homes L:\\acSomething\PCNFS P:\\Acad1\Physics Network Drive

106 \\academic\homes

107 Network Neighborhood

108 Entire network

109 Microsoft Office

110 Microsoft Excel

111 Key access

112 Keyacc - login

113 Keyacc - login - successful

114 Axum 5.0

115 Hummingbird Exceed 5

116 X to ac login

117 X to ac Exceed 6 w/ X11R6.3 (Broadway)

118 X/Maple on ac

119 Maple


121 Logoff

122 logoff


124 The End Cast Presentation: PowerPoint 97sp1 Image Editing: Adobe PhotoShop 4.01 Image Capture: Microsoft PhotoEditor 97 Internet Browser: Netscape Communicator 4.0.3 Operation Systems: Windows 95b, NT 4.0sp3 Computer Systems: IBM ThinkPad 380D, 300XL Input Systems: IBM keyboard, Microsoft Intelligent Mouse, Wacom ArtZ II tablet Copyright © 1997 Ching-Wan Yip Pictures taken from various web sites without permissions Photos of Human Subject s taken without written permissions Special Thanks Convex video courtesy of Knowledge by Design


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