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+ MacBook Air Essentials. + Helpdesk LibGuide Laptop Policy Quiz

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1 + MacBook Air Essentials

2 + Helpdesk LibGuide Laptop Policy Quiz

3 + Windows vs. Mac Apps close when you close the window Close/Min/Max on Right Sleep/shutdown in Start Menu Common apps in Start Menu You must quit apps (Command-Q) Close/Min/Max on Left Sleep/Shutdown in Apple Menu Common apps on Dock WINDOWSMAC

4 + Time Machine Connect external drive to USB Click Use as Backup Disk First process takes an hour or so Students are responsible for their own personal backups Recommend daily/weekly backup

5 + Storage Options 128 GB on the computer SD Card Backup Drive – 500 GB Cloud Storage –

6 + Troubleshooting Tips Spinning pinwheel of death – what does it mean? How do you fix it? Quit application (Ctrl – Q) Force Quit Application (Command - Option – Esc) Force Computer Restart (Command – Option – Power)

7 + Web Browsers Troubleshooting Website problems

8 + Connecting to a Network Home Connect to your wireless home network through the airport Wired connections require a USB Ethernet adapter from the Apple StoreUSB Ethernet adapter from the Apple Store School Automatically connected to FSHA – Student network You are not allowed to use a different school network.

9 + Connecting to a printer View Current Printers System Preferences – Print & Scan You may be allowed to add some classroom printers – follow teacher instructions Home Wireless printer or wireless network Print & Scan Click on + to Add Home wired printer Connect via USB and it is automatically added

10 + Battery Life Keep the screen on the lowest comfortable setting (F1 & F2 on the keyboard) Keep the keyboard backlight off (F5 lowest setting) Close applications that are NOT being used Charge your laptop every evening regardless of how much it was used. System Preferences – Energy Saver TIP – Completely discharge and fully recharge your computer once per month.

11 + Applications Monitoring iMovie – edit a quick movie GarageBand – practice recording audio SnagIt – take screen shots or screen captures Acrobat Pro – PDF Typewriter, PDF Converter, PDF Notes Adobe Creative Suite – Photo editing / Page design Microsoft Office – Word, Excel, PowerPoint Evernote – Note taking SMART Notebook – Note taking / Presentations Kindle – Religion class eReader

12 + Support Helpdesk Office by Rooms 18 & 19 Library (Ms. Finley or Ms. Murphy) More Apple training is free at the Apple Store Contact Mrs. McHugh for assistance with account usernames & passwords

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