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Class Enrollment in SIS Fall Term

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1 Class Enrollment in SIS Fall Term 2012-13
Best view in “Slide Show” Mode (Shift + F5) Academic Records and Registration Office The Hong Kong University of Science & Technology Enquiry: , , Last Update: August 2012

2 Class Enrollment Process for Fall 2012/13
Pre-enrollment Before Enrollment Validation Enrollment Add/Drop Period By 30 August 2012: ARRO pre-enrolls students to the required courses or the courses designated by the Program Office FAQ Before Enrollment: Students are advised to look up useful information for their course planning and seek academic advice 31 August 2012 onwards: Students should perform class validation, and (if necessary) request for approval Validation: FAQ & Demo Request Approval: FAQ & Demo 3-9 September 2012: Students will be assigned an appointment start time to submit class enrollment requests (add/drop/swap) to confirm enrollment FAQ & Demo Sample Scenarios 10-22 September 2012: Students may change their class choices; or request for auditing a class during this period. The period ends at 11:59:59pm, 22 Sep 2012 24 September – 9 October 2012: Extended drop period for PG courses Add/Drop Period: FAQ Course Auditing: FAQ Press “Esc” to exit slide show

3 FAQ: Pre-enrollment How to check my pre-enrolled classes?
Through myPortal (, access “Student Center” . Will I be pre-enrolled into all my required courses? Yes, but with the following exceptions: Students have failed / not taken the pre-requisite of the required course(s) Students have already taken the course in previous terms There is an option for the required courses (e.g. Required Course for BICH Year 2 Spring: LIFS 3040 or LIFS 3060) Research PG students will be pre-enrolled into the thesis course if they have obtained a “PP” grade in the previous regular term What if I need to repeat a required courses, or have not taken some required courses in previous term(s)? Students need to enroll the courses by themselves during the enrollment period. Can I change the class sections of the pre-enrolled courses? For most courses, students can swap sections during the enrollment period but please observe the class matching rule. The “SWAP” function should be used for a secured enrollment, use “drop and add” at your own risk. HOME

4 Useful Information for Students’ Course Planning
Academic Regulations UG / PG Curriculum (Graduation Requirement) For UG students in the 3-Year Curriculum (admitted in ) For UG students in the 4-Year Curriculum (admitted in ) For UG students (admitted in 2011 and before) For PG students Recommended Pattern of Study (for UG students in the 3-Year Curriculum) Course Catalog Common Core Courses / General Education Elective Class Schedule & Quota Time Table Assistant (ITSC Login Required) HOME

5 Go to Useful Information
Class Schedule & Quota A user-friendly view to show all class schedules, quotas, and useful remarks Click HERE to access Class Schedule & Quota Additional search criteria to the timetable Class matching rules displayed, if any Put the mouse cursor over to see the additional information of the course HOME Go to Useful Information

6 Go to Request for Approval FAQ
FAQ & Demo: Validation Do I need to put the pre-enrolled classes into the shopping cart for validation? No, the pre-enrolled classes are confirmed enrollments. How to select classes and put them into the shopping cart? Please see the demo here. How to perform validation and what should I do after that? How to check the assigned credit load of my current term? HOME Go to Request for Approval FAQ

7 FAQ & Demo: Request for Approval
Approvals should be sought when: Students do not meet the course pre-/co-requisites (“requisite waiver” approval). Students wish to enroll in courses which require “instructor consent” approval. UG students wish to enroll in PG courses (or vice versa) (“cross career” approval). UG students wish to seek for credit overload. Approvals should NOT be sought if: Students are already on waitlist of the course. Students have taken, or are concurrently taking a course listed under “Course Exclusion”. When / How to request for approval? Approval requests can be submitted from the start of the validation period until the add/drop deadline. Please see the demo here. After getting the approval, students are advised to perform validation again to ensure the status shows “OK to Add”. During the class enrollment period, students should go to the SIS to confirm their enrollment. Approval does not guarantee available seats. HOME Go to Validation FAQ

8 Select Classes for Shopping Cart (1)
In Academics : Plan – Shopping Cart Select Term (if applicable) Click “Search” Enter basic or additional search criteria and then click “Search” Next

9 Select Classes for Shopping Cart (2)
Click on the section to see the class details, or click “View All Sections” to see other sections Finally, click “Select Class” to put the class into the shopping cart Go to Plan – Shopping Cart to see if the class has been added to the shopping cart successfully. Note: If there are other required components of the course, the selection page will be displayed Previous Back to Validation FAQ

10 Validation (1) In Plan – Shopping Cart Select (tick) the courses you wish to validate Click “Validate” Next Note: Students are recommended to validate all classes in one go such that time conflict or credit overload problem, if any, can be found out at this stage

11 Validation (2) Previous What should I do after validation?
Student can add this course during the class enrollment period. “Cross career” approval required for UG students to take PG courses, vice versa. Student would have exceeded the credit load if this course is enrolled. Credit overload approval is required. Student does not meet the enrollment requisite, which may include pre-/co-requisites or other conditions (e.g. only for a particular Major). “Requisite override” approval can be sought for these cases. (This error message can also be triggered by course exclusion and it cannot be overridden or the course will be de-registered for the student.) What should I do after validation? If necessary, students should seek the appropriate type of approval. Go to Request for Approval FAQ and Demo After getting the approval, students should perform the validation again until the “OK to Add” message is shown. There is a time conflict with another course enrolled or in the shopping cart. Students should select another class. “Instructor consent” approval is required. Previous Back to Validation FAQ

12 Check Credit Load / Enrollment Start Time
Click Enrollment Dates - Details See your enrollment start time under “Appointment Begins” of the Enrollment Appointments table See your maximum credit load under “Term Enrollment Limits” Back to Validation FAQ

13 Request for Approval (1)
In Plan – Shopping Cart Click “Request for Approval” Next Click “Add Course Approval Request”

14 Request for Approval (2)
Note: select the appropriate type of approval request according to the validation result Previous Fill the required information and click “submit” Back to Request for Approval FAQ

15 FAQ & Demo: Class Enrollment
 Click Here to see the demo for different enrollment scenarios  When is my enrollment start time? The class enrollment exercise will begin according to the following schedule: UG: Yr 3 & 4 (3 Sep); Yr 2 (4 Sep); Yr 1 (5 & 6 Sep) PG: 4 Sep (6:00pm) For UG students, the Enrollment Appointment Start time in Fall Term is assigned randomly while the enrollment sequence will be reversed in Spring Term. To check your own start time, please see the demo here. UG students (e.g. International Students) who come for program registration after the enrollment period has started should refer to the information sheet they receive at the time of program registration for enrollment time information. New PG students who come late can start class enrollment one day after their program registration at HKUST. How long is my enrollment timeslot? Beginning from the assigned enrollment start time, students may enroll / drop / swap a course until its add/drop deadline. What is the difference between class enrollment period & add/drop period? Most functions (add/drop/swap) are the same in the two periods. However, only in the add/drop period students can submit course audit requests. HOME

16 Class Enrollment Scenarios
Add a class Swap Swap to another class (different course) Swap class section within the same course Smart Tips to handle courses with different sections Waitlist Check waitlist position Note: UG students can waitlist to a maximum of 24 credits. Drop a class / Cancel Waitlist Requests HOME Back to Class Enrollment FAQ

17 Back to Class Enrollment Scenarios
Add a Class In Plan – Shopping Cart Select (tick) the courses you wish to enroll and click the enroll button Follow the on-screen instructions Note: If error message is displayed, please refer back to the validation slide. See your enrolled classes in “My Class Schedule” If the class is full (or with reserved capacity), students will be put in waitlist automatically Back to Class Enrollment Scenarios

18 Swap to Another Class (Different Course)
Put the intended swap-in class in the shopping cart In Enroll - Swap Select the class to be swapped-out in “Swap This Class” Select the class to be swapped-in from the shopping cart Click “select” and follow the on-screen instructions In this example, the student swaps from HUMA 1001 to ACCT 2010 Back to Class Enrollment Scenarios

19 Swap Class Section within the Same Course
Find the 4 digit class number for the intended swap-in class In Enroll - Swap Select the class to be swapped in “Swap This Class” Enter the class number found in step 1 and click “enter” to proceed These are the unique class numbers The student tries to swap ISOM 1090 from L1 to L2, so he selects ISOM 1090 above, and enter the class number of L2 (2315) below Back to Class Enrollment Scenarios

20 Classes with Multiple Sections
I am NOT enrolled in course A but I wish to enroll ANY section (L1, L2 or L3) of course A: Smart Tips: Use multiple “Add” function: I am enrolled in L1 but I wish to swap to ANY other section (L2 or L3) of course A: Smart Tips: Student can only choose ONE other section to swap to L1 Status: Add  Class Full  Waitlist L2 L3 When vacancies arise in L1 L1 Status: Enrolled L2 Status: Waitlist Request Cancelled L3 All other waitlist requests of the same course will be cancelled by the system should one of the waitlist requests is executed successfully L1 Status: Enrolled (Swap Out) L2 Status: Waitlist (Swap In) L3 L1 Status: Enrolled (Swap Out) L2 Status: Waitlist (Swap In) L3 Status: Add  Class Open  Error (Multiple enrollment is not allowed) Or Status: Add  Class Full  Waitlist ! Multiple swap action is forbidden Students can waitlist for L3 but it will NOT be executed even with vacancies arise; also, when L2 has been swapped-in successfully, the waitlist request for L3 will be cancelled Back to Class Enrollment Scenarios

21 Check Waitlist Position
In Enroll – My Class Schedule Select (tick) “Show Waitlisted Classes” and click filter See “Waitlist Position” * Due to complicated system logic behind the waitlist engine, queue positions displayed for a course with multiple component may not be updated and synchronized on a real-time basis Note: For courses that have multiple components, only the queue position of the first component in the sequence of Lecture  Lab  Tutorial will be displayed*. If you remain in the same waiting position for a long time without any movements… It is possible that: 1) your waitlisted class has a time conflict with one of your enrolled class ) your term enrollment limit would be exceeded if this class is enrolled. Under these circumstances, when places are available, the system will assign them to other students in the queue and your waiting position will remain the same. Back to Class Enrollment Scenarios

22 Drop a Class / Cancel Waitlist Request
In Enroll - Drop Select (tick) the courses you wish to drop (students can also cancel the waitlisted requests) and click the “drop selected classes” button Follow the on-screen instructions. Note: Please DO NOT drop a required course! If you wish to change section, use SWAP instead. Back to Class Enrollment Scenarios

23 FAQ: Add/Drop Period What will happen to my outstanding waitlist requests after the add/drop deadline? Outstanding waitlist requests will be cancelled after the add/drop deadline. Students are recommended to cancel a waitlist request if they no longer wish to enroll for the waiting class. Will a dropped course be shown in my academic records? Course(s) dropped during the add/drop period will only be recorded in the SIS but not be printed on students’ transcripts. Do all courses have the same add/drop deadline? Irregular UG courses may have different add/drop deadline, e.g. courses that only have classes in the first half of the term may have an earlier add/drop deadline. Some PG courses have an extended drop period (also applicable to UG students enrolled to the respective PG course), please refer to the class details. Click Here for more FAQ about course auditing… HOME

24 FAQ: Course Auditing How to audit a course? (Important Notes)
Please refer to the approval request slide for demo. Students should NOT be enrolling or waitlisting for the course at the time when they submit the audit request. If the class is full at the time of the approval, the audit request will be cancelled automatically. To check your audit status, go to “My Class Schedule” and see “Grading”: Can I change a normal enrollment into audit, and vice versa? To change a normal enrollment to audit, students must drop the course and submit the audit approval request again. To change from audit to a normal enrollment, students should drop the course and enroll again. In case the class is full, students may approach the course instructor for special assistance. What is the obligation as an audit student? Audit students will not earn any grades or credits from the course. Please refer to UG Regulations (Clause 5.9) or PG Regulations (Clause 5.4) for general guideline or consult the course instructor for course-specific arrangements. HOME

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