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USC&A - Fraternity and Sorority Life Virginia Commonwealth University 1.

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1 USC&A - Fraternity and Sorority Life Virginia Commonwealth University 1

2  The purpose of this presentation is to provide awareness and to challenge fraternities and sororities to improve the social event themes they select for events. 2

3 Thousands of students including yourself have voluntarily taken an oath to uphold certain values and strive to be better than average for life. 3

4  Uplift  Achievement  Friendship  Scholarship  Service  Brotherhood  Sisterhood  Community  Public Service  Impacting Others  Sportsmanship  Culture  Philanthropy  Improvement  Civic Engagement  Empowerment  Opportunity  Giving Back  Character  Leadership 4

5  “Achievement In Every Field Of Human Endeavor.” – Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc.  “Opportunity for Wisdom, Wisdom for Culture.” – Sigma Lambda Beta, Fraternity, Inc.  “Women Enriched through Lifelong Friendship.” – Alpha Omicron Pi Sorority 5

6  “Building Balanced Leaders for the World's Communities.” – Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity  “Sisters of Diversity, Together as ONE.” – Theta Nu Xi Sorority, Inc.  “Greater Service, Greater Progress.” - Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. 6

7  Fraternities Houses and Off-Campus Houses are the safest place to party.  Everyone knows our values.  We are the only leaders on the campus.  The institution would not exist without us.  Everyone knows that we have risk management policies and procedures. 7

8  “Party themes are awesome!!!!”  “We’ve always done it this way.”  “The less clothes the better.”  “Alcohol provided…enough said.”  “Nothing bad ever happens at our events.”  “People who complain that our parties are degrading should shut up because they are jealous are not invited.” 8

9  If all you knew about fraternity and sorority life was written on t-shirt, in headline, a facebook picture, or a theme for a party you over heard this would be a tame version of what you would see and all you would be known for… 9

10 10

11  Party Information  In order to come to the party you must be dressed in the appropriate attire if you are wearing pants you will not be admitted to the event.  Make sure to be creative and remember less is more.  If your struggling to figure it out plastic wrap is a good place to start. 11

12 12

13  Instructions  In order to come to this party you must be wearing red, green, or yellow like a traffic light.  If you are wearing red it means you are taken and not available to get down.  If you are in yellow it mean your potentially open but not going to get down with just any one.  If you are in green it means that you are here for the party and whoever ends up with you at the end of the night is sure to be lucky. 13

14 14

15  The formal will be for the whole weekend.  Every couple will have there own hotel room.  So if the house is a rocking don’t bother knocking.  Every date must bring a fully loaded cooler with all supplies needed for the weekend.  If you are not of age someone will buy for you because no goes thirsty this weekend.  Don’t forget your Sunscreen. 15

16 16

17  The annual red and gold event is here and will be held downtown at the club.  The event is not officially in are name, but don’t worry all your favorite organizations will be there.  Remember don’t be shy and the less you wear the better.  We will also have are famous red punch flowing all night to help you get extra cozy. 17

18 18

19  How do these things make you feel?  What do you think is the perception of a fraternity and sorority based on what you saw?  Which of the shirts or themes bothered you the most? 19

20  Why are event themes important and chooses them?  What types of themes do we like to use?  How are messages regarding event themes conveyed to members?  Why do members choose to dress proactively or inappropriately for these events?  Do we pressure or encourage members to dress in a manner that is uncomfortable for them intentionally or unintentionally? 20

21  When planning a theme you should ask the following :  Does the event theme address gender roles appropriately?  Is it asking members to dress in a manner that is not consistent with the organization’s values?  Is the attire intentionally or unintentionally going to make members or those attending uncomfortable?  Would my council advisor and/or chapter advisor approve of the theme?  Does theme confer that there are intended outcomes or expectations that will occur at the event?  If this theme is all that anyone would know about my organization would I be comfortable with it?  Will my organization be embarrassed by photos on facebook? 21

22  It is your turn now to plan an event theme.  The event theme should include the following:  A title for the event.  An a event description.  Suggested attire for those in attendance.  Remember to be creative and add any other things that may be occurring at the event in the description. 22

23  Speak up and say something!  Establish a committee that collectively works on developing event descriptions and theme for the organization to choose from.  Stop allowing events that have inappropriate themes happen.  Be your brothers/sisters keeper and help them make good choices when dressing-up for an event.  Have your governing council and/or organization develop guidelines for event themes.  Be creative and think about your events. 23

24  Ask the had questions when considering social event themes.  Do not allow inappropriate social event themes.  Hold members accountable for their actions.  Make expectations for social events and themes clear. 24

25 Thousands of students including yourself have voluntarily taken an oath to uphold certain values and strive to be better than average for life. 25

26  “The Party Continues! – Substance Free Recruitment and Social Ideas.” Delta Chi Fraternity. files/PartyContinues_09-05.pdf  “Alcohol-Free Social Events.” Phi Delta Theta Fraternity. awareness/fraternity-resources/AFHSocial.pdf awareness/fraternity-resources/AFHSocial.pdf  99 Small Activity Ideas – Phired Up! Productions 26

27 For more information or support please contact: USC&A Fraternity & Sorority Life Office 907 Floyd Ave., Room 014 Richmond, VA 23284 Phone: (804) 828-4685 Email: Web: 27

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