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Beta Gamma State Leadership Workshop Living, Learning, and Leading in the 21 st Century April 16 – 17, 2010.

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1 Beta Gamma State Leadership Workshop Living, Learning, and Leading in the 21 st Century April 16 – 17, 2010

2 Need to have a meeting with your committee Gather members to plan an event SKYPE allows a virtual face to face meeting or Gather a small group to talk about your next gathering

3 Communicate with others 24/7 anywhere in the world Turns your computer into an Internet phone “SKYPE to SKYPE” calls and Video calls are available in SKYPES free version

4 A computer with high speed Internet connection Speakers and/or headphones A webcam and a microphone (most webcams come with a built in microphone)

5 Download SKYPE ( Install the download Create a Skype account Fill in the public information in your profile, don’t forget to add DKG and your chapter to the About Me section

6 Get your members to download the software Create accounts Then add those people as new contacts to your Contact List So go ahead, click the green button and call someone you have added to your list

7 My SKYPE name is mfcollins46 add me to your Contact List Now let me SKYPE a Delta Kappa Gamma member

8 Beta Gamma State Leadership Workshop Living, Learning, and Leading in the 21 st Century April 16 – 17, 2010

9 with


11 International’s Criteria A light colored or white background must be used The geographic name must be used in the Header Web safe fonts The Purposes must be listed The Mission Statement must be displayed Each web page dated for latest revision No direct advertising/solicitation Written consent obtained for any addresses, telephone/fax listed on website Written consent obtained for news and/or pictures of an individual group Written consent obtained for any copyrighted materials. Due credit provided on website Information current updated at least quarterly Information must be of sufficient scope to reflect chapter/state

12 Organizing In your Documents folder Put folder named DKGak(chapter name) Inside put another folder named Graphics Go to International’s site: Click Library DKG Graphics Select some to use

13 Your Home Page that you can now change At the top you have 4 TABS. Elements, Designs, Pages, Settings Lets Click the Designs TAB

14 Hold mouse over a design and you see it on your page Use the arrows on the side to scroll through the choices Put your mouse on the one you want to use Now click the Elements TAB. Here you add Paragraph with Titles, Paragraph with Picture, Picture, Title, Paragraph, Two Column Layout.

15 Now Click on the Pages TAB Click add a New Page Name the Page Show in Navigation (Yes) SAVE or Cancel

16 Put A Picture On Click the Elements TAB Click Picture and DRAG down into page

17 Put a Picture on You get this icon Click to select the Picture on your Hard Drive

18 Put a Picture on Click to select Picture on your Hard Drive The Red square enlarges

19 Now that we have gone through the 4 TABS it’s time to start working on your Chapter’s Website.

20 Seven Purposes To unite women educators of the world in a genuine spiritual fellowship. To Honor women who have given or who evidence a potential for distinctive service in any field of education To advance the professional interest and position of women in education To initiate, endorse and support desirable legislation of other suitable endeavors in the interests of education and of women educators.

21 Seven Purposes To endow scholarships to aid outstanding women educators in pursuing graduate study and to grant fellowships to women educators from other countries To stimulate the personal and professional growth of members and to encourage their participation in appropriate programs of action To inform the members of current economic, social, political and educational issues so that they may participate effectively in a world society

22 Mission Statement The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International promotes professional and personal growth of women Educators and excellence in education.

23 Finished Editing Now click Publish then X Close Publish updates your site with the new information

24 At the top right click Logout

25 Now, how do I get back to my page to work on it later?

26 Open your browser and go to and login

27 Click on Edit Site

28 You want your chapter to view your work. What do I tell them? Tell them to go to:

29 If you run into a problem you can use the Weebly’s Support.

30 Certified Link Request Form Go to International Click on Library then This is an interactive form that you submit directly to International Click on Certified Link Request Form (needs to be done each year) [Starting August 2010 a $15 one time charge for your link takes effect When approved your site is listed in the Chapter Links] Beta Gamma State – Alaska Email Marlin letting her know you have published your Chapter page and she will include it as a link on Beta Gamma – States page.

31 If you have any questions just email me

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