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Recruitment 365 Rob Kairis Convention 2008. Are you up to the challenge?

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1 Recruitment 365 Rob Kairis Convention 2008

2 Are you up to the challenge?

3 Do you know what you want?

4 What does recruitment 365 mean to you?

5 Static Recruitment Recruiting the “ways we always have” Recruiting mostly through rush week Recruiting to sustain the status quo of chapter, not to help it grow and thrive

6 Are We Practicing Static Recruitment? Does your chapter have: –Brothers who mostly hate recruitment –The same events every year (food + something fun) –A plateau in recruitment class sizes or a steady decline –High drop out rate of new members after the first week or two

7 The Answer Is… If you answered yes to one or more of those than the answer is…YES Don’t feel bad, most fraternities practice this and don’t even realize it Our chapters don’t have the luxury of a huge social budget or a well established name

8 Think Back… Before college, what fraternities did you know? –Was it: Sig Ep, SAE, Delta Chi or PIKE(A)? What kind of guys want to join these houses? Who are you recruiting through over-the- top parties and events? Why didn’t you join them? Why Pi Lam?

9 On The Way Out Even though their recruitment methods worked for years, these fraternities are on the decline The incoming freshman don’t necessarily want this same experience They want something more like: brotherhood, philanthropy and scholarship

10 So what do we do? If it doesn’t work for them, what will work for us?

11 Dynamic Recruitment The fraternities and chapters that adopt this new philosophy are the ones thriving Dynamic recruitment helps: –Brothers enjoy recruitment –Get to know potentials better to eliminate the drop out once New Member Ed begins –Recruit leaders to make your chapter grow and thrive

12 What exactly is Dynamic Recruitment? System where potentials are met through small “personal” events Once you meet them, they are put on a Master List of potentials You bring them out to rush week ALREADY knowing all about them You offer a bid: -If yes, then they become a new member - If no, then they get put back on the Master List

13 5 Steps for Effective Recruitment 1.Make them your friend 2.Introduce them to your friends 3.Introduce them to the fraternity 4.Formally offer a bid (rush week) 5.Close the deal (become new member)

14 Personal Events Personal events are exactly that: personal Usually no money to set up these events and only a little planning Some examples: –Pick up games of sports in the gym –Poker games in the freshman dorm rooms –Assist in tutoring a freshman level class –Summer move in help/tour guide

15 Personal Events Continued These events can be done year round, they key is to remembering the 5 steps of effective recruitment: –Not till the third step do you introduce them to the fraternity Almost never wear letters or talk about Pi Lam around them They want to buy in, not be sold on something

16 Advantages of Personal Events Brothers can do something they enjoy and are comfortable with More personal situations so you get to know the potential better Cuts down on excuses and issues stopping potentials from joining

17 Master List Simply a list accessible to everyone in your chapter that has contact information for potentials If they’re on the Master List and no a freshman anymore, they could still be interested! –Only way you take anyone off is if they leave the University or went Greek for another organization

18 Recruitment (Rush) Week All events will be in this format: –Food and Fun Event Nothing wrong with big events, just think of who you’re marketing to Great way to seal the deal with potentials Can get some last minute new guys, but AT LEAST half the class should already be set

19 Small vs. Large What’s the difference, besides size, of a small (personal) and large (rush week) event? –In a small event you go to THEM –In a large event they go to YOU The best guys won’t necessarily come to you, you must go to them

20 The Bid Is Out If they accept then you have a new member –Don’t forget to encourage him to bring out his friends If they don’t accept, then they get put back on the list and you continue to invite them out to smaller events –Friends will always have more friends to meet

21 Questions?

22 Romano Muniz and Phil Spence from FL Delta

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