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Introduction to Panhellenic Recruitment 2010-2011 Go Greek!

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1 Introduction to Panhellenic Recruitment 2010-2011 Go Greek!

2 Before We Discuss Rules… Potential New Members (PNMs) Informal Recruitment is a time for PNMs to become familiar with every sorority and the women in it Violation of rules are subject to Panhellenic judicial action Remember that the Honor System applies to ALL aspects of student life, including Panhellenic Recruitment

3 Rules 1.Slander and inappropriate promotion of a sorority are unacceptable and forbidden. 2.No social activities between sorority members and PNMs on Mondays and Tuesdays. 3.Alcohol should not be a part or focus of activity between sorority women and PNMs, including activities or events related to extracurricular groups.

4 Rules 4.PNMs are not permitted in the sorority house or the designated ADPi hall other than during Panhel sponsored events. 5.No PNMs may be present at a closed party hosted by a sorority, including but not limited to theme parties cohosted with fraternities. 6.A member of a sorority may not give or buy anything for a PNM.

5 Rules 7. Biological sisters can continue normal sibling relationships without boundaries, although older sisters must obey Panhellenic rules in the presence of other PNMs. 8. Men should not be involved in recruitment. 9. There may be at most, one more sorority member than PNM on sorority outings. PNMs can outnumber sorority women without restriction.

6 Rules 10. Sorority women should not contact or talk to a PNM about sorority recruitment from the time they leave campus after Fall Term finals end until Bid Night. 11. No chapter member may promise or imply the promise of a bid. 12. Any text or photo that displays a violation of these rules will be subject to review.

7 Rho Gammas Rho Gamma: a.k.a rho gam; recruitment counselor who has disaffiliated from her sorority in order to guide PNMs through the recruitment process No chapter has to have a certain number of rho gams PNMs will be split into groups which will then be assigned a rho gam in November Although the Panhellenic Executive Committee will not be assigned to a hall, you can talk to us about anything Look for Go Greek buttons and don’t hesitate to ask us questions!

8 Formal Recruitment January 10-January 13, 2011 Bid Night…January 14, 2011!

9 Open House Night Monday, January 10 6 Houses Purpose – Introduce PNMs to each chapter and sorority life Attire – Wear jeans, casual top or shirt Think about… – Which chapters would I like to return to in order to get to know the women better?

10 Skit Night Tuesday, January 11 4 Houses Max Purpose – To display sisterhood and chapter achievements through a skit and conversation Attire – Nice pants and a dressy casual top – Keep in mind you may be sitting on the floor! Think about… – How do the chapters’ activities and personalities fit with my interests and values?

11 Sisterhood/Philanthropy Night Wednesday, January 12 3 Houses Max Purpose – To show and discuss with PNMs philanthropy, sisterhood, and programming opportunities in each chapter Attire – Wear a nicer skirt or pants and a dressier top Think about… – How does each house’s sisterhood seem unique?

12 Preference (Pref) Night Thursday, January 13 2 Houses Max Purpose – Show PNMs what it truly means to be a chapter member and a sister – Allow PNMs to see at which house they are most comparable Attire – Cocktail dress/Semiformal Think about… – Where did I connect most with the sisters? – Would I be happy being actively involved in this chapter for the rest of college and beyond?

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