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Skeletal and Muscular System

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1 Skeletal and Muscular System

2 Skeletal System Interacts with muscular system for movement of the body Coordinated by nervous system


4 What is Cartilage? Cartilage is connective tissue that is more flexible than bone Cushions bones

5 Cartilage

6 Bones 1. Supports body 2. Protects Organs
3. Produce new red blood cells in the bone marrow

7 Bones 4. Enables you to move
5. Stores certain materials until your body needs them.

8 The 26 small bones that make up the backbone
Vertebrae The 26 small bones that make up the backbone


10 What is a Joint? A joint is the place where two bones come together
Joints help the skeleton move the body.

11 What are the two kinds of joints in the body?
The two kinds of joints in the body are immovable and movable joints

12 What are the two main immovable joints in our bodies?
Bones of the skull Joints that attach the ribs to the sternum

13 Immovable Joint

14 Where It’s Found in the Body
Joint Kind of Motion Where It’s Found in the Body Hinge Forward or backward motion Knee Elbow Ball-&-Socket Greatest range of motion Shoulder Blade Hips Pivot One bone to rotate around another Neck Gliding One bone to slide over another Wrist Ankles

15 When do bone cells form new bone tissue?
New bone tissue forms to fill the gap between the broken ends of the bone.

16 Ligaments The bones in movable joints are held together by strong connective tissues is called LIGAMENTS Connect bone to bone

17 Ligaments

18 Tendons Attach muscles to bones

19 Marrow The spaces in bone that contain a soft connective tissue is called MARROW

20 Bone Marrow

21 Muscles Motion of organs Locomotion of Body Interacts with all organ systems causing movement of tissues and organs

22 Muscular System



25 3 Types of Muscles

26 Skeletal Muscles Type of striated muscle, attached to the skeleton.
Facilitate movement, by applying force to bones and joints; via contraction. Contract voluntarily, although they can contract involuntarily.

27 Skeletal Muscle

28 Cardiac Muscle Type of striated muscle found within the heart.
Function is to "pump" blood through the circulatory system by contracting

29 Cardiac Muscle

30 Smooth Muscle Type of non-striated muscle, found in organs blood vessels, the bladder, the uterus, and the digestive system

31 Smooth Muscle


33 Arthritis Painful Inflammation of freely movable joints.
Immune system attacks tissues around joints Symptom stiffening & swelling



36 Gout Systemic disease (throughout body) Build up of uric acid
Settles in joints causing inflammation and swelling



39 Tendonitis Inflammation in the tendons

40 A condition in which the body’s bones become weak and break easily
Osteoporosis A condition in which the body’s bones become weak and break easily



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