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13.2 The Skeletal system.

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1 13.2 The Skeletal system

2 Functions of the Skeletal system
5 major functions: Provides shape and support Enables you to move Protects your organs Produces blood cells Stores minerals and other materials until your body needs them.

3 Shape and support Skeleton determines the shape of your body
Vertebral column (backbone) is the center of the skeleton

4 Movement and protection
Your skeleton allows you to move. Muscles pull on the bones to make the body move. Bones protect the organs : brain, heart, lungs Production and storage of substances Makes blood cells Stores minerals such as calcium and phosphorus

5 Joints of the skeleton Joints allow bones to move in different ways.
Some joints do not move – immovable joints (skull) Movable joints Hinge joints Ball and socket joint Pivot joint Sliding joint


7 The bones in movable joints are held together by strong connective tissues called ligaments.
Cartilage, another connective tissue, covers the ends of the bones and keeps them from rubbing against each other.

8 Bones- Strong and Living
Bones grow and develop

9 Taking care of your bones
Diet: Calcium and phosphorus – keeps the bones strong Dairy products, green vegetables Exercise: moving around makes your bones stronger and denser

10 Osteoporosis: a condition in which the body’s bones become weak and break easily.













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