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Skeletal System.

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1 Skeletal System

2 system responsible for providing shape and support for the body, protection for internal organs, and production of blood cells

3 Function of Bones

4 provide support and shape, provide place for attachment of muscle, and to produce blood cells

5 Cartilage

6 soft, flexible tissue found at the ends of bones, ears, nose and other areas of the body.

7 Ligaments

8 a band of tissue that connect bone to bone

9 Tendon

10 connect bones to muscles

11 Bone

12 made of minerals such as calcium, they move when skeletal muscle attached to them contract or get shorter, and, larger ones produce blood cells in the marrow

13 Joints

14 a place where two or more bones meet

15 Ball and Socket Joint

16 Examples include the hip and the shoulder
very mobile, the end of one bone is shaped like a ball, the end of the other bone is shaped like a cup, the “ball” sits in the “cup” and is able to rotate. Examples include the hip and the shoulder

17 Hinge Joint

18 one bone moves like a door swinging on its hinges.
Examples: elbow and the knee

19 Pivot Joint

20 a bone rotates or “pivots” around another; we have pivot joints in our arms, and at the base of our skull

21 Gliding Joint

22 bones “glide” past each other; we have them in our wrists and feet

23 Muscular System

24 the system responsible for providing movement in our body
the system responsible for providing movement in our body. Movement occurs by the muscles getting shorter (contracting) and relaxing

25 Skeletal Muscles

26 muscles that make our bones move, they make our bones move by getting contracting and pulling on the bones. These muscles are voluntary.

27 Cardiac Muscles

28 muscle found in the heart, These muscles are involuntary

29 Smooth Muscle

30 muscle found in many internal organs, including the digestive system and blood vessels. These muscles are involuntary.

31 Voluntary Muscles

32 muscles that you consciously think about using in order to get them to work – the skeletal muscles are these

33 Involuntary Muscles

34 muscles that you do not have to think about using – smooth and cardiac muscle are this type

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