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LOGO HWEI SHENG LUH 回生 露 The Only Prizewinning Invention Of “The 2nd Taiwan Top Ten Outstanding Inventors” Health Care Products NATURALHEALTHPOWERFUL.

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1 LOGO HWEI SHENG LUH 回生 露 The Only Prizewinning Invention Of “The 2nd Taiwan Top Ten Outstanding Inventors” Health Care Products NATURALHEALTHPOWERFUL

2 Dr. Chen & HWEI SHENG LUH The ingenious engineer Dr. Chen invented HWEI SHENG LUH

3 Famous electronic engineer Dr. Tze-yuan Chen rescued himself by “HWEI SHENG LUH ", which also helped his relatives and friends. Recently, “HWEI SHENG LUH " has been verified by the commodity inspection bureau and the board of health, approved using it as the food. The product has been commercialized, which lets more people profit, and builds up our confidence. We believed that " HWEI SHENG LUH " will become extremely worthy studying and developing as the development of biotechnology. " HWEI SHENG LUH " always have a great mystery, because its effect has been greatly overstated. But now the product benefits the people as a kind of food. Also it becomes the only prizewinning invention of “the 2nd Taiwan Top Ten Outstanding Inventors” Health Care Products On March 18, 2007, from which it sets the pace in biotechnology development. Dr. Chen was granted the National Glory Medal on October 22 nd for his HWEI SHENG LUH, which is the top honor of Taiwanese. Taiwanese Miracle the National Glory Medal

4 The product was developed on the basis of scientific principles (electrons and cell biology) as well as life philosophy with vast investments in time and money. The ingredients include extracts of rare plants from four seasons. HWEI SHENG LUH is very beneficial for health improvement. One of Taiwan’s miracles, which combine the efforts of biotechnology and scientific breakthroughs, is now available to help humans to a better life. Biotechnology Product —— HWEI SHENG LUH

5 Approval Documentation Of The Copyright

6 Dr. Chen Was Granted The National Glory Medal on October 22 nd,2006 The Top Honor Of Taiwanese

7 Approval Documentation Of The 2 nd Taiwan Top Ten Outstanding Inventors

8 HWEI SHENG LUH HWEI SHENG LUH——The Only Prizewinning Invention Of “The 2nd Taiwan Top Ten Outstanding Inventors” Health Care Products

9 News From Taiwan Media HWEI SHENG LUH—— The Only Rewarded Invention Of The 2nd Taiwan Top Ten Outstanding Inventors’ Health Care Products

10 HWEI SHENG LUH The President Of Legislative Yuan Jinping Wang Gave An Interview To Dr. Chen For The Great Invention—— HWEI SHENG LUH

11 HWEI SHENG LUH The President Of Legislative Yuan Jinping Wang Gave A Praise To HWEI SHENG LUH

12 HWEI SHENG LUH Inscription From The Subdecanal Present Of Examination Yuan Jiawen Yao For HWEI SHENG LUH

13 HWEI SHENG LUH The Diploma From The Incumbent Mayor Of Taipei Longbin Hao For HWEI SHENG LUH

14 Dr. Chen’s Experiences & Inventions In 1965 invented the FM radio. In 1967 invented the wireless intercom. In 1970 invented the electronic calculator. In 1970 invented the data encryption — electronic lock. In 1975 developed the electronic watch. In 1977 invented the wireless electronic remote controller. In 1979 invented electronic eavesdropping pen and power source eavesdropping devices In 1990 invented the biotechnology product “HWEI SHENG LUH“.

15 HWEI SHENG LUH Dr. Chen Invented HWEI SHENG LUH To Rescue Himself Taiwan electronics industry famous engineer Dr. Chen was still the head of several electronic factories, but he gave the stuffs to the others and hurled himself into the development of “HWEI SHENG LUH ”, which even rescued himself twice. Because Dr. Chen manages the enterprise at daytime, and concentrates on researching and development at night, the whole body has been damaged. He gets the B hepatitis, the hypertension, the apoplexy, the heart disease, the dementia, the presbyopia, the kidney decline, forgettery and so on. He really almost dead. Then Dr. Chen Invented “HWEI SHENG LUH” to rescue himself.

16 1.The product contains alcohol of a non-hazardous level and can be consumed as a nutritional supplement. 2.For people who never drink, the product may cause nausea for the first 2 or 3 days of using the product. 3.People with gout problem might experience increasing pain in the first 1 or 2 months of using the product. Please seek medical help about pain relief if the pain becomes excruciating. 4.People who have heart problems with high blood pressure will experience a slight increase of blood pressure at the beginning, and also feel invigorated at the same time. The blood pressure will return back to its previous level after 1 month of continuous consumption. Notice

17 5.People who have had strokes in the past will first experience a slight increase of blood pressure, which will recover after 3 days. If there were major artery clogs and/or damage diagnosed in the past, an overwhelming pain is expected to occur during the first 7~15 days of the use. Seeking medical help for pain relief is recommended under the circumstances. However, the pain will only last about 4~16 hours. For people with serious small blood vessel blockage, they might experience excruciating headache for 1 to 2 hours. For patients with only minor small blood vessel blockage as in Alzheimer disease, Parkinson’s disease and mild stroke will not feel any discomfort at all. 6.Please drink the product according to your own health conditions. Generally it is recommended to consume 2~3 ml in 3~30 minutes. Don’t use electric fan if the patient get sweat while using the product. Notice

18 7.When using the product, please do not drink tap water or “energized water”, and please eat one meal a day. For the best result to improve health, one is only allowed 3 portions of boiled water a day and no meal. 8.Please do not use pillow during sleep when using the product for better blood circulation. The product is very beneficial for people with curved spines. It is also very effective in invigorating. 5 minutes rest with the use of it amounts to 3 hours of sleep without it. 9.For patients who have terminal tumor cancer lean by haemachrome to cell activation, “Acute Hepatitis (HSI higher than 1000), Blood Cancer, Liver Cancer” it is recommended to use the product 3~5 ml at an interval of 2~5 minutes, limit the consumption of water to only 2 times a day and eat one meal (at most) a day. One bottle can sustain for 1 ~1.5 days. To reach a full recovery, 20 bottles are needed. For people who also have heart problems and who are older than 45, it is recommended to continuously drink the concentrated HWEI SHENG LUH for 2~3 ml at an interval of 5~20 minutes. Notice

19 10.The product is not effective for cold syndromes. Please do not drink it during a cold. 11.The product is effective to treat chronic insomnia. Users will start to experience sound sleep after using the product for 1~15 days. Users will feel energized thereafter and gain great physical fitness. 12.For patients with paralysis caused by neural system- blood vessel damages, it is normal to experience persistent trembling during the first 7~20 days of use. The trembling will go away eventually after 5 bottles are consumed consistently. 13.People who have chronic diseases caused by aging or other cellular dysfunctions such as diabetes, stroke, dementia and gout will experience a drastic improvement of their health condition after several bottles. However, they might find their legs are experiencing tenderness at the same time, which is normal for a body which is undergoing a activating process. The discomfort in the legs will go away after 3~6 months. Notice

20 14.The product might cause vomiting and/or diarrhea and /or pain in the bowel area because of the toxins accumulated in the GI tract from medication over the years. Excretion (urine and feces) might have very unpleasant odor, which is a sign of toxins being excluded from the body, and is normal. 15.For people with liver cancer, cirrhosis and suppressed liver functions, it is normal to experience extreme itchiness when first drinking the product. Please use a soothing balm for itch relieving. 16.Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) and herpes patients will experience increasing rashes when first drinking. The rashes will disappear after 1~2 weeks of consistent usage. 17.Male users should refrain from frequent sexual intercourse during the period of usage. 18.Cancerous tumors which have been treated by chemotherapy or electrotherapy will not be invigorated back to normal cells. On the contrary, they will be decomposed as pustules and excreted outside the body. Notice

21 19.For asthma and perennial coughing patients, the product will persist coughing by cell activation, by using asthma product after easing up will be gradually to normal. 20.In particular for recuperate patients with hepatocirrhosis and liver cancer, suggesting using 1-2 bottles every 1-2 years. 21.After open the bottle, please closed the lip immediately. 22.For weakness patients will be addicted to sleep for about 2 months. Prohibit injecting high protein nutrition while taking this product. 23.Prohibit injecting high protein nutrition while taking this product.Precautions: For patients who have terminal cancer or acute hepatitis (HSI higher than 2000), continuous use for 1 month (about 5 bottles) will significantly lower the HSI back to 100~200. After being reversed back to normal cell metabolism the tumor lumps will within 3 to 12 months either disappear or revert to normal size (for average size 10 cm tumor). Notice

22 FUNCTION Heart disease Immediate improvement or after about a month Asthms 、 SARS Three to fifteen days Hypertension Condition Will improve after a month Mucopolysaccharide Disease Seven days to a month Parkinson’s About a month Memory loss About days to a month Paralysis About a month Bony Spur About days to a month AIDS About a month Insomnia About days to a month Cancer About one to two months Post natal One to fifteen days Alzheimer’s disease About a month Gout Two Months Persistent Vegeative State About a month Sexual Function Together with sexual abstinence Frequent Urination Seven days Stomach ache Five minutes Radiation Exposue Seven days Malnutrition After seven days Nocturia Three days Arthritis Two months Daibetes Seven days to three months For beauty purpose After seven days Osteoporosis About two months Uremia After two months Various soreness and numbness About a month For prevention of aging Keep active Frozen shoulder Fifteen days to a month

23 Over the years of testing and follow-ups, it has been proved that by supplying adequate nutrition, human bodies will recover to their optimal condition by 85%. The inventor of “HWEI SHENG LUH” is an electrical engineer who does not have medical training. He developed the product according to the theory of electrons and the notion that nuclei have positive charges while cell membranes are being negatively charged. He concluded the sustaining of healthy cells after aged cells die (caused by assaults of free radicals as a recently found culprit in medical science) requires energy. Waste and cell debris, if not appropriately processed by the body, might result in skin darkening, blood clots or tumors. And it is the major cause of aging-related health problems. “HWEI SHENG LUH” can reverse this life- weakening process. However, not being marketed as a medical product and hence not being able to be recommended by physicians as a formal treatment, “HWEI SHENG LUH” can only be reached by those who happen to come across this wonderful product. Conclusion

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25 Test Reports


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