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Unlock your creative and visionary capabilities and discover a new paradigm for success By Susie Vergers.

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1 Unlock your creative and visionary capabilities and discover a new paradigm for success By Susie Vergers

2 How many ways to use a brick wall fence deck house 5.pave road, path mailbox 7.bookend 8.pave patio, courtyard 9.doorstop 10. p aperweight 11. w eapon 12. i nsect swatter 13. b allast 14. b oat anchor 15. d umbbell 16. h old down cloth & plastic

3 What is Creativity? phenomenon whereby person creates something new bringing an idea to life artistic = being artsy or having ability to create art uses imagination and vision

4 You are Creative old paradigm ~ creative potential new paradigm ~ creative performance low creativity vs high creativity ~ jobs, people, moments

5 Typical Organisational Thinking main track  low creativity  logical, analytical  operational  tends to reproduce  avoids unknown new track o high creativity o innovative, lateral o big picture, long term o seeks the new, unique o embraces unknown

6 Creativity: in the eye of the beholder define creativity for your organisation = right mindset+ fresh ideas +new choices++ agree when main track & new track used ensure aligned to org vision, values, goals “creative accounting!” not a compliment

7 Creativity needs fertile ground seek fresh perspectives, challenge status quo self initiated & organisation initiated start team project board, mix up routines provide time, diverse stimuli & tools playful & purposeful not change for sake of change

8 It all starts with curiosity right mindset vs right technique consider from different perspectives generate large quantity of possiblities from massive quantity comes quality experiment with techniques

9 Consider common themes what else can we build? 17. flowerpot 18. retaining wall 19. shelving 20. barbeque 21. fireplace 22. shelving 23. outdoor bar 24. outhouse 25. hothouse 26. v ault 27. art installation

10 Consider common attributes to inspire new focus.... hard, heavy, durable, rectangular, compact, several colours, holds heat 28. build a pizza oven 29. build a pottery kiln 30. mount a grill at your camp site 31. plate to protect surface from hot pan 32. foot warmer 33. window breaker in a fire

11 Brainstorming use random words from a list pet above fire money old fish doctor 34. build a dog kennel 35. stairway 36. u se to light a match 37. e ngraved paver for fundraising 38. pyramid 39. aquarium stand 40. line an X-ray room

12 SING in your own VOICE don’t need big ideas just your* ideas real power in the unexpected share your thinking & ask for what you need raise self esteem & creativity much easier spend time around creative people

13 Power of imagination “imagination is the beginning of creation, you imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine & at last you create what you will” go beyond words & the sensible

14 Your Imagination & The Brick 41.fair exchange for 2 half bricks 42.pillow shared house reserve fridge space for milk when forgot to buy 44.pendant/jewellery 45.igloo building blocks 47.candelabra 48.printing stencil 49.heavy duty postcard 50.improvised cruise control so driver can get vital objects from boot

15 ideas first step.... Next bring to life show & tell - prototypes, samples, trials recognise needs of different environs your role to build momentum understand originator vs user

16 Be visionary identify what you REALLY want ~ from life, work, career, project etc do it for yourself work with what interests you when you know what’s important focus on it say what you think even if controversial

17 Champion creativity stay open be creative in profession & everything adopt right mindset, make new choices * embrace new paradigm remember the brick

18 Your Turn Thank you for your time & energy today...Create Well, Create Often...

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