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An Experiential Team Challenge Nestle Team Build 22 nd March 2014.

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1 An Experiential Team Challenge Nestle Team Build 22 nd March 2014

2 Insights - Four Colour Energies On a good day … Competitive Demanding Determined Strong-willed Purposeful Driver Sociable Dynamic Demonstrative Enthusiastic Persuasive Expressive Caring Encouraging Sharing Patient Relaxed Amiable Cautious Precise Deliberate Questioning Formal Analytical

3 Insights - Four Colour Energies On a bad day … Aggressive Controlling Driving Overbearing Intolerant Excitable Frantic Indiscreet Flamboyant Hasty Docile Bland Plodding Reliant Stubborn Stuffy Indecisive Suspicious Cold Reserved


5 Your personal energy mix.... Energies above the half way point are most evident Special focus on the most and least energies....

6 Your Preference Flow Look at your position on the Insights Wheel in your Discovery Profile

7 Your Preference Flow Graph I – the Conscious Persona that part of the personality where who we are interacts with who we are expected to be

8 Your Preference Flow Graph II – the Less Conscious Persona the more instinctive “you” the “you” when you are not controlling the way you present yourself to the world

9 Your Preference Flow (middle graph) the degree to which the public persona (who you see yourself to be) (Graph I) pulls you from your more instinctive “you” (Graph II) determines which preferences are currently having a major impact on your work style and which are having less

10 Strengths Good understanding of each other Very clear on objectives High energy Work hard, play hard ‘Social creativity’ Togetherness – very supportive Very open No ‘hidden agendas on big picture’ Huge experience and varied More NIM than anywhere else Hard working Deliver Think beyond SC Seen as best practice in the world Challenging Good succession planning Aspirational – people want to be on the SCLT! Huge degree of trust Welcoming to others Very open to change Take responsibility for problem-solving Pride Strong on process No blame culture (?) Youth and experience Gender balance Flexible, agile, adapt to change Good engagement

11 Blindspots Do not consistently use blend of preferences Need to generate a funnel of ideas and prioritise them Do not commit and then see through to the end Green leader – drive for harmony = procrastination (e.g. conference) Size of SCLT drives decisions out of the meeting Debate dominated by a number of individuals NIM vs NUK + CPUK Don’t communicate enough what we are doing Clicks within (pre-alignment) to decision (lobbying) FRG Transparency Insular – not too open to external SC input Lack of diversity of the team SCLT being demonised

12 Opportunities Define the purpose and role of the SCLT and focus (scope in NIM/ not in NIM) Define goal and then all align on one goal –Get subgroup to decide Good communication strategy  drive engagement –Immediate conference issue Align to engage the teams Agree how to manage FRG (linked to first action) –Paradigm shift needed (put people first and think diversity) External connectivity Diversity Long term visioning Share skillsets and learn from each other e.g. Ireland market Other No need to involve everyone in everything Get blend right for the right task Better understanding of each others’ perspective Call out behaviours/ challenge over indexing What is the right role/ size/ shape of the SCLT to best deliver – define this What are we about – what is our end game? E.g. in G.C. much more productive Use Insights diversity to deliver Engage the ‘outsider’

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