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Creativity, Getting serious with Roger von Oech’s Creative whack pack.

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1 Creativity, Getting serious with Roger von Oech’s Creative whack pack

2 Innovative organizations have come to realize That every person needs to contribute. And to some people it comes more naturally.. Some blame traditional forms of education for rewarding rational thinking and solutions over creative approaches. All agree that much more can be done to bring out our natural creativity.

3 It depends on where you start... Organizations tend to go for efficiency and see Creativity as chaotic! The real creative ideas originate hither and yon in the individual members of the staff and no one can tell in advance what they will be or where they will crop up. Frank B. Jewett (organizer and first head of Bell Labs )

4 "The things we fear most in organizations -- fluctuations, disturbances, imbalances -- are the primary sources of creativity." Margaret J. Wheatley Perhaps the tree metaphor will help to organise things From bottom up...

5 creativity flexibility efficiency effectiveness Growing up AFTER growing DOWN

6 doing RIGHT things well TOMORROW creativity flexibility efficiency effectiveness doing RIGHT things tomorrow doing things WELL doing the RIGHT things

7 And then there is the Whack Pack to create focus in this process (Comparable to the shite-model) analysis Inventive search Groundwork


9 The Explorer is your role for discovering the resources you'll use to create new ideas. The cards in the Explorersuit (blue and numbered 1-16) highlight places and ways to find new information.

10 Finding new ideas is like prospecting for Gold. If you look in the same old places, You’ll find tapped out veins. But if you Venture off the beaten path. You can’t see the Good ideas behind you by looking twice as Hard at what’s in front of you. Where else can You look for ideas ?

11 The Artist is your role for transforming Your resources into new ideas. The cards in the Artist suit (orange and numbered 17-32) provide you With idea-generating techniques.

12 When you don’t have a certain resource available (or want a change) you substitute. Indeed much of human progress is the result Of substituting one idea or thing for another: Words for grunts, tools for fingers, money for goods. What can you substitute?

13 The Judge is your role for evaluating an idea and deciding what to do with it. The cards in the Judge suit (green and numbered 33-48) lend decision-making advice

14 Be critical and sense what’s out of whack with the idea. Remember: you don't want to put a piece of garbage out in the world with your name on it. Why won’t the idea work? What’s lacking? What doesn’t feel right about the idea?

15 A handy tool for evaluating ideas, and not throwing away any

16 The Warrior is your role for implementing your idea. The cards in the Warriorsuit(red and numbered 49-64) give you the "kick" you need to get your ideas into action.

17 Much of the world has its defenses up to keep out new ideas. Thus, you need to become a warrior and do what's necessary to make your idea a reality. Sometimes this means fighting your way past the obstacles you encounter- As Yoda the Jedi Warrior put it, "Try? There is no try- There is only do or not do.” What resistance do you expect? How can you overcome it?

18 This Creativity Tool will enhance your creativity process by: breaking your routine patterns of thinking consistently inspiring breakthrough ideas enhancing traditional brainstorming methods surfacing the creative potential of all employees turbo-charging continuous improvement activities Have a go.....

19 Any suggestions for new combinations ?

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