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Manorvale Primary School Curriculum Day – Monday, 16th July, 2012.

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1 Manorvale Primary School Curriculum Day – Monday, 16th July, 2012


3 Finalising the Value Names with simplicity & consistency: Noun Noun Caring...verb Reaching...verb Are one word values/expectations better, easier to embed and remember? If so we could then perhaps have: A definition for each value would be provided to include compassion and safety in “Care” and explain that “Aspirations” means reaching for goals. While the sentiments of each of our values is now set, the wording of the last two still needs some work. RespectResponsibilityCaring & SafetyReaching For Your Goals ResponsibilityCare & SafetyReach For Your Goals Respect ResponsibilityCareAspirations

4 The Package Our Values/Expectations need to be packaged into an attractive, engaging, “student-friendly” theme. An acronym, symbol or emblem will help embed the values within our school and represent them to the wider community. At our first curriculum day, teams worked on these themes and some progress was made. These ideas are displayed around the room. Now that our values/expectations are finalised we can now try again to finalise our packaged theme. 1. Work in four groups – one representative from each PLT and one member of the SWPBS-EL Team where possible. 2. Use the four Values/Expectations to design your theme – be as creative as you can. 3. Each group will share their ideas at the end of this activity.

5 Hallway Trial At the last SWPBS-EL training day, school teams were asked to do a trial on a setting in the school to apply the school values/expectations. The matrix planning for “Hallways” is underway and we will be commencing this trial in about three weeks time. The trial may also include the Office area as a separate entity.

6 Hallway Trial Here is a sample of the matrix for the hallway so far. Note the positive statements of intent: “I...”: ValueHallways – Positive Behaviours Respect  I use normal voice volume  I walk  I respect property: my own and others  I pick up litter  I use kind words and actions  I follow directions given to me by a teacher or staff member  I use good manners – excuse me, pardon, please and thank you Responsibility  When I am going to the sick bay, I must be sent by a yard duty teacher and accompanied by one other person  I act responsibly in the hallways and understand that play should occur outside  I remind others to follow rules  I go to the toilets during class time with another student and stay together until returning to class  I report any problems I see Caring & Safety  I walk to the left  I keep the hallways clear at all times  When I am with my class, I will: -Walk in pairs in a line behind my teacher -Line up in single file to the left outside Library/Computer lab  I walk when entering or exiting doorways Reaching For Your Goals  I will be on time for my next class  I will return to class promptly to minimise lost lesson time

7 The School Matrix: Now that we have established our school values/expectations, we need to begin work on our Matrix where positive behaviours in each setting within the school are cross referenced against our values. On your tables there are some samples from other schools to help guide your thinking. 1. Deciding on the Settings: what are the settings we need to address? Brainstorm and decide how these can be grouped. (whole group) 2. Plot Positive Behaviours against One Setting: working in groups of 3-4 you will be given one setting from our Matrix and using the A3 paper provided, plot the positive behaviours for that setting against each of the Values/Expectations. Use the student voice – “I...” statements to elicit expected positive behaviours. 1. Each group will share their section of the Matrix for discussion.

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