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Welcome to Day 4! Please do the following…

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1 Welcome to Day 4! Please do the following…
Sign in and find your name tag. Help yourself to refreshments. Sit where there is a binder at the table with your district’s name on a table tent.

2 SVMI Coaching Institute Day 4
Comment Cards SVMI Coaching Institute Day 4

3 Daily Institute Schedule
8: :15 Problem Solving (Whole Group) 10:30 -11:50 AM Breakout Group (K-2, 3rd-4th, 5th-6th, 7th-Algebra, Lesson Study, Content Coaching) 12: :35 Lunch 12:35 -1:25 School Team Planning 1:35 - 3:00 PM Breakout Group

4 WHOLE GROUP AGENDA Community Agreements
Problem of the Month – WORK TIME Problem of the Month – STATUS POSTER & GALLERY WALK Problem of the Month– WORK TIME Closure

5 Reflecting on the Community Agreements
Based upon Monday through Wednesday’s work on the Problem of the Month, reflect upon the Community Agreements. What actions have you taken to support the Community Agreements? Identify one Community Agreement you might be more mindful of to work on today.

6 Problem of the Month Lyle’s Triangles

7 Lyle’s Triangles During this quiet think time,
if you are beginning this POM, please read all levels of the Problem of the Month. Think of clarifying questions you may have for your group. Think of possible strategies you might like to try to help you make sense of the problem. if you are continuing from yesterday, please review what you’ve done and thought about so far and identify what you will do next. 7

8 Lyle’s Triangles In your group…
Ask your clarifying questions of your group and share your ideas on possible strategies. Begin working on Level A. When you feel you have gone as deeply as possible on a level, go on to the next one. While working, keep note of which Mathematical Practices you are using. 8

9 STATUS POSTER A level you are still exploring……..
Select a Level of the POM you are still exploring. The focus of your “stand alone” poster should be on your processes so far and where you think you want to go next and/or questions/wonderings you have about this level. Remember to include words and visuals on your poster. Remember to justify or explain your processes you have used so far and why they make mathematical sense.

10 Gallery Walk Each group will display their poster.
Group members examine, explore, and review the other groups’ posters. Please be mindful of our Community Agreements, be respectful of the work others have done and the information shared. Return to your group to share the information learned from the other groups’ posters, identify next steps, and begin working again.

11 WRAP UP! Think about your work on Lyle’s Triangles and respond to the following… What were the big mathematical ideas being developed in this POM? What mathematical practices were you using as a learner and how do you know? What other “aha’s” or noticings you had and would like to remember?

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