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WELCOME TO RMES 2014/2015 Ready to Launch! RMES Handbook: Please view, read and discuss together!

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1 WELCOME TO RMES 2014/2015 Ready to Launch! RMES Handbook: Please view, read and discuss together!

2 Dear Parents and Students, The purpose of this handbook is to provide guidance and insight into the operation, procedures and expectations at Rocky Mountain Elementary. Much of the content within has been passed down to us and little has been altered for the time being. Read and review it with your child(ren) so that you are all aware of our rules and expectations. At RMES we care about your child and are committed to helping your child become a successful learner, friend and positively contributing citizen. Myself and James Lund (vp) are new to Elkford, the kids and staff. We have also been overseeing the building of our new school and our temporary facilities at ESS and the Banquet Hall. We’ve had to make many adjustments to accommodate the fact that our school won’t be ready. These extraordinary circumstances have been exacerbated by a delayed start up. We have a lot to learn from all stakeholders and will likely make mistakes. We will also likely make changes if necessary. We appreciate your patience and flexibility during these transitions, however, if at any time you wish to meet with us to discuss any concerns, please call the school at 865-4625 to make an appointment. Your child’s teacher is also available and can be reached at this same number or by email. Our staff, PAC and volunteers will endeavor to make Rocky Mountain Elementary School, the ”best little school anywhere!” In addition to the hard work our classroom teachers do, our school provides a wide range of fine arts courses, volunteer and club opportunities, athletics, fundraising and special events. I sincerely hope that your child(ren) have a successful year. Let’s work together to ensure a safe caring and orderly school where students have opportunities to excel and explore their personal interests. Sincerely, Mr. Dean Chandler, Principal Mr. James Lund, Vice-Principal

3 Lets strive to keep these in mind as we work together to engage students at home and school. We can also review these annually and make necessary changes as well as include new contributions from our RMES community. OUR SHARED MISSION, VISION AND VALUES MISSION STATEMENT The mission of Rocky Mountain Elementary School is to provide a quality education which will enable all students to reach their full potential within a caring environment. In achieving that end, we focus on the core subject areas, bully prevention, emotional-regulation and social/emotional competence. VISION STATEMENT The commitment of RMES is to provide successful learning experiences, which will enable students to become responsible members of society. VALUE STATEMENTS We value: Students and staff engaged in life-long learning. Opportunities for collaboration, cooperation and leadership for all learners. A positive, safe and happy learning environment. Respect for self, for others and for property.

4 Our school team will endeavor to make Rocky Mountain Elementary School Great! SCHOOL STAFF 2014-2015 ClassTeacher KMs. D. Nelson K/1Ms. P. Ross-Nelson 1Ms. Swail 1/2Ms. A. Nelson 2/3Ms. T. Roberts 3Ms. Madsen 3/4Ms. Bowker 4/5Ms. Wickens 5/6Mr. Lund/Chandler 6Mrs. L. Durand Library/Tech Ms. M. Hansen Fine Arts Ms. J. Foy Student Services Ms. D. Campbell CounselorTBA SUPPORT STAFF RoleName Speech/Language Pathologist Ms. A. Barbaro Speech/Language Assistant Ms. H. Peebles Principal Mr. D. Chandler Vice Principal Mr. James Lund SecretaryMs. S. Lemke Education Assistant Ms. Gloria Shiosaki Education AssistantMs. K. Reker Education Assistant Ms. S. Huisman Education AssistantMs. K. Osmachenko Youth Care Worker TBA Library Clerk Ms. R. Hooper Aboriginal Support Worker- TBA Noon-hour SupervisorsMs. K. Murray, Ms. C. Smith, Ms. J. Wenda CustodianMs. W. Ratudradra Custodian /Maintenance- Mr. D. Osmachenko Bus Driver Ms. G. Scott

5 RMES PAC The Parent Advisory Council (PAC) is the legally recognized voice of the parents (or guardians) in our school system. It is a partnership between the educators (school and school board), parents and students. Any parent who has a child enrolled in our school is a member of the PAC. Parents have the opportunity to participate in determining policies, services, achievement levels and enjoyment for their children at school. The School Planning Council (SPC) works with the principal to develop, monitor, and review the annual school plan. They help to shape and support the goals of the school. Presently the PAC helps to enhance your child’s school experience by providing such things as: school agendas, the hot lunch program, the milk and cookie program, the Welcome Back BBQ, the King and Queen of the Hill event, supporting science fair, reading club, purchasing of school uniforms, providing t-shirts for Kindergarten and new students, bringing in special guest performers and speakers (enhancing cultural education). The PAC’s fundraising efforts provide financial support for the goals determined by its members. It is our right and responsibility to share in the mission of educating our children. Meetings are the second Tuesday of each month September-June at 6:00 pm please check school newsletter for any changes. EVERYONE IS WELCOME to attend our meetings. Join us on Facebook - Rocky Mountain Elementary PAC for up to date information on current events and activities! 2014-2015 PAC Executive: Chair – Jennifer Gernon (250-865-4686) Vice Chair – Nicholle Auger Treasurer – Kim Bauer Secretary – Andrea Gagnon Fundraising – Denise Reker & Nicole Sharpe, Three for ME – Jamie Chamberlain SCHOOL PLANNING COUNCIL School District No. 5 (Southeast Kootenay) believes that parent involvement is important to provide the best possible education for students and to improve student success at school. Members of the School Planning Council include: the principal of the school three parent representatives

6 SCHOOL DAY SCHEDULE 8:00Secretary arrives 8:10First bus arrives 8:40Warning Bell-Students admitted into the school. 8:45Morning Registration/Classes begin. 11:21Lunch. 12:11Afternoon registration. 1:51Recess 2:06Classes resume 2:56Dismissal 3:07First bus leaves 3:35Second bus leaves 3:30Secretary leaves


8 RMES SUPPORT PROGRAMS In addition to the regular classroom instruction RMES provides a wide variety of assessments and services that address students who need additional supports Student Services Teacher: Denise Campbell LEARNING ASSISTANCE PROGRAM: Available for children who have specific difficulties in academic areas such as Language Arts and Mathematics. SPECIAL EDUCATION: Ms. Campbell along with the School Based Team (SBT) and parents develop individual educational programs (IEP) to meet the particular needs of each child enrolled in the program.

9 YOUTH CARE WORKER Provides direct and indirect support to teachers, administrators, parents, students, community and others in the management of behaviors which interfere with personal, educational and social growth. They work in cooperation with the School Based Team, Director of Instruction - Student Services, and the community. ABORIGINAL EDUCATION SUPPORT WORKER Provides direct and indirect support to teachers, administrators, parents, students and the community. Works in cooperation with the School Based Team, Director of Instruction – student services, the aboriginal community and other agencies to support aboriginal students. They also play a role in helping all students understand aboriginal history and culture. EDUCATIONAL ASSISTANT Provides direct and indirect supportto teachers in the implementation of educational programs for students.

10 SPEECH LANGAUGE PATHOLOGY – Amy Barbaro What do Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs) do? Within the school environment SLPs work with students, their families and the staff to support them with any communication difficulties they may have. Areas include: Articulation/pronouncing words clearly Expression of language (e.g. grammatical errors, short sentence length, vocabulary, word finding difficulties, etc.) Understanding of language (e.g. following instructions, vocabulary, retaining information, etc.) Stuttering Early literacy skills Use of language for social interaction Development of play skills Communication difficulties as a result of hearing loss Any communication difficulty is a barrier to education. Communication skills are essential for success in work and play. The speech-language Program at RMES Amy Barbaro, SLP is at RMES once or twice a week for the calendar year. Holly Peebles, SLP Assistant, is also at RMES once a week during the school year. Holly and Amy work with children individually, in small groups and in the classroom. Two speech pathology programs that are run across all schools in the district are also offered at RMES. These are the ‘Sound Connections’ program (an early literacy, speech and language program for kindergarten students) and the ‘Reference and Regulate’ program (for children with Autism).

11 HOSPITAL-HOMEBOUND Students who are away from school for ten (10) or more consecutive days because of illness may be eligible for home instruction. VISITORS TO THE SCHOOL Visitors are asked to check in at the office. Since class disruptions should be kept to a minimum, visitors are asked to leave messages or items brought to school at the office, complete with the student's name. Volunteers at Elkford Schools are requested to complete a criminal records check. This is a district initiative to ensure the safety of our children. Our temporary office is located in the main hall between the ESS office and staff room

12 BIKE RULES Note: It is the law that helmets are to be worn at all times, but it is the parents’ responsibility to enforce this. 1. No bikes are to be ridden on school property. 2. No one should be staying in the bike rack area. Bikes have been vandalized and injuries have resulted. Students are to drop their bike off and leave the bike rack area. SCOOTERS AND SKATEBOARDS Can be ridden to school but not on school property. We strongly encourage proper safety equipment (helmets and pads) but it is the parents’ responsibility to enforce this. If these modes of transportation are used on the school grounds they will be confiscated and brought to the office where parents will be requested to pick them up.

13 INJURIES, FIRST AID and MEDICAL ALERT Injuries and accidents during the year are inevitable. Our procedure for reporting and handling accidents or injuries is very thorough. All children injured while on the school grounds will receive immediate attention. Parents will be informed by phone of any serious injury their child has sustained. In case of injury where medical attention is required, the child will be transported to the Medical Clinic. Parents will be notified forthwith of any action taken in this regard. Please communicate with the school any allergies, medical alert and/or life threatening conditions your child has. We will complete a “Medic Alert Planning form” so that the school has a complete understanding of procedures and responses in the event of an emergency.

14 LEAVING SCHOOL GROUNDS Once students arrive at school, it is expected that they remain on the school grounds until dismissed to go home for lunch or until after school dismissal. Students may not leave the school premises without written permission. Students are expected to go directly home after dismissal. They are encouraged to walk home with a friend. LOST AND FOUND A container for lost and found clothing is located in the hallway. Other valuables are turned in at the office. Unclaimed items are sent to local social agencies or disposed of in December and June. Students are not encouraged to bring valuables to school; and if they do, they do so at their own risk. ATTENDANCE From our point of view, it is vital that children attend school regularly and punctually. Absence from school impedes a pupil’s progress. If absent, students are required to bring a note, signed by their parent, stating the reason for the absence. This note should be given to the classroom teacher on the day that the student returns. Each morning/afternoon the secretary verifies all unaccounted absences. Your co-operation in communicating any absences or sending a message with a sibling is requested.

15 PICK-UP AND DROP-OFF STUDENTS In order to avoid a serious safety hazard for our students we ask parents to ensure that students are neither picked-up or dropped-off in the bus drive through zone in front of the school. If you are picking up or dropping off your children, please do so at the “visitors” parking lot next to the portable, above the school on Deerborne, or along side the school on Balmer (during school hours). Students and supervisors will be using RMES’s playground for morning, recess, lunch and after school even while we’re attending school at ESS. SUPERVISION OF STUDENTS All students are to go directly to the RMES playground when they arrive at school in the morning. No students should be waiting at their classroom doors at the front of the building, as there is no supervision for them there. Parents bringing their children to school and who wish to stay until the morning bell rings should also make their way to the playground area until the morning bell sounds. LUNCH STUDENTS Students staying for lunch will remain in the designated area for the eating period and will remain on the school property throughout the lunch period. Students who choose not to follow the lunch rules and/or display inappropriate behaviour will be required to meet with a principal to determine a course of action in consultation with the parents and supervisors.

16 INDOOR DAYS Due to extremes in weather, there are times when we allow students to come into the school when they arrive, at recess, or at lunch. Although it is difficult to make hard and fast rules, the general guidelines for an "indoor day" are as follows: - minus 20 C or colder - minus 10 C or colder if there is a wind factor - wet snow or rain conditions which would result in children getting soaked. On "indoor days" all students must remain in the school because both supervisors are in the building. We are hesitant to call “indoor days” too often because children need fresh air and a chance for some activity to balance the rest of their school day. Please help us by ensuring your children are dressed appropriately in cold weather.

17 TEXT and LIBRARY BOOKS Students are loaned texts, books and supplementary resource materials during the year. We endeavor to keep these books and resources in good shape. Our students are expected to return their texts and supplementary resources in good shape. Students are expected to replace damaged or lost school resource material.

18 DRESS CODE In an effort to make our school a comfortable, safe place for everyone, we believe home and school need to cooperate in the matter of dress. All staff and students at Rocky are expected to wear modest clothing that is appropriate to an elementary school environment. The following specific guidelines help clarify the dress code: 1. No clothing with vulgar, violent or suggestive logos. 2. Straps on tops must be three fingers in width. No low cut tops, halter-tops, backless tops, or tube tops. 3. No exposed underwear. 4. No exposed midriffs. 5. Length of skirts, shorts, and dresses must meet the fingertip rule. (With your hands at your side the length of the garment must be at least to the end of your fingertips). 6. No hats or bandanas are to be worn inside at RMES. 7. Items that are disruptive or distracting at the discretion of the classroom teacher and/or principal. 8. A pair of inside shoes must be worn daily for safety reasons. Parents are also asked to remove hats when entering the school. The Dress Code is to encourage appropriate decision making for a productive, educational environment and reduce distractions in the classroom.

19 TOBACCO FREE DISTRICT The Board recognizes that the use of tobacco products is a health, safety and environmental hazard for students, employees, visitors and school facilities. No student, staff or school visitor is permitted to use any tobacco product on the school ground at any time including non-school hours.

20 USE OF CELL PHONES AND DIGITAL DEVICES Students may carry cell phones or other digital devices and may use them as follows: 1) Cell phones and other digital devices may be used during non-instructional times only. Non-instructional times would include: before class, during breaks, during lunchtime and after school. During instructional time, whether the student is in class or on a spare, all cell phones and other digital devices will be turned off and will be out of sight. 2) Cell phones and other digital devices will not be used in change rooms or washrooms at any time. 3) The use of digital devices, other than cell phones, will be at the discretion of the classroom teacher. Violation of this policy may result in disciplinary action being taken and confiscation of the cell phone or digital device by the classroom teacher or school administration. Confiscated items shall be returned to the student only after a conference with the parent/guardian, student and school personnel. Students may carry cell phones or other digital products but they must be turned off inside school buildings, on school buses, on field trips, and at any other at school-sponsored activities. School Principals may grant approval for students to use cell phones for emergency purposes only. Violation of this policy will result in disciplinary action being taken and confiscation of the cell phone or digital device. Confiscated items shall be returned to the student only after a conference with the parent/guardian, student and school personnel.

21 INFORMATION AND TECHNOLOGY (INTERNET) The Internet is a world-wide group of hundreds of thousands of computers accessible by your child. The school and School District do not control the content of the Internet. If your child violates the rules concerning Internet usage set out by the school, he/she will be subject to disciplinary action.

22 Rocky Mountain Elementary School School District #5 – Code of Conduct Please review our code of conduct with your student. If you have any concerns, contact Mr. Chandler. Our code of conduct can be found on our website at: RMES Code of Conduct

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