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2 FIFTH GRADE TEACHERS Mrs. Cheney-Math Mr. Rhoades-Language Arts Mrs. Saad-Science & Social Studies Mrs. Kaufman-Language Arts & Social Studies Mrs. Manco-Math & Science

3 5th grade curriculum and CCISD handbook are online at

4 Office Procedures Parents and visitors must sign in with the office.
Walk your child into the office if they are tardy. The tardy bell is at 8:15. Absent notes should be turned into the office within 3 days to count as an “Excused Absence.” Please do not make transportation changes after 2:00 pm. Transportation changes may NOT be called in, but must be faxed or ed to the front office with a valid driver’s license.

5 Volunteers We love our volunteers here at Goforth.
Please re-register online at as a volunteer. Even if you’ve done it in the past. Watch D.O.G.S is an amazing program where fathers can volunteer one day at their child’s school. PTA is a wonderful organization to help support your child and your school. Please join. They do a lot for 5th Grade.

6 Dress Code Please pay attention to what your child
wears to school and that it meets dress code. There will a dress code referral enforced by teachers and office, where detention is a possible consequence. No flip flops. Shorts must come to mid-thigh when seated. No tank tops or spaghetti straps. No make up.

7 Student Expectations High expectations of success Hall behavior Recess
Class Leadership Class Math Explorers Safety Patrol Other Homework is expected to be completed and turned in on the due date. Please let us know if your child struggles with any homework. Anything sent home should be a review activity. Students will write “NO HOMEWORK” in agenda if none is assigned.

8 Agendas PTA purchased agendas that we will use to communicate with you daily what your child’s assignments were that day in class. This is a great tool that is used in intermediate school and will help teach your child organization and responsibility.

9 5th Grade Wiki Page

10 Reminders Grade Level Recess is at 2:50 pm.
Birthday treats will be distributed at recess. Please call the office for immediate concerns or questions. We are teaching throughout the day and are unable to answer your immediately. We check our s before and after school. Please don’t schedule appointments on Benchmark or Testing days. Citizenship and Perfect Attendance Awards are every 6 weeks.

11 THINGS TO KNOW!! Graded papers go home EVERY Tuesday in a conduct folder. Please ask your child for this and sign and return it by Wednesday. There will be notes regarding conduct in the folder if need be. We may also use the agenda to communicate behavior daily if needed. Progress reports go home every 4 weeks. Report cards go home every 9 weeks.

12 Field Trips Houston Symphony TBA
Washington DC Trip takes place during Spring Break. Parent meeting is at 6:30 on September 22nd in the library. Student must have good conduct and grades.

13 Parties Winter Party Valentine’s Party End of the Year Party

14 Miscellaneous Wish List – Please help us with the supplies to make learning fun in fifth grade. Water bottles are allowed if they have a sport-top lid to prevent students from having to leave the room during instruction. Snacks are allowed in certain classrooms as long as they are nutritious and easy to clean up.

15 Conference Times Our conference times are from 8:50 to 9:35 , except on Thursdays. We are always happy to meet with you, however, please schedule through or leave a voic message in order to avoid conflicts and allow us the opportunity to give you our undivided attention.

16 Requirements 5th grade Science Fair project is a requirement. Packets will be available online and other information will come home at a later date. STAAR Tests will be replacing TAKS. STAAR stands for the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness. More information about STAAR will be forthcoming.

17 STAAR dates March 26, 2012 Math March 27, 2012 Reading
April 26, 2012 Science

18 Fifth Grade is here for you and your child!
Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns..


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