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Volunteering at Baxter Central.

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1 Volunteering at Baxter Central

2 Agenda Welcome Introductions Volunteer Requirements
Volunteer Expectations Confidentiality School Routines Volunteering Opportunities

3 Introductions Sean Cappadocia, Principal
Sandra Lee, Administrative Assistant 15 classes, 6 support teachers 3 Educational Assistants 2 Early Child Educators 2 Custodians

4 Volunteer Requirements
Have a Criminal Record Check and Vulnerability Screening completed within 6 months Or If you are currently on our ‘Approved Volunteer List’, you will need to complete an Annual Offence Declaration form If you do not currently have a Criminal Record Check and Vulnerability Screening completed, please pick up a letter to take to the OPP Detachment.

5 Volunteer Expectations
Parent volunteers can volunteer to support the School Reading Program, help in classrooms where teachers have requested volunteers, help with coaching, driving to events, in the library and many more ways All volunteers are to sign in/out in the front office in our ‘Visitor’ binder and wear a ‘Visitor’ tag while in the school Volunteer times are to be pre-arranged with a staff member

6 Volunteer Expectations
Pre-school students are not to accompany parent volunteers to classes Refrain from visiting with your children during your volunteer time (including recess etc.) Sign your children out if they will be leaving the school with you Please contact the school/teacher if you cannot make a scheduled time to volunteer

7 Volunteer Expectations
work cooperatively as part of the team to support and supplement the programs understand and accept the students in terms of their own background and values maintain confidentiality about the students, teacher and others communicate regularly with staff are asked to notify the teacher if a problem arises and allow staff to follow up know and observe all pertinent regulations in the Board and at the school , including procedures related to the Code of Conduct, Emergency Procedures and drills

8 Emergency Procedures Fire Alarm (drills) Announcement to Close doors
Students will be involved in several fire drills throughout the year. When they hear the alarm they line up with their class and exit the building. Each class has a predetermined meeting spot where the teacher will take attendance. If your child is not with their class, (for example at the bathroom) they are to leave the building through the closest exit and report directly to a teacher. Announcement to Close doors In this situation, the teacher closes the door to the classroom and the class continues to function as normal. These incidents are short in duration and may include responses to medical emergencies, provide some privacy to a student and/or reduce distractions in the classroom. If a student needs to leave during that time, the teacher may contact the office for direction.

9 Lockdown Hold and Secure Shelter in Place
Students will participate in three Lockdown drills during the year. A lockdown will be called when a situation involving an armed individual posing immediate threat to life (i.e. has a gun, knife, explosives, or any situation where there is a real possibility of significant harm to individuals). Students will go to a predetermined safe spot in the classroom/area they are in and sit silently until police release the school from the lockdown. Hold and Secure This is used when the school must be secured due to an ongoing situation outside and not related to the school (e.g., bank robbery nearby). In this situation the school continues to function normally, with all exterior doors being locked until such time that the situation near the school is resolved. Police will notify the school when the Hold and Secure can be canceled. Students in the portables maybe asked to come into the school. This decision will be made by the police. All non-classroom teachers will stand at exterior doors to make sure students do not leave. There will be a sign on the doors explaining “We are in a Hold and Secure. No one in or out.” Under no circumstances will anyone but emergency services be allowed into the building during a Hold and Secure. Shelter in Place This is used for an environmental or weather-related situation, when it is necessary to keep all occupants within the school to protect them from external hazards. Examples may include chemical spills, blackouts, explosions or extreme weather conditions. Portable students would come into the school. The same procedure is in place as a Hold and Secure however the HVAC system is shut down and the fire department is involved. Fire department and Police will determine when a Shelter in Place will be cancelled. No one will be allowed into or out of the building until emergency services releases the building.

10 Confidentiality Volunteers must respect the confidentiality of
the relationship to the school, being careful to ensure that any student’s work and behaviour in school or information about students they come in contact with be held in confidence

11 Duty to Report Any suspected neglect, safety issue or disclosure
Principal CAS

12 School Routines Start 9:10 Dismissal 3:30
Nutrition breaks 10:50 and 1:10

Support our school to improve literacy and numeracy Read with Students School Council Special Events Sporting Events Library Fund Raising Milk Program Drivers Classroom helper Field trips Fun Lunch

14 Please make sure you… Please see me if you are not on our Volunteer List or if you are on the list, Annual Declarations and Volunteer Information forms will be sent home with your child shortly.

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