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Low Rise Occupancies Center Hallway Attack Henderson Fire Dept. Tactical Standards.

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1 Low Rise Occupancies Center Hallway Attack Henderson Fire Dept. Tactical Standards

2 Objectives  Identify type of construction for Low Rise Buildings  Identify pertinent fire & building codes  Explain Fire behavior in these structures  Describe construction benefits vs problems  Identify tactical needs  Recognize firefighting problems in Low Rise structures  Explain organization and responsibilities of the center hallway attack  Explain basic offensive, defensive tactics at Low Rise fires.

3 Objectives for Sets/Reps  Complete dispatch and en-route responsibilities  Complete Brief Initial Report & Follow-up Report  Identify command mode & strategy  Conduct initial size-up  Develop Incident Action Plan  Establish, construct and operate an appropriate and effective ICS system  Evaluate and request adequate resources  Make appropriate assignments with tactical objectives  Identify benchmarks and communicate when appropriate  Conduct on-going size-up and adjust IAP accordingly  Complete Tactical worksheet and maintain personnel accountability  Explain and justify strategy decision, IAP, tactics and assignments  Identify critical factors & apply RMP

4 Overview Many Forms Unique Problems

5 Construction Type V Lightweight Type II Non-combustible Roof

6 Lightweight Roof & Floor assemblies

7 Codes Sprinklers Standpipes Fire Pumps Hydrants Separations - walls/floors/ceilings Stairs/Elevators Attic Space Detection/Alarms

8 Fire Spread & Construction Problems Lightweight Wood Limited Access Open Attic Truss Roof Floor/Ceiling assemblies HVAC No Standpipe Vertical Extension

9 Construction Benefits Low Rise Protected Hallways/Corridors Protected Stairwells Breakable Glass Protection Systems Detection Systems

10 Basic Firefighting Tactics The Center Hallway Attack Resources Recon & Follow-up report Organization Water Supply/Hose ‣ Going Aloft (multi-story) ‣ w/o standpipe, w/ standpipe ‣ 1st floor (multi-story) ‣ Single story center hallway Equipment Ventilation - Vertical vs Horizontal Utilities

11 RIT OD FA BU Text Fire Basic Center Hallway Attack (overhead view)

12 Offensive Assignments Center Hallway Fire Attack IRIT/RIT Back-up Ventilation Group - Possible Roof Division Floor/s Above fire (Division 2, 3 or 4) On Deck Floor/s Below fire (Division 3, 2 or 1) Evacuation/Rescue Medical Safety Rehab

13 Other Offensive Tactics Transitional Tactic Enter through adjacent room

14 Defensive Tactics Exterior Attack Exposure Protection Big Water Collapse Zones

15 Defensive Assignments Exterior Divisions - Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta Staging Medical Rahab Safety Possible Water Supply Possible PIO

16 Changing Strategy Offensive to Defensive Withdraw Abandon the Building Defensive to Offensive Evacuation

17 Low-Rise Situation Evaluation Building Building Fire Fire Occupancy Occupancy Life Hazard Life Hazard Arrangement Arrangement Resources Resources Action Action Special Circumstances Special Circumstances

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