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The Sustainable Living Center Winter 2011 “Fostering Sustainable Habits”

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1 The Sustainable Living Center Winter 2011 “Fostering Sustainable Habits”

2 Outline The thermal audit – What can we do to improve performance Solar hot water system Water, energy and steam use SLC Projects: – Worm Compost – Laundry Drying – Vegan Food Workshops

3 The Thermal Audit The Blower Door: blows the hot air out and sucks cold air in thru the holes in the building envelope. Below: reading the pressure

4 The Thermal Camera

5 The Electric Meter

6 Thermal Audit Recommendations Close door to basement to stop leaks Insulate holes above windows in basement Make sure all storm windows are closed – Use plastic over windows as needed Insulate some pipes in basement – Note: steam pipes need special high-temp insulation Insulate above ground foundation

7 The Solar Hot Water System

8 System Performance


10 The Meters: Hot water and Steam

11 The Steam Meter Lots of work has been happening in mechanical room

12 Domestic Water Use Jan 1 st 2011-today (Feb. 27 2011): 10650 gallons – 58 days (jan1st – 2/27) – 17 people 10.8 gallons person per day ~ 11 gallons/person/day

13 Electricity Use since Jan. 1 st 2011

14 Weekly Electricity Use

15 Daily Electricity Use

16 Electricity Consumption Electricity: Jan 1-today (2/27/11) at 4:15pm – 1911.2 kWh 33 kWh per day 1.94 kWh per person per day

17 Steam Consumption in Pounds Winter Term usage: Jan 2011: 18400 pounds and Feb 2011= 41400 pounds – Use 945 BTU per pound (note this changes with temp. and pressure) SLC used 56511000 BTU – Assume heating plant is 75% efficient 150400 BTU per gallon of #6 oil*.75 =112800 BTU SLC used ~501 gallons of #6 fuel oil for January and February 2011 – The SLC uses 0.5 gallons per person per day

18 SLC Student Projects Friday Dessert and Documentary The food coop – Bunten Farmhouse coop Milk, cheese, bread and ice cream Worm Composting Dryer Free: Laundry drying Students Fighting Hunger Workshops – Yogurt making – Vegan pizza

19 Worm Compost

20 Dryer Free Laundry

21 Potential Outside Laundry Drying Location

22 Vegan Pizza Making Workshop Vegan pizza making workshop and documentary Friday Jan 21 6-8 hosted by Dartmouth Animal Welfare Group and the Upper Valley Vegan Meet-up. Peaceable Kingdom

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