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The Sustainable Living Center Winter 2011 “Fostering Sustainable Habits”

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1 The Sustainable Living Center Winter 2011 “Fostering Sustainable Habits”

2 Outline The thermal audit – What can we do to improve performance Solar hot water system Water, energy and steam use SLC Projects: – Worm Compost – Laundry Drying – Vegan Food Workshops

3 The Thermal Audit The Blower Door: blows the hot air out and sucks cold air in thru the holes in the building envelope. Below: reading the pressure

4 The Thermal Camera

5 The Electric Meter

6 Thermal Audit Recommendations Close door to basement to stop leaks Insulate holes above windows in basement Make sure all storm windows are closed – Use plastic over windows as needed Insulate some pipes in basement – Note: steam pipes need special high-temp insulation Insulate above ground foundation

7 The Solar Hot Water System

8 System Performance


10 The Meters: Hot water and Steam

11 The Steam Meter Lots of work has been happening in mechanical room

12 Domestic Water Use Jan 1 st 2011-today (Feb ): gallons – 58 days (jan1st – 2/27) – 17 people 10.8 gallons person per day ~ 11 gallons/person/day

13 Electricity Use since Jan. 1 st 2011

14 Weekly Electricity Use

15 Daily Electricity Use

16 Electricity Consumption Electricity: Jan 1-today (2/27/11) at 4:15pm – kWh 33 kWh per day 1.94 kWh per person per day

17 Steam Consumption in Pounds Winter Term usage: Jan 2011: pounds and Feb 2011= pounds – Use 945 BTU per pound (note this changes with temp. and pressure) SLC used BTU – Assume heating plant is 75% efficient BTU per gallon of #6 oil*.75 = BTU SLC used ~501 gallons of #6 fuel oil for January and February 2011 – The SLC uses 0.5 gallons per person per day

18 SLC Student Projects Friday Dessert and Documentary The food coop – Bunten Farmhouse coop Milk, cheese, bread and ice cream Worm Composting Dryer Free: Laundry drying Students Fighting Hunger Workshops – Yogurt making – Vegan pizza

19 Worm Compost

20 Dryer Free Laundry

21 Potential Outside Laundry Drying Location

22 Vegan Pizza Making Workshop Vegan pizza making workshop and documentary Friday Jan hosted by Dartmouth Animal Welfare Group and the Upper Valley Vegan Meet-up. Peaceable Kingdom

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