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Some Of Our Work Futureview Solar Solutions Elysburg, Pa. Call 1-800-201-4050.

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1 Some Of Our Work Futureview Solar Solutions Elysburg, Pa. Call 1-800-201-4050


3 Before After


5 FUTUREVIEW SOLAR SOLUTIONS SOLAR PV & SOLAR THERMAL SYSTEMS Follows is a Solar Thermal system that does the client’s home hot water and helps heat the house AND via in-floor heating a sunroom!

6 Thermal Array Almost Done!!

7 211 Gallon Tank ! 1.Does ALL the Home’s Hot Water Needs 2.Has Two heat exchange coils for Home, Pool, and/or Spa heating Let our Experts from FUTUREVIEW SOLAR SOLUTIONS design a system for you to save you $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

8 Solar THERMAL PUMPING STATION Only 40 watts of power draw!!! Can be run off of a solar panel NEVER BE WITHOUT HOT WATER!!


10 TANK CONTROLLER SOLAR PUMP HEATING PUMPS Tank is R-19 Insulated. YOUR Hot Water Heater is ABOUT R-3!!


12 FUTUREVIEW SOLAR SOLUTION can design to use ALL your roof space AND THEN SOME!!


14 FUTUREVIEW SOLAR does BOTH Residential AND Commercial designs and installs

15 FUTUREVIEW SOLAR can mount your Solar PV System on the ground

16 WE can mount your SOLAR THERMAL system on the ground too..

17 Before After

18 Getting Started

19 …Progressing Nicely

20 All Finished!!


22 Large Solar Thermal System in progress

23 Done! FREE Hot Water, Home Heat and Heating The Spa Below!!!



26 Let’s install Solar PV

27 Good Start

28 Almost Finished

29 DONE!!

30 Two Tank Solar Thermal System Small Tank for Hot Water Large Tank for Heating Ask us why this is the most efficient way of doing hot water and heating

31 Futureview Solar Solutions ….is a division of a 27-year old construction company so while we are installing your solar system, may we….. Build you a solar heated room addition? A garage? A deck? Remodel your kitchen, bathroom? Perform an energy audit on your home?

32 Project Mission Design and build……. 400 square foot addition to the client’s home on an existing outdoor deck Add a new deck and install a Hot Tub Construct a garage Install a solar thermal system to provide Domestic Hot Water for the home Heat the new addition with in-floor radiant heat and…….. Heat the new Hot Tub LET’S GET STARTED !

33 New footer in. Roof and walls started

34 Getting the project “under roof.”

35 Room Framed. Solar Thermal Started

36 Garage started, windows, door installed in room addition. Solar Thermal System completed.

37 Prepping old deck framing for 8 tons of cement and tile!

38 Heated Floors need good insulation

39 Adding the rebar and pex tubing

40 Ready to pour the concrete

41 Concrete poured

42 Floor Tiling in progress. Nice heat sink for solar heat!!!

43 All Done! View when entering New Addition called “The Villa”

44 View from Home Entrance

45 Window View from “The Villa”

46 New Garage New Deck Front Privacy Fence New Addition

47 Rear view of completed project. Deck built between New Addition and New Garage

48 Upper Deck. New addition entrance

49 Lower Deck & Hot Tub

50 Retrofit Solar Heat Exchanger for Hot Tub Provided ALL HEAT from install (August) to November!!!! Kept at 104 degrees.

51 PROJECT FINISHED!!! NUMBER DON’T LIE LOOK The year before adding solar thermal, client’s electrical usage was 32,259kWH. After adding solar and following our energy auditor’s advice, usage DROPPED TO 20,785kWH. That’s an OVER 30% DROP. AFTER……..AFTER……AFTER…….. Adding 400 sq.ft of living area AND Installing a HOT TUB! Client’s Actual Bill

52 Most of our client’s do BOTH Solar PV & Solar Thermal, FOR GOOD REASON! Solar ThermalSolar Electric




56 One Of Our Flat Panel Solar Thermal System Installs.

57 60 Gallon Domestic Hot Water System



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