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Created by Energy Department of SAMAN TAVAN ENERGY

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1 Created by Energy Department of SAMAN TAVAN ENERGY
Prepared : By N.Qassemi

2 With Parabolic Through Collector Systems
Solar Cooling With Parabolic Through Collector Systems

3 What is Solar Cooling? The idea is using solar thermal collectors to provide thermal energy to drive thermally driven chillers (absorption chillers). The high temperature required by absorption chillers is provided by solar trough collectors.

4 How does Solar Air conditioning Work?
Cooling tower: This heat-removal device extracts the heat from absorption chiller through a water-evaporation process Solar thermal collector Fan coil units: the air-conditioner devices combine the fan and coil heat-exchanger in one package Storage tank: source of heat for cooling/heating at night or when solar collection is inadequate Double effect absorption chiller

5 Different Operation Modes with a single System
Summer Mode, Winter Mode, Steam Generation

6 Clients of such Systems:
Hotels & Resorts Solar cooling, heating, domestic hot water Shopping Centers Solar cooling and heating Food & Beverage Industry Solar cooling, steam generation Airports Solar cooling and heating Hospitals Solar cooling and heating Textile Industry Solar cooling, heating, steam generation Industrial Laundries Solar steam generation Real Estate Projects District solar cooling Universities Solar cooling and heating Public Buildings Solar cooling and heating

7 Typical industries for Steam Generation
Food & Beverage Industry Textile Industry Plastic Industry Chemical Industry Paper Industry Leather Industry Industrial Laundries Example: Low pressure steam for textile pre-treatment processes such as singing, desizing, bleaching, dyeing and washing.

8 some implemented projects
Gloria Golf Hotels, Belek


10 rooftop-mountable and high-performance Parabolic Trough Collectors (PTC).


12 Real Estate Projects (District solar cooling)
District cooling means the centralized production and distribution of cooling energy. Chilled water is delivered via an underground insulated pipeline to office, industrial and residential buildings to cool the indoor air of the buildings within a district.

13 Typical application data for Arabian Peninsula

14 Some Advantages Multipurpose investment
- “Free” fuel cooling (Sun Radiation is for free) - Increase oil export - decrease electricity costs Reasonable Investment payback Time (Less than 7 years) Annual CO2 Saving of ~ 800 kg for 1MW cooling No CFCs and HCFCs emissions

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