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Chapter 19 Electrical Plans.

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1 Chapter 19 Electrical Plans

2 Introduction Electrical plans: Electrical installation phases
Display all circuits and systems used by the electrical contractor during installation May be placed on floor plan or separate Electrical installation phases Temporary Rough-in electrical Finish electrical

3 Electric Terms and Definitions
Common terms: Ampere, volt, watt Box Breaker Circuit Conductor, conduit Distribution panel Electrical work Ground Junction box Lighting outlet Meter and meter base Outlet Switch leg Temporary electric service

4 Overview

5 Electrical Circuit Design
Discuss anticipated electrical needs Intended use of rooms Potential furniture placement Costs and budgets Electrical code requirements State size of some circuits and placement of certain outlets and switches

6 Home Automation Automation:
Controlling and operating mechanical devices other than human power Types of systems: Entertainment centers Computerized programming of house functions Security systems Radio frequency systems Structured wiring systems

7 Smoke Detectors Provide safe exit opportunity through early detection of fire and smoke UL 217 (Underwriters Laboratories) NFPA 72 (National Fire Protection Association) Installed in each sleeping room, and centrally located in a corridor providing access to bedrooms

8 Carbon Monoxide Alarms
Required in new residential construction with fuel-fired appliances or attached garage UL 2034 Placed outside of each separate sleeping area in immediate vicinity of bedrooms in dwelling units Installed in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions

9 Universal Electrical Installations
Design accommodating all ages and possible disabilities should be considered Switch locations Convenience outlets Lighting Communications

10 Electrical Symbols Standards or Conventions?




14 Light Fixture Design and Placement
Lighting options: General lighting Uniform down-lighting Non-uniform down-lighting Task lighting Accent lighting Light scallop Recessed lighting

15 Kitchen Electrical Layouts

16 Bathroom Electrical Layouts

17 Electrical Wiring Specifications
Service entrance and meter base installation considerations: What is the service capacity to be installed? Where is the service entrance to be located? Where will the meter base be located? Where will the distribution panel be located?

18 Electrical Design Considerations
Basic considerations: Entry and entry foyer Patios and porches Living area Dining room and kitchen Bedrooms and bathrooms Laundry/utility room Office or hobby room Hallways and stairs Garage Outdoor outlets Crawl spaces Smoke detectors Electronics

19 Common Ideas Outlets above desks notated with height Outlet near FP
Outlet in pantry Exhaust fan if no window (generally always) in bathroom or laundry Light over sink w/ separate switch Switch to garbage disposal Light in pantry or walk in closet Outlets and TV/Phone above Fireplaces for Flat Panel TV’s

20 Where are the most frustrating electrical problems in your home?
Place switches and outlets at convenient locations Outlets should be a maximum of 12’ apart and 6’ from an opening Keep switches and outlets accessible (Not behind doors, within reach of door) Keep an outlet in the hallway Keep outlets close together in kitchen and plentiful Each sink in a bathroom must have its own outlet 4 Plex outlets are good substitutes in kitchens and bathrooms

21 Outlets 110 volt 220 volt 15-30 Amp breakers Duplex , 4 plex, 6 plex
Exterior water proof GFCI or ________________ Outlet height standard ___” other wise noted A.F.F or _________________

22 Switches Switch ____” A.F.F. Three way switch, 4 way, 5 way …….
Dimmer switch Motion switch Single gang box Double gang box Multiple gang box

23 Kitchen & Laundry Circuit Design
Kitchen circuits require ground-fault current interrupter (GFCI) Exhaust fan needed if gas appliances are used Place a light over the sink in the kitchen (Can lights common) Hanging light over table common Min of 2 small appliance circuits serving countertops No point along counter >24” from outlet Outlet max 20” above counter Island min 1 outlet Island, peninsula allow on side cabinet max 12” below counter & no overhang >6”

24 Bathroom Circuit Design
Kitchen and laundry circuits require ground-fault current interrupter (GFCI) Outlet required within 3’ of each sink No outlet inside tub or shower space Exhaust fan needed in bathroom & laundry room if no window Ceiling lights are common in bedrooms vs. old switched outlets used for lamp lighting (adding a fan light common as well) Bar lights common in minimum sized bathrooms Water proof can light in shower/ tub area

25 Bedroom & Hallway Circuit Design
Any wall > 2’ must have an outlet No point on wall further than 6’ horizontally from another outlet 6’ chord must reach an outlet Ceiling lights are common in bedrooms vs. old switched outlets used for lamp lighting (adding a fan light common as well) Flush mount lights Can lights Switch must be in room Habitable space protected by AFCI

26 Hallway & Closets Circuit Design
Walk-in closets require lights Pantry Hallways > 10’ require outlet 3 way switch required at each end of hallway and stairs

27 Exterior Circuit Design
Inside Garages Coach lights Outlets in Eaves Notate outlets in garage 18” A.F.F. 48” A.F.F. if above workbench Each exit needs: Light GFCI Waterproof outlet

28 General Circuit Design
Place switches so they are near lights Use 220-volt outlets in a shop, dryer, stove, double ovens Dryer 30 amp Oven or range 40 amp Hot tub 50 amp Light stairways well (one at top and bottom at least) Use exterior lights to illuminate outside areas

29 General Electrical Design Considerations
Entry - One light controlled by a switch (Typically hanging fixture) Patio/Porch - Lighting and GFI outlets Family room- Ceiling light/fan and outlets (Can lights are common) Surround sound wiring TV jacks Phone jacks Dining room - Switch-controlled ceiling light (Typically Chandelier)

30 Electrical Design Considerations
Bathrooms - GFI outlets, Bar light over mirrors and fans Laundry - Ceiling lights with 120-volt (washer) and 220-volt (dryer) outlets Smoke detectors - One in each sleeping area, entrance to sleeping areas, and one each story Kitchen - Outlets above the counter, for appliances, and adequate lighting

31 Electrical Design Considerations
Telephones - Located in kitchen, office, and master bedroom CAT 5E Television, cable, or dish RG 6 Stereo, surround sound, security Usually wired by a specialist, but locations given in notes Structured wiring CAT 5E and RG6

32 Wiring Specifications
Typical residential service is amps Service can be distributed overhead or underground Locate meter on garage or exterior side wall Locate the distribution panel in basement utility room

33 Codes and Ideas Light at all exits with GFCI WP outlet
Light over sink w/ separate switch Switch to garbage disposal Bath lights over mirror Can lights in shower or over tub if large bathroom Switches placed in easiest locations Light in pantry or walk in closet Lights in stairwell Outlets and TV/Phone above Fireplaces for Flat Panel TV’s Specify height of outlets if not at standard 12” a.f.f.

34 Steps in Drawing Electrical Plans
Insert switches & light symbols as blocks on electrical layer Draw using the arc or spline the electrical switch legs from switch to light on the electrical wire layer Insert outlet blocks on electrical layer

35 Steps in Drawing Electrical Plans
Label Drawing & general notes on the text layer Add Legend xref

36 Steps in Drawing the Electrical Plan
Draw all light fixtures Place all electrical outlets Draw all additional electrical symbols Letter all switch locations and provide characteristics

37 Steps in Drawing the Electrical Plan (cont’d.)
Draw electrical circuits or switch legs from switches to fixtures using a dashed arc line Letter all notes, drawing title, and scale Add general electrical notes, fixture schedules, and symbol legends

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