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Electrical Plans.

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1 Electrical Plans

2 Electrical Plans Displays all of the circuits and systems to be used by the electrical contractor during installation Items to show on plans all outlets all light fixtures connected to switches all switches connected to light fixtures all miscellaneous and low voltage items no connection necessary with low voltage items power panel and electrical meter

3 Electrical Plans Methods used to show electrical systems on drawings
1 Add-on existing plans along with all other symbols, information, and dimensions common practice on simple floor plans eliminates extra sheets and simplifies working drawings sometimes makes drawings difficult to read 2 Separate sheets for electrical information common practice on complex floor plans separates electrical information from other drawing data requires time to duplicate floor plans unless CAD dwgs adds more blueprints to set of working drawings Use for class

4 Electrical Plans Example

5 Size and Drafting the Symbols
As noted on handout (units given below are full size units taken from the 16 scale) Size of outlet symbol = 1/8” diameter circle Size of light fixture symbol = 1/4” diameter circle Size of fluorescent symbol = 1/8” x 1” (6”x48” real size) Size of switch symbol = 1/8” lettering Size of push button symbol = 3/16” square Size of electrical panel = 3/8”long and fill 1/2 of wall Size of meter base, etc. = 1/4” square

6 Outlets Symbol Wall View Description as shown on plan finished state

7 Duplex Outlet with Switch

8 Appliance vs. Voltage and Symbol
Refrigerator 120 volts Stove volts Hood volts Oven volts Garbage Disposal 120 volts Dishwasher 120/240 volts R H GD O

9 Appliance vs. Voltage and Symbol
Clothes washer 120 volts Clothes dryer 240 volts Air Conditioner 120/240 volts Water heater 240 volts Furnace 120/240 volts AC WH F

10 Light Fixtures Ceiling/Wall fixtures Fan (exhaust) Junction box
surface recessed Fan (exhaust) Junction box Fluorescent fixtures

11 Switches Single Switch 3-way Switch 4-way Switch Dimmer Switch
Timer Switch

12 Electrical Symbols - Miscellaneous

13 Electrical Code/Drafting Practice
Duplex convenience outlets (wall plugs) should be a maximum of 12’ apart. Closer spacing is desirable, although economy is a factor. Code reads: “no point along a wall is further than 6’ from an outlet.” Duplex convenience outlets should be no more than 6’ from a corner There should be a duplex outlet in any usable wall space over 2’ long Place a (one) duplex outlet in a hallway

14 Outlet Placement Example

15 Electrical Code/Drafting Practice
Kitchen /Bathroom areas usable counter space of 12” & greater require an outlet outlets are required every 48” of counter space (with new code text is in error) note mounting height for outlets above counter (+44”) special purpose outlets for garbage disposal, dishwasher, separate oven, and hood range outlet for electric range GFI or GFCI protection for any outlets in rooms with a water source.

16 Switch/Outlets Examples

17 Switching Examples

18 Switching Switch symbol and fixture are connected with a dashed line using a irregular curve Single Switching 3-Way Switching 4-Way Switching

19 Switching an Outlet

20 Switching a Porch Light

21 Electrical Plan Example

22 Special Project Elect Plans (50 Points)
Add electrical symbols and all electrical information to your plans: Foundation plan (3 light +switch, one outlet and special purpose outlet for water heater) First level floor plan (two exterior WP outlets, lights at all entrances, elect range w/ hood above, garbage disposal, dishwasher outlet, and washer/dryer outlets) Second level floor plan (exhaust fans in bathrooms, 3-way switch to 1st floor for stair light) Complete an electrical schedule (10 points) for all the symbols used similar to one shown in Handout

23 Electrical Symbol Schedule
Purpose of schedule is to identify and describe electrical symbols used in the set of working drawings Categories Symbols Descriptions

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