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AAMC Implementation of the MedBiquitous Curriculum Inventory Data Exchange Standard Terri Cameron, MA Director of Curriculum Programs Spring 2014.

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1 AAMC Implementation of the MedBiquitous Curriculum Inventory Data Exchange Standard Terri Cameron, MA Director of Curriculum Programs Spring 2014

2 MedBiquitous Curriculum Inventory V1 Working Group launched in December 2010 Susan Albright and Marc Triola, co-chairs 2010-2013 Charter:  “to develop XML standards for the exchange of curriculum data for benchmarking and educational research.” (Not just for AAMC Curriculum Inventory) Reasons for Undertaking Work: Enable local curriculum management systems to upload data to a central Curriculum Inventory Identify curricular trends Support curriculum benchmarking and reform Approved by CI Working Group: February 2013 Approved by ANSI: May 2013

3 CI Pilot September – December 25 schools / six vendors 5 schools working with school-based systems Testing Upload process Accuracy of Verification Report to submitted data School Portal functionality

4 CI Pilot Results Increased file size limits Provided staging area for vendors Improved error messages Clarified AAMC Business Rules Improved appearance of School Portal Added curriculum file upload screen

5 2012-2013 Upload Process CI Portal Open: December 10 CI Portal Close: February 10: 65 Schools One month follow up period for schools that did not participate CI Gateway Close on March 10: 90 Schools 85 US Medical Schools 5 Canadian Medical Schools Additional schools were in process but unable to meet deadline All other schools contacted plan to participate in 2013-2014 Upload (August)

6 2012-2013 Upload Details 50 Schools included competency mapping 4968 Sequence Blocks 107458 Events 108031 Sequence Block Expectations 283325 Event Expectations 61249 Assessment Methods 124068 Instructional Methods 22421 Resources

7 2012-2013 Resource Details Resource Type Number 1 Audience Response System 1258 2 Audio 1216 3 Cadaver 458 4 Clinical Correlation 997 5 Distance Learning - Asynchronous 286 6 Distance Learning - Synchronous 14 7 Educational Technology 5675 8 Electronic Health/Medical Record (EHR/EMR) 184 9 Film/Video 1134 10 Key Feature 2 11 Mannequin 96 12 Plastinated Specimens 2 13 Printed Materials (or Digital Equivalent) 570 14 Real Patient 809 15 Searchable Electronic Database 104 16 Standardized/Simulated Patient (SP) 341 17 Task Trainer 76 18 Virtual Patient 193 19 Virtual/Computerized Laboratory 177 20 Wet Laboratory 244

8 2012-2013 ‘Other’ Resources Anatomy8 Biology of Cells1 inanimate models1 Medical equipment19 Museum1 Palliative Care1 Panel3 Panel discussions21 Personality/leadership test/profile (disc) 6 Plastinated Specimens105 Printed Materials (or Digital 161 Printed Materials (or Digital Equivalent) 8076 Scenarios62 Searchable Electronic Database 68 Simulator (Harvey)3 Small group discussion with facilitator 25 Small group discussion with mentor of a project review 3 theater project2 Ultrasound9 ventilator1 Women's Health1 Written assignments8

9 Reasons for not participating this year: Focused on LCME Site Visit Curriculum Review/Renewal/Change Just started working with new curriculum management system so did not have data completely entered / organized Do not have system / have not decided on a vendor yet / do not have technical staff Change in leadership / staff – needed time to come up to speed Concerns about Verification Report Vendor did not upload as planned 2012-2013 Upload Process

10 Biggest Hurdles: Report Start and End Dates Institution Information Competencies Program to PCRS (related) Hierarchy Levels (broader / narrower) Academic Levels Start and End Dates Sequence Blocks in multiple levels Unique Curricula Multiple options for students 2012-2013 Upload Process

11 Biggest Hurdles: Organizing data Documenting competencies in XML CI Verification Report Assessment Counts Summative / Formative Instructional Method Hour Counts Constantly-changing environment Communication! 2012-2013 Upload Process

12 Successes: Curriculum Management System Vendors Massive changes to systems to support CI Great communication and feedback All but one uploaded as planned MedBiq Leadership / Support Valerie Smothers CI Implementers’ Listserv Webinars Nearly every school participated Physician Competency Reference Set (PCRS) Standardized Vocabulary School Participation 2012-2013 Upload Process

13 CI Reports Two Sources of Data: Curriculum Inventory LCME Annual Questionnaire Part II Phased Approach for Reporting: Short-term (6-12 months) Static Reports Reports by Request ( Intermediate-term (12- 18 months) Dynamic Reports Reports on Demand Long-term (2-3 years) Enterprise-wide (AAMC) Reporting Solution

14 CI Reports Reporting Options Short-term and Intermediate Choose types of schools to include: All Schools US Medical Schools US Regional Medical Schools Canadian Medical Schools Osteopathic Schools Enter search criteria Reports will include: Where and how often content is covered Instructional methods Assessment Methods Competencies




18 Preparing for 2013-2014 CI School Portal Opens August 1 Closes September 30 Staging (for testing uploads) available in May Vendors automatically have access Available to school developers by request Webinars/Virtual Focus Groups: Three-part Developer Series Curriculum Deans and Administrators Developer-to-Developer Hands-on Workshop: Develop and upload one course plus Program Competencies mapped to PCRS

19 MedBiquitous Curriculum Inventory V2 Working Group convened in February 2014 Susan Albright and Hugh Stoddard, co-chairs Review of implementation of V1 Known Issues:  Academic Level  Assessment Methods – Requirement for Formative/Summative  Event Duration (Assessments)  Sequence Block Duration (Weeks)  Resources (Require / Refine List )  Standardized Vocabulary Update

20 Resources Curriculum Inventory Website: Webinar dates Developer resources Updates regarding reports Vendor List Participating Schools MedBiquitous: Curriculum Inventory Working Group: Competencies Working Group:

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