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Collaborative e-Portfolios

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1 Collaborative e-Portfolios
edcube e-portfolios plan | create | peer review | reflect | recreate | publish

2 About EdCube Pty Ltd World class e-Learning Company est 1998 Leaders in online collaborative learning, classroom practice, cloud learning and application development, Award winning developer of e-Portfolio software for schools in Australia, USA and New Zealand E-Portfolio Software Applications EdCube Network – released in 2000 EdCube Connect – released in 2011

3 What is a Collaborative e-Portfolio?
A collection of student work published over a period of time (individual or group). A digitalised collection of assets such as student profiles, records, publications, ideas and reflections An authentic performance-based assessment tool - to demonstrate how | what the student is learning. A collaborative portal that hosts student digital work and enables personal and peer comments A tool for teachers to upload and publish curriculum material.

4 ePortfolio Educational Benefits?


6 The e-Portfolio Learning Platform
"Integrate portfolios into pedagogy. ePortfolios should be tightly integrated into courses and programs, rather than tacked on to the end. ePortfolio workshops early in a course can encourage students to see portfolios as a central part of the learning experience. Time spent on developing portfolios is generally well worth it because it helps students build a fuller understanding of what they have learned" (xxiii). These principles are absolutely crucial to effective ePortfolio pedagogy. A Review of The Web Portfolio Guide: Creating Electronic Portfolios for the Web Miles A. Kimball

7 The EdCube e-Portfolio Tools
The EdCube is the easiest way for schools to create dynamic student e-portfolios. Teacher Management tools Mind mapping e-Portfolio structure tools Multimedia publishing tools Collaboration and Communication tool

8 The EdCube e-Portfolio Development Process

9 The EdCube Connect Dashboard
Provides access to: Tagged e-Portfolios Your e-Portfolios Your Network of Friends Your Messages Your Online Workroom


11 Teacher Management EdCube Connect has a control room that enables teachers to manage class e-Portfolios including: Add e-Portfolio Title and description Add tags so that all e-Portfolios can be searched Add a thumbnail to showcase the e-Portfolio Add a e-Portfolio rubric or criteria sheet to an e-portfolio Assign the e-Portfolio project to a class Set the view status of the e-Portfolio Enable peer assessment and commenting Set status as individual or group e-Portfolio Enable functions for students to export and share final e-Portfolios.

12 Teacher Management The wizard to create new eFolios for a class

13 Creating ePortfolio Rubrics
A key part of the management solution is the Teacher Rubric Editor. The Rubric Editor enables teachers to create an unlimited bank of rubrics that are stored on the teacher's profile. As the teacher creates a new e-Portfolio they can select a rubric from the system and this is used by students to guide their work. The rubric provides automatic assessment of the folio. When a e-Portfolio has been published by a student, the teacher selects the work, reviews the e-Portfolio and clicks the appropriate criteria grade and adds a comment.

14 The Rubric in the Workroom


16 e-Portfolio Planning Mind Maps
The unique feature of EdCube is the ability to build the structure of the e-Portfolio using an intuitive mind mapping tool When a new e-Portfolio is created, the title or theme becomes the hub or central concept. A series of new topics can be added to the Mind Map. Unlimited pages can be added under each topic Each topic is colour coded to help students visualise the structure of their e-Portfolio



19 Adding Content to e-Portfolio Pages
After setting up the structure of the e-Portfolio with a series of topics and linked pages, the multimedia is added to the EdCube pages. Content is added to the e-Portfolio pages with the EdCube Content Toolbar. The toolbar allows a range of multimedia files to be added to the same page

20 Adding Text, The Text Tool adds unlimited text boxes to an e-Portfolio page. The features include the ability to: Add text or paste text from another document Format the text with word processing tools Add hyperlinks to all file types Add backgrounds to the text box Add a title to the text box Resize the text box Drag and drop the placement of the text box Add multiple text boxes to a single page

21 Adding Images Teachers and students have the ability to:
Add an image from the computer Add an image from the File Share Resize the image Add a border and background to the image Add multiple images Drag and drop the placement for the image

22 Adding Video and Audio The Add Video and Audio tools upload video and audio files to the e-Portfolio page. Students and teachers can upload video and audio files from their own computer or add these from the File Share. Multiple files can be added to each page and the files can resized and moved easily on the page similar to all other multimedia files.

23 Adding Comments The comment tool appears on all content pages to allow for feedback to be posted Clicking the Comments Tool opens the comment box. The student has the ability to publish, delete or report a comment.   


25 e-Portfolio Online Workrooms
Communication, Collaboration and Management of e-Portfolios A unique feature of EdCube is the e-Portfolio Workroom to plan, build and manage the development of e-Portfolios. When a teacher creates and issues a new e-Portfolio to their class, an online workroom is automatically published for the student.

26 Online Workroom The e-Portfolio Workroom provides a collaborative space for the student to: Publish and store discussion regarding the e-Portfolio Access comments and messages View the rubric uploaded by the teacher Access or upload documents in the e-Portfolio File Share Change the settings for the e-Portfolio Export the folio as a PDF, html or archive file to the school server

27 Change Workroom Settings
The Workroom Setting Tool allows the leader to set the e-Portfolio status and permissions for the group.  The thumbnail image for the e-Portfolio can be uploaded and when the work is completed it can submitted automatically for marking by the teacher.


29 Sharing, Reflecting and Publishing e-Portfolios
EdCube provides a unique learning program that involves the following reiterative stages: Organising digital content and resources Ordering and publishing the content onto e-Portfolio pages Linking and structuring the format of the e-Portfolio Sharing the e-Portfolio with teacher, parent and peer reviews Reflecting on the feedback Communicating with the group regarding e-Portfolio updates

30 Learning Pathways

31 Publishing and Sharing e-Portfolios
All e-Portfolios feature an online Workroom that allows students to manage all aspects in developing their e-Portfolio. When teachers create a new e-Portfolio project, they have the option to allow the work to be shared to encourage peer reviews. If an e-Portfolio has been shared, the student selects the settings tab in the Workroom and clicks publish. This action will then allow other students in the class to be able to open the e-Portfolio and review the work.

32 Sharing Your e-Portfolios

33 Publishing Completed e-Portfolios
When students have completed their e-Portfolio, they can do the following: Set the status to Published Submit their e-Portfolio for marking Export their e-Portfolio as a PDF, html file or as an archive to the school server. 


35 EdCube Connect – Annual Licenses
License cost per annum license (A$) Small school prices and Individual Class licenses available License prices subject to change Order online at


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