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Curriculum Inventory Administrators’ Group January 14, 2015 Terri Cameron.

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1 Curriculum Inventory Administrators’ Group January 14, 2015 Terri Cameron

2 Update on CI XML Standard Revision Update on CI Standardized Vocabulary Revision Update on CI to ASSET Pre-population Update on CI Reports Spring Conference Workshop/Presentation Schedule Medical School Highlight Other updates from participants Next meeting: Wednesday, February 11, 1 pm ET Agenda

3 Issues under discussion: Use cases and issues related to the use of Academic levels Use cases and issues related to Modeling clerkships Discuss best practices around documenting flipped classrooms Issues around reporting start and end dates and goal of developing comprehensive report for every academic level Detailed notes of discussions at: To join the monthly discussions, send a request to Valerie Smothers Update on CI XML Standard Revision

4 Resources (Current Standardized Vocab Highlighted in Yellow) 2012-20132013-2014 Resources (Current Standardized Vocab Highlighted in Yellow) 2012-20132013-2014 AV - SmartBoard1Panel 3 1 AV Assistance Required1Panel discussions 21 1 Animal Lab Specimens1Personal Laptop1 Attendance Tracker1Personality/leadership test/profile (disc) 6 1 Audience Response System 30Plastinated Specimens 2 9 Audio 20Printed Materials (or Digital Equivalent) 38 Cadaver 1 31Real Patient 16 39 Clinical Correlation 28Record (EHR/EMR)1 Distance Learning - Asynchronous 5 22Scenarios1 Distance Learning - Synchronous 14 10Searchable Electronic Database 25 Educational Technology 36Simulator (Harvey) 3 1 Electronic Health/Medical Record (EHR/EMR)20Speakers1 Exam - Institutionally Developed, Written/ Computer- based 1Standardized/Simulated Patient (SP) 10 36 Film/Video 37Task Trainer 1 22 Inanimate Models1Theater Project1 Key Feature 2 7Ultrasound 9 1 Mannequin 9 25Ventilator 1 1 Medical equipment 19 2Virtual Patient 1 19 Museum 1 1Virtual/Computerized Laboratory 1 27 Other1Wet Laboratory 24 Update on CI Standardized Vocabulary Revision

5 Keywords/Methods Uploaded as Resources2012-20132013-2014 Anatomy8 Biology of Cells1 inanimate models1 Palliative Care1 Simulator (Harvey)3 Small group discussion with facilitator 25 1 Small group discussion with mentor of a project review 1 1 Women's Health1 Written assignments 8 1 Update on CI Standardized Vocabulary Revision

6 Planning for 2018-2019 Accreditation Cycle Working on possible standardization of terminology between LCME and CI Year vs Academic Level Clerkships not in ‘Year 3’ Will be holding focus groups to share specific examples and get input from schools Update on CI to ASSET Pre-population

7 Update on CI Reports


9 Pre-conference Workshop, MedAPS Update, small group discussions, and focus groups at most meetings: AACOM CCME CGEA GIR IAMSE MedBiquitous NEGEA SGEA WGEA Spring Conference Workshop/Presentation Schedule

10 Medical School Highlight Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine Robin Rivest is the Director of Curriculum Data Management at Oakland University, William Beaumont School of Medicine. Her primary roles include overseeing the data used for mapping the medical education curriculum and assessing the quality of the educational program, as well as ensuring curricular and outcomes data required by accrediting bodies is collected, stored, and presented in the appropriate digital formats. She is also responsible for authoring reports regarding the quality of the curriculum as it pertains to the students and alumni of the School of Medicine.


12 Curriculum Inventory Administrator’s Group Topics to Share Curriculum data elements System overview Process for data collection Interaction with Course/Clerkship Directors Mapping considerations

13 Curriculum Data Elements Competencies – PCRS School Objectives Keyword List Course and Clerkship Objectives – Coded for Knowledge, Skills, and Attitudes Established mapping relationships for all levels of objectives

14 System Overview OASIS is our curriculum software system – Implemented Q1 of 2013 – Uses include curriculum inventory, scheduling (including lottery), course and clerkship evaluations, patient logs, clinical performance evaluations, and reporting for all of the above Moodle – Learning Management System iSEEK - embedded web application that enables students, faculty, and staff to perform “smart” content searches in Moodle

15 Process for Data Collection Establish data scope, inputs, sources, and roles – All M1 & M2 Courses; All M3 & M4 Clerkships and Sub-Internships; Electives are out-of-scope at this time – Course inputs for setup (name, number, dates, student groups, objectives, access, short name, color coding for calendar) – Event inputs include 29 data fields; we use 21 – Data sources – Moodle, Syllabi, Course and Clerkship Directors (as needed) – Course/Clerkship Directors own and provide the data; Medical Education inputs data into OASIS

16 Interaction with Course/Clerkship Directors Develop all Course/Clerkship Level Objectives – Start with a verb – Include the common threads, i.e., professionalism – Coded by knowledge, skills, and attitudes – Map up to at least 1 School Objective Ensure the development and consistency of all Event Objectives and keywords – work with other faculty – Start with a verb – Consider no more than 5 per instructional hour – Each one maps to at least 1 Course/Clerkship Level Objective

17 Interaction with Course/Clerkship Directors - Continued Compare current academic year objectives to previous academic year objectives – note any changes Work with Directors for new or modified objectives to map or re-map, keywords, etc. Create a report called the ‘Course/Clerkship Map’ for their validation of the data prior to the submission for CI Once uploaded to CI, send out various report versions for their final data validation and approval for final submission

18 Mapping Considerations Perform analysis of horizontal and vertical mapping – School objectives should all map to at least 1 Course/Clerkship objective – Likewise Course/Clerkship objectives should all be mapped to at least 1 session objective – What’s the breakdown of Knowledge, Skills, and Attitudes? Mapping consistency – – Does a common course objective map to the same school objective? – Does the mapping of an objective that hasn’t changed stay the same or can the mapping change?

19 Other updates from participants

20 Wednesday, February 11, 1 pm ET (Second Wednesday of each month, 1 pm ET) Next meeting:

21 Chart template

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