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Communication strategy and techniques to launch InnovMed Dr. Fatma H. Sayed Vienna meeting 25 June 2007.

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1 communication strategy and techniques to launch InnovMed Dr. Fatma H. Sayed Vienna meeting 25 June 2007

2 Why do we need a Communication campaign ? Promoting a culture of innovation, disseminating, sharing and adapting knowledge on innovations in governance, are the core elements of the mission statement of InnovMed. Therefore, in its first meeting held in Morocco in March 2007, the Steering Committee of InnovMed decided to develop a communication strategy to build on the existing dissemination policy concerning the activities of InnovMed.

3 The outreach and communication program should aim at : launching InnovMed, diffusing awareness of its mission and activities and most important of all, soliciting feedback and suggestions from the various parties and stake holders of governance in the region.

4 Target audiences Primary Target audience: State institutions in the region (not only top officials but also the various stakeholders of each institution including the civil servants and). Middle line officials are a natural target for the communication strategy as they are at the fore front of administrative innovation. To be more specific: government officials civil servants public sector managers Academia, research centers, trainers, experts/consultants Secondary target audience: Non state actors civil societies that could be integrated in service delivery at various points media citizens represented by consumer associations and/or similar associations private sector (business associations and others)

5 key messages InnovMed is a tool at the service of governments InnovMed provides concrete solutions to real governance problems InnovMed serves as a platform for the promotion of a culture of innovation in Governance in the Mediterranean Region

6 communication mix The communication mix, or the mix of the various means of communication to be utilized in this communication program will depend on the target audience, the type of message and of course the availability of budget

7 Direct mail and interpersonal communication: On-line and electronic communications Web site Electronic and print news letter Data-base local and international journals on Public Administration and governance Key events (such as the Global Forum, the annual conferences, and others) Press releases re the Public Service Award, pilot projects or other news of potential public interest.

8 Mass Media: Establish contacts with national and regional media and invite key media representatives to our activities Develop a media kit for the use of regional and local media and nominate some members of the steering committee of InnovMed to be the contact/focal points for the mass media national focal points could nominate key media representatives on the national and regional levels

9 Networking: cooperation with the regional and local UN offices in the region and through the activities of the complementary networks existing in the region capitalize on the active links with the already existing partnerships of InnovMed. ( e.g. Formez, the World Bank, Harvard, Granada University, Arado, Cafrad, UN-habitat and others)

10 Networking: Consequently, we need to provide brochures-flyers and perhaps some audiovisual materials (presenting some documentaries on pilot projects and innovations) to be utilized for the presentation of InnovMed in the various activities of such partners. These presentation materials could be used by the members of InnovMed, who are also members of these institutions.

11 Communication Products: Print communication products: Brochures/Flyer Newsletters Media kit Audiovisuals: Brief documentaries (10-15 minutes) to be used in conferences, meetings, mass media and others, to present Innovmed and eventually promote pilot projects, innovations, and winners of the public service awards)

12 Communication Products: Electronic presentations: Need be short, clear and with a pleasant visual impact. They can be developed in power point or other electronic means, that give a brief presentation of InnovMed (mission, activities and most important achievements and solicit feedback)

13 research and evaluation We can measure the effectiveness of the outreach program through the following indicators: level of response to the electronic and online direct communication soliciting participation in various activities. number of visitors of the web-site and online feedback. number of communications received from the primary and secondary target audience requesting information, assistance or simply providing their ideas or input. number of innovations identified through active and participatory communication through the various means of communication utilized by the communication program. Number of requests for membership or association with InnovMed.

14 research and evaluation This careful assessment could be conducted in an intermediary phase in order to re- evaluate and eventually revise the communication program. A suitable timing for the intermediary assessment could be after 6 months of launching the communication campaign.

15 project management and budget: the careful implementation of the communication program depends on the diligence and commitment of the communication officers identified by the steering committee of Innovmed to carry out and execute the communication program. need for some external professionals to manage technical and artistic issues. need creative professionals for the design of the logo, print materials, audiovisuals (documentary and presentations) and media kit

16 project management and budget: The budget for such activities needs to be based on the actual costs in terms of the time involvement of the communication officers that will develop the content of the communication messages, manage and follow up on the electronic and online communications, follow up on the implementation and evaluation of the communication program and so on.

17 Timeline ActivityProposed Date 1. Identifying contacts of target audience and developing mailing lists July-September 2007 2. Developing a database with contactsJuly-October 2007 3. Designing a web pageJuly-October 2007 4. Develop the communication messages (contents and formats) July-October 2007 5. Designing a logo for InnovMed July-October 2007 6. Production of materialsNovember-December 2007

18 Timeline ActivityProposed Date 7. Diffusing messages through electronic meansJanuary- December 2008 8. Identifying contacts with mass mediaJuly – December 2007 9. Distributing media kits and inviting media reps to InnovMed activities January – December 2008 10. Capitalizing on existing contacts with other networks and UN local offices and distributing brochures and flyers to them July 2007 – December 2008 11. Communicating through periodical events (conference & workshops) May-June 2008 12. Conducting the intermediary evaluation and reportingJuly- August 2008

19 Timeline ActivityProposed Date 13. Eventual revision of communication program in terms of contents and approaches September 2008 14. Final evaluation of communication programDecember 2008-January 2009 Other proposed activities ……


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