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Loupe Group New Orleans, La.

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1 Loupe Group New Orleans, La


3 Professional Background
Paul Loupe 148 Shirley Lane Reserve, La 70084 Work: (985) Fax: (985) Executive Summary Offering 35 years experience as both a project manager and industrial / commercial construction superintendent. Experience includes safety; quality control; supervising team members and subcontractors; writing project plans, reports, and documentation; scheduling; reviewing bid proposals and awarding contracts; preparing budgets; and controlling expenses. Expertise includes bioremediation, petrochemical turnaround and shut down, and industrial and commercial construction. Proven record of success completing projects on time and under budget.More than 20 years experience in the development, growth and leadership of personnel. Strong planning, organizational and communication skills with the ability to independently plan and direct all levels of business affairs. Pioneer innovative programs and training. Expert in analyzing existing operations and implementing the strategies, processes and technologies to improve organizational performance. Strong P&L management, project management, and human resources experience. Executive with 20 years of successful strategic business planning & financial experience, including developing start-ups, conducting extensive sales and marketing, successful investment banking, and providing executive leadership in the areas of Strategic Marketing, Operations, Capitalization and Finance. Professional Background CEO to Present Loupe Construction & Consulting Co., Inc. Reserve, La Executed complete company start-up including construction, staffing, and financing. Developed a standard cost system for product costing and pricing. Developed valuable business relationships with key clients/constituents. Developed procedure for establishing costs and improving accuracy in business plans and margin analyses. Developed and executed plan to convert manual accounting systems to computerized systems. Created integrated sales and marketing strategies, and coordinated national and regional sales program implementation. Developed and implemented accounting and financial activities that ensured proper internal accounting controls. Presented the business plans to existing shareholders, new investors, and investment bankers to gather support for the strategy. Effectively controlled and managed cash. Experienced in finding market openings through creativity. Generated monthly financial reports. Generated property tax, sales tax, and business tax returns. Increased cash flow by improving control over working capital. Developed and implemented new management control systems. Formulated all aspects of business start-up from inaugurating corporate identity to product evolution, marketing, and sales. Formulated creative alternatives and negotiated solutions for new multimillion-dollar contracts. Established corporate structure, set up offices, hired and supervised employees. Analyzed financial statements for operational problems. Built cohesive management teams, solved difficult organizational problems, implemented new programs, and restructured organizational design. Communicated confidently and knowledgeably with government officials and associated company principals on a wide range of subjects. Organized and co-authored the company's business plans to diversify revenues, expand the scope of services and deploy growth initiatives.

4 Loupe Construction & Consulting Company, Inc.
Mailing Address: 148 Shirley Lane, Reserve, LA Physical Address: 148 Shirley Lane, Garyville, LA Phone: (504) ~ Fax: (985) ~ SERVICES OFFERED Civil ~ Furnish and Drive Piles (Wood, Concrete, and Metal) ~ Foundations & Levee Construction Construct and repair highways, streets, bridges & parking lots Furnish and haul construction site materials ~ Disaster cleanup and Remediation Services Heavy construction & Excavation ~ Construction of Levees and other flood control construction Directional drilling and Road Boring ~ Pipe Bursting ~ Demolition ~ Equipment Rental Drainage, Water and Sewer Pipe Installation and Point Repairs Telecommunications Construction ~ Design / Build Construction ~ Airport Construction Industrial and Commercial Construction ~ Marine Construction Multiple family/housing project developments Loupe Construction & Consulting Co., Inc. (LCCI) owner and general manager, Alvin Paul Loupe, has more than 35 years experience in providing the above services to the construction industry. LCCI performed projects ranging from $1, to $500,000,000.00 LCCI holds contractor’s license in Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, Alabama, and North Carolina and is insured and bonded by an A rated company. LCCI is also OSHA 600 and First Aid certified. LCCI’s NAICS Codes 221320; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ;

5 SIC’s are 1611; 1623; 1629; 1771; 1794; 1795; The company is also registered in CCR, Pro-Net and ORCA. The following is additional company information: Date Company was started: DUNS: Number of employees at location: TIN: President: Alvin Paul Loupe Cage Code: 3AY24 Manager of all Projects: Rick Herndon LA State Lic. Number: LCCI has established a reputation for high quality, reliable, and prompt service within the New Orleans metropolitan area, the Gulf Coast, and the Southeastern United States. LCCI has agreements with approximately 356 Subcontractors. For additional information please visit our website located at: We look forward to working with you and your company anytime, anywhere. Sincerely, Alvin Paul Loupe, President

6 Loupe Construction & Consulting Company, Inc.
Mailing Address: 148 Shirley Lane, Reserve, LA Physical Address: 148 Shirley Lane, Garyville, LA Phone: (504) ~ Fax: (985) ~ Financial Information Banking Bonding/Insurance Regions Bank Insurance Underwriters Mr. Herman Deslatte, Jr Edenborn Ave. 110 Belle Terre Blvd PO Box 6738 Laplace, LA Metairie, LA Accounting Allday Consulting Group LLC 2901 N. Causeway Blvd. Suite 301 Metairie, LA

7 Personnel and Expertise
Mission Statement The Loupe group is dedicated to delivering superior products and services to the emergency management community. Driven by the appropriate and accurate implementation of technology, regulatory interpretation, and creativity, we shall provide practical and cost effective solutions to the full spectrum of our clientele. We will do whatever is necessary to not only meet but to exceed expectations and deliver success to all parties. Health & Safety   Safe work performance is a primary concern of Loupe Construction. Accordingly, all employees are directed to observe the requirements of the safety and health standards which have been laid out by the Department of Labor to implement the Occupational Safety and Health Act. Our Health and Safety Program is comprised of an Accident Prevention Program, Substance Abuse Policy and Site-Specific Health and Safety Plans designed to address specific needs of each individual project. Personnel and Expertise Personnel Loupe Construction maintains a full-time management staff comprised of professional project managers, US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE)-certified quality control managers, logistics managers and finance and accounting managers. Our company officers all possess extensive emergency response experience, and are reinforced by our professional staff of more than 20 individuals. Loupe Construction has reviewed the qualifications of all staff members with respect to the performance requirements and expectations. Expertise in Debris Removal in a Recovery Environment Founded in 1973, Loupe Construction is a licensed general contractor and a government contracting firm specializing in disaster recovery work following hurricanes, and other catastrophes. Loupe Construction also provides specialized services including Heavy Civil demolition, construction, pile driving services, and road boring.   Loupe Construction has been awarded and successfully performed bridge work contracts in different states in the Union and the Caribbean.

8 Personnel and Expertise Cont.
Our history of successful performance of general contracting projects is a direct result of several critical business operation components, including: our experienced and talented staff, long-standing working relationships with experienced sub-contract firms, inventory of owned equipment, financial strength and resources, and the integrity and standard of quality applied throughout our business operations. Our mission is to completely satisfy our clients while maintaining the highest standards of ethics, safety and performance. We take great pride and satisfaction in consistently providing exemplary services that are on time and within established budgets. As detailed in other sections of this proposal, Loupe Construction has extensive experience in civil, bridge work and responding to disaster recovery missions, performing demolition both in disaster and non-emergency situations, and completing other services related to the recovery of impacted areas from natural disasters. In just the Hurricane season of 2005, Loupe Construction concurrently managed disaster recovery missions for Hurricanes Katrina and Rita in a Joint Venture with Ceres Environmental Services. The Hurricane Katrina mission resulted in the removal of over 14 million cubic yards of storm debris, management of 24 Temporary Debris Storage and Reduction Sites, demolition of over 1,000 storm-damaged structures, and the removal or trimming of over 160,000 storm damaged trees, some of which necessitated the use of cranes. The nature of the demolition work for this particular contract, because of the extensive nature of damage caused by the Hurricanes and subsequent flooding, necessitated the development of specialized procedures to minimize the safety of crew members and the public and minimize potential adverse impacts to our environment. Loupe Construction developed a demolition plan specific to the removal of these structures and which addressed the elevated hazard presented by the instability of the structures and likely presence of hazardous substances such as lead, asbestos, and mold. To ensure the safety and quality of demolition operations, Loupe Construction assigns Safety Officers and QC Officers with the responsibility of monitoring crew (both Loupe Construction and subcontracted) activities, preparing daily reports, and implementing immediate corrective measures if any non-conformances are identified. The low incident rates maintained by Loupe Construction and high level of customer satisfaction are, in some measure, attributed to the planning and monitoring aspects we employed to this project, which is also employed to all contracts performed by this company.

9 Capacity and Capabilities
 Resources, Response Capabilities, Execution The capabilities, responsiveness and successful contract management of this company are due to several critical business components including: experienced and talented managers and technical personnel, financial strength and resources, established business associations with subcontract firm’s nation-wide, extensive inventory of owned equipment, and sound business and management practices. Upon arrival A suitable locations will be determined to deploy first response resources and support the Incident Command System. Our expertise in the areas of ordering, inventory management, and deploying of assets into the field using state of the art position tracking systems in conjunction with emergency management and USCG specifications. Upon determining the area of operations, it shall be divided into several divisions. Each division will then be broken into sections, which will focus on areas of impact, so that specific task forces can address any obstacles encountered,. Personnel Our company officers have extensive emergency response experience, and are supported by a professional staff of more than 20 individuals who hold degrees in business administration, civil engineering, forestry, geology, the sciences and accounting. Loupe Construction employs licensed engineers, architects, ISA-certified arborists, and other specialists who are professionally trained and fully capable of completing any size project. These employees possess extensive experience in engineering, construction, and disaster recovery management. Some of the qualifications held by our engineers include, but are not limited to: Undergraduate and advanced degrees in Civil and Electrical Engineering, Certified general contractor and roofing contractor; Maintenance of Traffic (MOT) certifications; OSHA 10-Hour and 30-hour Construction Industry safety courses; and USACE Construction Quality Control for Contractor certifications. Subcontractors Loupe Construction maintains a database of 356 screened and qualified subcontractors, including local vendors and preferred vendors. Loupe Construction subcontractors have been evaluated on many levels, including past performance, equipment and personnel availability, mobilization timeframes, insurance and cost. We always strive to employ qualified local labor to boost the economy in the areas in which we work. Finances and Accounting Loupe Construction can provide performance and payment bonds in amounts in excess of $150 million per project. With additional working capital and additional credit lines available, a lack of financial resources is never an obstacle for Loupe Construction.

10 Capacity and Capabilities
Capable and Experienced Loupe Construction has performed disaster recovery work on three USACE Contracts as a Joint Venture with Ceres Environmental Services, Loupe Construction has never had a regulatory or license agency sanction imposed on our company, and has never defaulted on a project or failed to complete a project. Loupe Construction has performed numerous civil, Heavy, Marine, Highway, and Commercial Projects throughout the United States. None of our clients has ever been denied FEMA reimbursement for Loupe Construction projects. Reliable and Responsive Our clients rely on Loupe Construction to rapidly mobilize personnel and equipment, and we respond strongly as shown by our past performance. Following Hurricane Katrina, on just the first day of operations in Jefferson Parish (Louisiana), Loupe Construction hauled over 80,000 cubic yards of storm debris. Our clients rely on Loupe Construction and we respond with superb service levels. From our offices in Garyville, New Orleans, and Convent Louisiana we can have Disaster Recovery Team representation onsite in a matter of hours. Loupe Construction expects our local subcontractors to have equipment onsite in less than 12 hours. Our clients trust Loupe Construction to perform and our people honor the company’s commitment. Respected and Safe Loupe Construction is proud of our leadership in business ethics, as we earn high marks from our clients in this regard. Our clients’ respect is upheld by our management; Loupe Construction has never been debarred from any type of contracting, including federal contracting. In addition to an admirable reputation in recycling and debris management, Loupe Construction also strives for a strong record in job safety. Loupe Construction conducts thorough training, constant inspections of field operations and proper equipment use to minimize the risk of injury to our workers and citizens in the field of operations. All of our full-time field employees and more than half of our management staff hold current certifications in CPR/First Aid and AED use, and several have completed OSHA’s 10 or 30-hour course in Construction Safety and the OSHA 40-hour Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response course.

11 Capacity and Capabilities
Equipment Loupe Construction owns more than 60 pieces of equipment and over 2500 additional pieces of construction equipment with access to additional equipment through our extensive subcontractor relationships and agreements with rental companies. The large, Loupe Construction -owned fleet offers flexibility, direct control, high levels of responsiveness and accountability. Additionally, we own all the life-support equipment needed for supporting our personnel, and have pre-existing accounts with life-support equipment suppliers if additional units or services are needed for project-wide and government personnel.

12 Past Performance  Quality of Service, Timeliness of Performance and Business Relations Loupe Construction has a senior management team that is second to none in its experience and expertise in General Contracting, debris collection, reduction and disposal operations. Loupe Construction Senior Management team consists of the following individuals: Founder/President: Alvin Paul Loupe Government Contracting Director: Rick Herndon Corporate Secretary Angie Martin Corporate Health & Safety Officer: JP Loupe Loupe Construction Standard Operating Procedures and Personnel Manuals provide the foundation upon which we build all of our projects, including disaster debris removal and reduction projects. In addition, while there is a formal written method to conduct our emergency response activities, Loupe Construction is privately owned and operated by its President, allowing for extreme responsiveness to rapidly changing situations. Loupe Construction has a team of divisions and department managers who have trained their personnel such that the manager is able to leave on short notice, travel to a disaster area, and provide immediate managerial skills to a project response while their normal responsibilities and duties “at home” continue through their support staff. We are very familiar with the need and ability to expand our non-disaster weekly revenue base to one that is eight or more times greater in order to ensure rapid response in the field to recovery activities.

13 Past Performance Deployment: Preparation is Constant Loupe Construction personnel understand that a significant portion of our revenue comes from Federal/State Contracts. Therefore, just as a military installation maintains guard at all times in the event of an unforeseen attack, Loupe Construction maintains contacts and relationships in advance of a possible disaster event. Our Finance Department maintains existing accounts and works with our general contracting and disaster business unit to establish new accounts in preparation of immediate supply purchasing needs. Our managers maintain telephone contact and correspondence with subcontractors to continue to maintain relationships even through times when there is no immediate work. The result of this effort is the availability of personnel and equipment on very short notice. Our maintenance team works steadily year round to ensure our equipment is in top operating condition. Our talented crew also constructs custom-made equipment and components to improve the efficiency and capabilities of our work. Other staff personnel ensure documentation, plans, and essential supplies are inventoried and maintained and readily available for mobilization to the field offices as needed. Teamwork Teamwork is an essential part to our operations, including teamwork with our own personnel, our sub-contractors, and our contract owners. Loupe Construction strives to establish solid working relationships at all levels, and collaborate with the many entities involved in a project from the Corps “red shirts” to government leaders, local representatives and homeowners. Availability of Subcontractors Loupe Construction plans and staffs any given project depending upon expected production levels. For this proposal, following issuance of a task order, Loupe Construction will seek to maintain an excess of personnel above the quantity required for the work in order to be prepared for unforeseen circumstances and avoid the risk of having an insufficient quantity of workforce and equipment. Loupe Construction will not allow itself to be lacking in capacity for whatever quantity of throughout the Corps and or private companies generates.

14 Past Performance Our extensive experience and commitment to long-standing working relationships has placed us in a position to be well-prepared for this contract. We have managed multiple contracts and multiple crews, and have never defaulted on a contract or failed to perform our work. Although Loupe Construction has a large contingent of subcontractors, the specific firms selected for any given task order will be dependent upon the geographic location of the response and similar project needs. In addition to our list of established subcontract firms, Loupe Construction strives to utilize, to the maximum extent possible, local small, disadvantaged and woman-owned businesses. Our subcontractor plan further explains of utilization goals for small and disadvantaged businesses. In addition to this effort, Loupe Construction also seeks to utilize local labor and other resources to help restore economic balance to the affected communities. Team Management Prior to deployment of our subcontractors, personnel and equipment, Loupe Construction appoints specific, qualified personnel to fulfill critical management roles throughout the duration of the project. The Project Manager will be appointed by the President of the firm who will in turn appoint Zone or Operations Managers. The Project Manager will also serve Liaison to the client and have authority, in writing, to commit Loupe Construction to various phases of work. The PM will be available a minimum of 10 hours per day, and be available 24 hours per day, seven days per week, on an on-call basis. The PM will be provided with electronic linkage capabilities for transmitting and receiving relevant contractual information and for making other necessary arrangements for project and site activities. The PM will participate in daily reviews and meetings as needed in order to provide essential contractor information. The Project Manager will work with Area Operations Managers to identify the boundaries of the entire work area and then divide this area in Zones. Zone boundaries will be determined with consideration given to client priorities, geographic location and conditions, and estimated work loadings. Each zone is further divided into quadrants and specific crews assigned responsibility to specific quadrants. Each crew has an appointed foreman who reports to a Superintendent. The Field Superintendent, who may supervise up to 10 men, reports to the Area Operations Manager who, in turn, reports to the Project Manager. The Field Superintendent is responsible for ensuring crews complete the assigned work properly and on time. The Area Operations Manager will inspect each quadrant for satisfactory completion and, if approved, authorize the crew to move to a new work area. Work progresses through each quadrant systematically until the entire Zone is completed. This work is planned and coordinated between the Area Operations Managers and Project Manager. For debris missions, a first pass through the entire project area (all Zones) must be completed by a specific date, thereby ensuring consistent production and attention to each area throughout the assigned project area. Upon completion of the first pass, the second pass will commence in a similar manner and, finally, the third pass through the affected area until all work is satisfactorily completed.

15 Past Performance Other Management team members will include a manager for each of the following functions and support personnel as specific tasks and duties require: Health, Safety and Environmental Compliance Quality Control Contract Administration Human Resources Subcontractor Administration Materials Management (government-supplied and Loupe Construction -purchased) Data Management Damage Repair and Public Relations Additional support staff personnel are retained as needed through existing teaming agreements established by Loupe Construction in order to provide prompt assistance to our managers; these may include data entry clerks, clerical staff, accounting staff, and other technical support. Effectiveness Throughout our many years of operation, our experienced management staff has clearly demonstrated its ability to: • Respond to large scale events— In response to Hurricane Katrina, Loupe Construction operated 24 TDSR sites across southern Louisiana; hauled and disposed of over 14 million cubic yards of debris and 8000 units of white goods; trimmed or removed 164,683 hazardous trees from rights-of-way, and demolished over 1000 storm-damaged structures. • Respond to multiple events— During the 2005 Hurricane season, Loupe Construction operated emergency response sites in Louisiana, while maintaining its schedule on non-disaster related construction.

16 Past Performance • Demolish buildings damaged by disaster and other causes — Loupe Construction decommissioned and demolished over 1000 structures in Louisiana damaged by Hurricane Katrina. • Safely remove and dispose of hazardous materials from storm-damaged communities — Loupe Construction has removed hazardous materials from debris and damaged structures located in twelve (12) Louisiana parishes impacted by Hurricane Katrina. • Safely removed thousands hazardous trees or hanging limbs damaged by severe storms— Following Hurricane Katrina, Loupe Construction completed right-of-entry tree removal actions throughout twelve (12) southern Louisiana Parishes, totaling over 1,000 private properties. Loupe Construction has performed removal of dead and dying trees on this same contract, as well as removal of thousands of dangerous leaning trees and hanging limbs on multiple disaster recovery contracts. • Performed normal general contracting projects. Timely Performance One responsibility of the Project Manager, Area Operations Managers, and other personnel critical to the project team is to predict the time necessary for to complete each phase of work based on projected workloads and crew resources. Project schedules are developed based upon client needs and initial work projections. Once the work is in progress the Area Operations Managers and Field Supervisors will provide the daily reports and other necessary information to the Project Manager on a regular basis; the Project Manager analyzes the data and related information to monitor adherence to the estimated performance schedule. This regular reporting and analysis system allows for Area Operations Managers and the Project Managers to quickly identify possible phases of work that are not meeting the anticipated schedule and make the necessary adjustments in order to correct the deviation and ensure the work is completed on time. Past Performance See Attached Past Performance

17 Sub-Contracting Subcontracting efforts to comply with the Intent of the Robert T. Staffor Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance Act It is the objective of Loupe Construction to perform all contracts in an efficient and safe manner through the effective administration and management of our equipment, personnel, subcontractors, and suppliers. It is our goal to provide the Government with the highest level of technical and administrative performance while achieving our participation goals and capturing opportunities for local small business, HUBZone certified small business, Veteran owned, Service-disabled Veteran-owned business, Small Disadvantaged business, and Small woman-owned business. It is our goal to provide local businesses with subcontracting opportunities to the maximum extent possible. Through the following functions, Loupe Construction shall ensure our subcontracting goals and project objectives are achieved: Identification and maintenance of a qualified potential subcontractor database to track business status within each level of government. Identification of all federal, state, and local government associations, as well as private association/coalitions for targeted businesses. Solicit, counsel and discuss subcontracting opportunities with representatives of targeted business firms. Encourage certification of firms prior to commencement of work. Assist business concerns by arranging solicitations, time for the preparation of bids, quantities, specifications, and schedules so as to facilitate the participation by such concerns. Ensure that small business concerns, and disadvantaged small business, women-owned business, disabled veteran, and HUB-Zone concerns have an equitable opportunity to compete for subcontracts. Provide internal training to encourage purchasing personnel to meet or exceed subcontracting goals Assist business entities with their Central Contractor Registration Provide notice to subcontractors concerning penalties and remedies for misrepresentations of business status for the purpose of obtaining a subcontract that is to be included as part or all of a goal contained in this subcontracting plan. Submit the required reports for all efforts used to identify and solicit targeted business concerns. Participate in any studies or surveys that may be requested by the client or other agencies.

18 Sub-Contracting Loupe Construction will prepare a subcontract plan for each government contract, identifying goals to be awarded to each type of small and disadvantaged business concern. Loupe Construction will make every effort to comply with the goals identified in the contract and subcontract plan to the fullest extent consistent with the efficient performance of the work. Loupe Construction will also cooperate in any studies or surveys that may be conducted by the client to determine the extent of compliance with this clause. The term “small business concern” shall mean a small business as defined pursuant to Section 3 of the Small Business Act and relevant regulations. The term “small business concern owned and controlled by socially and economically disadvantaged individuals” shall mean a business concern: (1)That is at least 51 percent owned by one or more socially and economically disadvantaged individuals; or, in the case of any publicly owned business, at least 51 percent of the stock is owned by one or more socially or economically disadvantaged individuals; and (2) Whose management and daily business operations are controlled by one or more such individuals. The contractor shall presume that socially and economically disadvantaged individuals include Black-Americans, Hispanic Americans, Native Americans, Asian-Pacific Americans, Asian-Indian Americans and other minorities, or any individual found to be disadvantaged by the Administration pursuant to 8(a) of the Small Business Act. Small business concerns owned and controlled by service-disabled veterans, veterans, and women, means businesses that are at least 51 percent owned by veterans, service disabled veterans or women who are United States citizens and who also control and operate the business. HUBZone small business concerns include those that appear on the List of Qualified HUBZone Small Business Concerns Maintained by the SBA. All Subcontracts shall include the clause entitled “Utilization of Small, Small Disadvantaged and Women-Owned Small Business Concerns.” All Subcontractors, with the exception of SDBs who receive contracts in excess of $ 500,000.00, will be required to adopt a plan similar that approved for the awarded contract.

19 Sub-Contracting Record Keeping Loupe Construction utilizes custom programs to monitor weekly subcontract performance relative to project totals. This information is reviewed against the subcontract goals identified in the approved subcontract plan to measure compliance with these goals and identify areas for improvement. Periodic reports will be submitted in order to allow the Contracting Officer’s Representative to determine the extent of compliance to the subcontracting plan. Unless otherwise specified, Loupe Construction will prepare and submit USACE Subcontract form (SF) 294 for Subcontracting Report for Individual Contracts, and /or USACE SF 295, Summary Subcontract Report, in accordance with the instructions on the forms. In addition, Loupe Construction will ensure that its subcontractors agree to submit Forms 294 and 295. Records of subcontract award data are maintained to include subcontractor’s name and address for each contract, minutes of internal motivational and training meetings held for guidance and encouragement of purchasing personnel, and related records of all subcontract goal monitoring activities. Records of subcontracts awarded in excess of $ 100, will demonstrate how SDBs, SBs, WOBCs, VOBCs, SDVOBCs, HUBZones, and SDBs were solicited or provide an explanation as to why these business concerns were not considered. Resources Loupe Construction makes every effort to identify, log and procure the necessary contractor data to allow for the fair and equitable participation of each contract. The following listings are utilized to provide an immediate source of contractors that qualify as small business, HUBZone small business, Service-disabled Veteran business, Small Disadvantaged business, and Small woman-owned business concerns. The following lists are representative and should not be construed as the sole sources: SBA Dynamic Small Business Search Federally Registered Contractors for Contractor Compliance (CCR) American Business Information Business USA Minority Business Councils Business Development Agencies Local Minority Business Agencies

20 Sub-Contracting Additionally Loupe Construction contacts City, County and Municipal Minority Business Development Offices as additional resources for contractors. For each subcontract solicitation resulting in an award of more than $ 10,000.00, Loupe Construction will document: Whether small business concerns were solicited and if not, why not Whether small disadvantaged business concerns were solicited and if not, why not Whether women owned small business concerns were solicited and if not, why not The reason award was not made to a small business concern Records of outreach efforts to contact: Trade Associations, Business Development Organizations, Conferences and Trade Fairs Records of Internal Guidance Records of Subcontractors Award Data Local Firms It is the intention, policy and practice of Loupe Construction to utilize local subcontract services in the performance of the proposed contract to the maximum extent possible as consistent with prime contract requirements and sound business practices and management policies. We recognize the advantages obtainable by utilizing other responsible and experienced firms who are capable of furnishing specialty services and products of high quality. First priority will be given to those subcontractors who are from, do business in, the surrounding area. A separate program shall be included for local contractors that do not necessarily have goals established under the contract requirements. Loupe Construction internal Subcontractor databases, on-line databases, online local business directories, and local government offices will be used to identify contractors in the immediate area. This is the process used quite successfully by Loupe Construction in all major natural disasters. The search and identification will validate the speed and performance level to mobilize contractors on site and begin the physical work. Our internal subcontractor database includes over 365 subcontractors (1000+ crews) who have expressed interest in or assisted our firm in the successful completion of emergency response contracts. All efforts will be made to procure materials and labor from local vendors.

21 Loupe Construction and Consulting Co
Loupe Construction and Consulting Co.’s Development of the MC252 Hopedale Base

22 With Loupe’s suppliers we will be able to provide all necessary emergency response materials/equipment

23 Boom will be flanked along shore lines for rapid deployment.

24 Loupe’s professional Emergency Response Team will coordinate all planning and operational functions in compliance with Incident Command.

25 In order to more efficiently respond to impacted areas Loupe will mobilize all necessary equipment where deployment is needed

26 In sensitive ecological areas, Loupe professionals will take all precautions to minimize impact.

27 Loupe deploys all of the latest and most innovative technologies to conserve sensitive areas

28 In certain applications Loupe can deploy vessels equipped with organic sorbent materials

29 Loupe has wide arrangement of skimmers that established the MC252 Vessels of Opportunity Program in Hopedale, LA. Which provided much needed support to local fisherman

30 Through our staff of Logistic Professionals we can not only manage and deploy all resources, but also accurately track and map out current GPS locations.


































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