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A “How To” Guide for UCSF Fresno on Grants and Contracts 559.243.3607.

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1 A “How To” Guide for UCSF Fresno on Grants and Contracts 559.243.3607

2 Steps to Apply for A Grant Develop a research plan or idea for a grant Decide what you are going to do And how are you going to do it. Research background information Read funded grants for ideas, mentors, consultants, etc.

3 Search for funding organization GRO can help you search. Go online at or call 243-3607 to discuss search Examples of funding agencies: NIH: National Institutes of Health CDC: Centers for Disease Control AHRQ: Agency for Health Research and Quality non-profit foundations, pharmaceutical companies

4 Before You Start……Anything Contact UCSF Fresno GRO (243-3607) at least one month prior to due date for assistance Grant is due no later than 9am, 6 business days prior to published deadline to GRO office – no exceptions Review instructions from funding agency

5 Where GRO can help... All UCSF Fresno grants must be submitted through UCSF Contracts and Grants for review and official signatures – (i.e. Legal name of Applicant: UC Regents) Budget Review – GRO can advise, build and structure budget and narrative according to grant guidelines and internal UCSF guidelines to avoid rejection. GRO will ensure that all grant guidelines are followed regarding administrative details (length, size, formatting, number of copies, etc., signatures, financial interest statements) GRO will edit for consistency and continuity and provide examples of language descriptors Help arrange for Letters of Support, and write and organize miscellaneous parts of final product.

6 What Principal Investigator must decide.. Specific Aim: what are you going to do? Background/ Significance/Need: why is this important, what prior work has been done Preliminary Data: your team, your expertise, your previous publications, your access to appropriate populations Method: Rationale, Approach, Pitfalls, Analysis, Timeline Sustainability: How will you carry on after the funding ends – is the project “exportable”? Mechanics: Short paragraphs, bold headlines, graphs, charts, Make it “easy” to read !

7 Budget help Personnel Use current salaries, benefits; adjust 5% each year for salary increases in multi year budget. UCSF Fresno GRO and Human Resources can help with job titles, descriptions and salary parameters for TBA (to be announced) personnel All CCFMG faculty and staff can be listed as PERSONNEL on grant applications and then internally reimbursed by UCSF after the award CMC personnel must be listed as contractual agreements Narrative/ Justification Description of each portion of the budget Personnel: explains duties and supervision structure Travel: Detail travel costs, hotel costs, meal costs Equipment: There may be a threshold of what constitutes equipment and computers may be considered a supply since costs have dropped. NOTE: All equipment is property of UC – grant is awarded to the University not to the PI. Consultants/ Consortium agreements/ Subcontracts – letters of agreement in advance Indirect Costs –Some indirect (i.e. overhead, facilities and administrative costs) are calculated inside the budget and some are calculated outside the budget. GRO can advise. –26% for NIH; 8 % for Health Resources Services Agency (HRSA for residency training grants), 8% for State of California, Varies for non-profit; 0% waivers

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