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Northwest Sinfonietta Music Off the Record The music of Mozart, Mozart, and Chagnard -Dr. Ken Owen.

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1 Northwest Sinfonietta Music Off the Record The music of Mozart, Mozart, and Chagnard -Dr. Ken Owen

2 Mozart Most beloved composer Start of NWS! Many stories – favorites?

3 Child-prodigy Symphony at 8 Oratorio at 11 Opera at 12 Toured Europe as a child ◦ Played for highest royalty ◦ Played for pope ◦ Absorbed styles – shaped his own ◦ Cosmopolitan composer

4 Mozart

5 Mozart What happens to child stars when they grow up? Court of Archbishop of Salzburg w/Dad ◦ Hated it – not famous Tour as adult Couldn’t get a good job Mom Died while in Paris

6 Mozart Back to Salzburg Trip to Vienna w/Archbishop’s orchestra Stay as freelance composer Started well Ended bad – fickle public

7 Piano concerto 23 in A Composed in 1786 – Vienna While working on “Marriage of Figaro” Financial stress – becoming passé in Vienna. 3 rd baby born – lived 1 month Little performing Figaro popular in Prague, so he goes there

8 Piano concerto 23 One of most popular today Perhaps Mozart’s own favorite ◦ Took it on travels and performed it a lot ◦ Wrote out the cadenza C major, but full of depth 2 nd movement in a rare key for Mozart ◦ F# minor 3 rd movement lively and cheerful

9 Symphony 39 One of last 3 – composed together in 1788 ◦ Composed at a stone table in garden Bad year ◦ Figaro and Don Giovanni alienated the aristocracy ($) and fed into spirit of revolution ◦ Had to move because no money ◦ Poor health for he and Constanza

10 Symphony 39 Warm and optimistic sounding despite circumstances No concept of composer writing to express own emotions of time ◦ A job, composed what would bring in $ Commission for Symphony 39? Ahead of his time in concept of artist and in expression.

11 Chagnard Born in France Parents listen to many types of music, including classical. No other music training. Pianist in High school ◦ Started guitar to play with  Rock n’ Roll – Pink Floyd  All by hear

12 Chagnard Visited Father in NY in 1982 Getting into jazz, more serious about music Visited Berkley School of Music ◦ Huge impact ◦ Stayed and studied for 1 year ◦ Back to France to work and save ◦ Back to Boston to finish education ◦ Composition/film scoring focus  Led to conducting

13 Chagnard Frenchman writing Cuban music? Precedent ◦ De Falla, Albeniz, and Goyesca all learned to compose “Spanish” music from Ravel.  Exoticism Nationalism Recent experiences in Cuba ◦ Description of hearing bands from room ◦ Natural dance and rhythms of the people

14 Cuban music Many influences over the centuries West African slaves – rhythm Natural rhythms – clave rather than 4/4 Natural ease of dance.

15 Embargo 6 movements – each a specific dance ◦ Specific rhythms ◦ Researched and worked w/Cuban musicians

16 Embargo I Guaguanco ◦ Fast, clave rhythms, hand claps, guitar II Son ◦ Slow fanfare – faster, clave, no strings III Danzon ◦ Slow relaxed tempo. Eerie start w/harmonics and “sound effects?” IV Cha-cha-cha ◦ Slide, moderate tempo, solo clarinet melody ◦ 2 nd section – gaps of scilence ◦ 3 rd section – 1 st tempo, “as if nothing happened”

17 Embargo V Bolero ◦ Minor, sultry and swaggering Spanish, trumpet solo w/guitar strumming VI Mambo ◦ Full orch. Clave, ◦ Complex layers, using families ◦ Similar to Rouse’s bump, but not so twisted

18 Enjoy the concert! Questions or comments on lecture? ◦ Powerpoint on web ◦

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