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The Life and Works of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

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1 The Life and Works of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Megan Schlegel Middle School General Music

2 Mozart’s Birth Mozart was born on January 27, 1756 in Salsburg, Austria He was the son of Leopold and Anna Maria Mozart Mozart was the second of seven children, but only two survived infancy

3 Mozart’s Early Years Mozart showed musical gifts at an early age
He began composing at the age of five He was performing for the Bavarian elector and Austrian empress at age six The family went on a tour to royal courts in cities like London and Paris in mid-1763

4 Mozart’s Influences Johann Christian Bach’s musical style was a large influence on Mozart’s early works Later in his life, Mozart used Joseph Haydn as an inspiration Johann Christian Bach Joseph Haydn

5 Mozart’s Works Symphonies Concertos Concertante Symphonies
Solo Piano Music Chamber Music Instrumental Works Sacred Music Operas

6 Mozart’s Symphonies Childhood Symphonies (1764-1771)
13 Numbered Symphonies (Nos. 1-13) There are also a fair amount of unnumbered symphonies from this time Salsburg-era Symphonies ( ) 17 Numbered Symphonies (Nos ) Sometimes these are subcategorized as “Early” and “Late” symphonies None were in print during Mozart’s life Late Symphonies ( ) 10 Numbered Symphonies (Nos ) His final three symphonies (Nos ) were completed in about three months

7 Mozart’s Concertos Piano Concertos
Mozart composed twenty-seven piano concertos Four are solo concertos Concerto No. 7 is written for three pianos, Concerto No. 10 is written for two pianos The remaining twenty-one are for piano and orchestra Piano Concerto No. 20

8 Mozart’s Concertos Violin Concertos
Mozart wrote five violin concertos while in his late teens His violin concertos are noted for their beautiful melodies and skillful use of the expressive and technical characteristics of the instrument Violin Concerto No. 5

9 Mozart’s Concertos Horn Concertos
Mozart wrote four concertos for horn These concertos are a major part of the professional horn players’ repertoire Horn Concerto No. 4

10 Mozart’s Concertos Other Concertos
Mozart also wrote numerous concertos for other instruments: Bassoon Oboe Clarinet Flute Harp

11 Mozart’s Concertante Symphonies
A concertante symphony is a musical work that combines the genres of the concerto and symphony Mozart wrote two Concertante Symphonies: Simfonia Concertante for Violin, Viola, and Orchestra K. 364 Simfonia Concertante for Oboe, Clarinet, Horn, and Bassoon K. 297b

12 Mozart’s Piano Music Mozart’s piano works include:
Nanneri’s Music Book 19 Piano Sonatas 6 Double Piano Sonatas 4 Fantasies

13 Mozart’s Chamber Music
Mozart wrote numerous chamber music pieces including: 36 Violin Sonatas Variations for Violin and Piano String Duos, Trios, Quartets, and Quintets Woodwind Chamber Music

14 Mozart’s Instrumental Works
The most notable instrumental work by Mozart is known as Gran Partita and was written for 2 oboes, 2 clarinets, 2 basset horns, 4 hunting horns, 2 bassoons and double bass

15 Mozart’s Sacred Music Mozart’s sacred music includes 18 Masses
Requiem in D minor is probably the most famous of his works

16 Mozart’s Operas Mozart wrote twenty operas in his lifetime
The most famous ones include: The Marriage of Figaro Don Giovanni The Magic Flute The Marriage of Figaro

17 Mozart’s Death Mozart died on December 5, 1791, in Vienna, Austria
He was 35

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