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The Five Steps to Finding an Internship Center for Career Development University of Connecticut Spring 2015.

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1 The Five Steps to Finding an Internship Center for Career Development University of Connecticut Spring 2015

2 Center for Career Development Mission Statement The Center for Career Development (CCD) at the University of Connecticut is dedicated to excellence through offering the highest levels of service to our students across all schools colleges, campuses, and disciplines. We support the intellectual growth of our students by providing programs and experiences that promote self- awareness and engagement as they identify a course of study and pursue opportunities to become contributing members of the state, national, and world communities. Through partnership with employers, alumni, faculty, and staff, we connect students to quality career development resources, internships, experiential learning, and post- graduate opportunities.

3 Five Steps 1. Student Motivation and Readiness 2. Employer Motivations and Preferences 3. Internship Posting Analysis & Résumés 4. HuskyCareerLink & Other Resources 5. Developing Professional Relationships

4 What is an internship? A hands-on, work/learning experience Provides a way for students to confirm choice of major and/or career More substantial than a part-time job. May be linked to an academic department and/or done for academic credit. Lasts between two-four months, and may be part- time or full-time. May be paid or unpaid.

5 1. Internship Readiness: Student Motivation Improve and develop skills … gain confidence Career trial within or outside of major Apply classroom learning to work (and vice versa) Build résumé for work or grad school Build professional network Discover industry norms and culture Obtain mentoring guidance Tap into “hidden” job market Earn credit and/or money Increase market value Have fun!!

6 Internship Readiness: Key Aspects Get Organized Gauge level of excitement Attitude and Commitment Internship Programs & Types Ask yourself… What steps have you taken? What steps will you take?

7 Internship Readiness: Self Awareness Understand oneself – Interests – Values – Skills Demonstrate a focus Know your worth What are you suited to do? HuskyCareerPrep Ask yourself…what are your career interests and skills? Well- Informed Decisions Values Interests Personality Skills

8 2. Employer Motivations: Large Organizations Different motives than students... Workforce strategy: talent pipeline for conversions "Test drive" (low-risk) Reduce graduate recruiting time, costs, and errors Worker retention – Retention rate of employees who held an internship with the company is much higher than those who did not Reduce labor costs (no benefits, limited liabilities) Build competence and loyalty

9 Employer Motivations: Small/Non-Profit Organizations Different motives than large companies... Level the playing field with large corporations Add productivity Bring fresh enthusiasm and perspectives Boost employee morale * Note: This sector encompasses 80+% of job market!

10 Employer Preferences: Top Skills in a Candidate Vote– which one do you believe is the top skill employers have indicated is preferred? o Verbal communication o Problem solving and decision making o Team work o Plan, organize, and prioritize

11 Employer Preferences: Top Skills in a Candidate The National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) Annually Surveys Employers (Job Outlook 2014)

12 3. Internship Analysis



15 Sample Résumé Before Critique






21 Going Global


23 Quiz-Text your answer What percent of jobs/internships are advertised? A.10-15% (text #####) B.20-30% (text #####) C.40-50% (text #####) D.60-70% (text #####)

24 What percent of jobs/internships are advertised? 5-10% 20-25% 45-50% 70-75%

25 5. Developing Professional Relationships The ‘Gated’ ‘Market

26 Developing Professional Relationships & Social Media Alumni, UConn staff/students, former supervisors A few Social Media Sites that incorporate advertised and hidden internship opportunities Making your Profile(s) Public Be Smart about who you choose to connect with Be sincere and genuine

27 Acing the Interview

28 Officially Document Your Internship Three possible ways to document your internship: 1.Earn academic credit through an academic department 2.Earn one (1) academic credit through the CCD Supervised Internship Experience course 3.Receive a notation on your transcript with CCD’s Documented Internship Experience option – Zero Credit *Students must have approval to earn credit before starting the internship

29 Action Steps Be sure to visit the Center for Career Development to discuss your specific internship needs and have your résumé critiqued Visit for up-to-date internships information Develop a LinkedIn profile, join the CCD LinkedIn Group Upload your résumé to HuskyCareerLink Search and apply for internships on HuskyCareerLink Look at your Action Sheet to indicate your Next Steps Plan on attending an upcoming career fair

30 Acing the Interview

31  Summer Internship Strategies  Internships in Consulting vs. Banking  How to Land a Job/Internship at Microsoft  Leveraging Your Internship into a Full Time Offer 5 Steps to Finding an Internship Check out Evisors vast library of career webinars on various topics, general and specific!

32 Learn which career path, or specific company is best for you using our comparison and self-exploration tools. Access exclusive resources and information designed to help make you a competitive job candidate! HUSKYCAREERPREP.UCONN.EDU


34 Center for Career Development (CCD) Wilbur Cross Building, Room 202  (860) 486-3013  Résumé Critique Walk-in Hours Monday – Friday 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Career Counseling Walk-in Hours Monday – Friday 12:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. Office Hours Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

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