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Internship & Summer Job Search The Pennsylvania State University.

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1 Internship & Summer Job Search The Pennsylvania State University

2 Topics: Importance of gaining “real world” experience Types of experiential opportunities Resources for contacts Landing the internship/summer job What employers look for Getting the most out of the experience

3 Avoid the “catch 22” Benefits of internships: –gain first-hand knowledge of the what the job is really like on a day-to-day basis –marketable addition to a professional resume –opportunity to apply theory to practice –networking contacts for future job searching –gain confidence in abilities as a professional member of the workforce

4 Making the most of your summer Internships Summer jobs Co-op EXTERNships Volunteerism

5 Identify & Research Prospective Employers Faculty/staff in your College Office of Student Employment Pattee Library Career Information Center -- 410 Boucke –Internship & Summer Job Directories –Job Choice Annuals –“Best Temporary Job” cards –Vacancy Announcements –JOBTRAK WWW

6 Analyze your skills, interests and academic & career goals Focus your options by connecting your skills, etc. to your prospective employers Market yourself to the prospective employers you have researched Establish your learning agreement with your employer JUST DO IT! Open the Door to Opportunity

7 Employers’ Wish List Emphasis varies from employer to employer –Good grades –Related experience –Leadership qualities –Strong interpersonal skills –Motivated to career field and/or company One Universal Trait: “a winning attitude... the desire to succeed” from Peterson’s “Internships 2000”

8 Ask questions -- be curious Volunteer to help on projects -- go the extra mile Follow through on assignments -- deadlines count Learn the company culture -- try to fit in Add value -- it can be a win-win combination Make it count & you will win! Many interns are offered full-time positions!

9 Questions? 413 Boucke 865-2377

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